Sprint phone winners! With the first week of the new year almost under our belts, it's time to let you all know the names of the lucky people that won the SEVEN phones we teamed up with Sprint to give away!  If your name is listed below, watch your email as I'll be in touch in the near future to get your shipping info. Congratulations to all the winners, enjoy your new phones!

The winners are:

Galaxy Victory

Motorola PHOTON Q

LG Mach

LG Optimus G


Reader comments

Who won a free phone from Sprint and Android Central? Find out now!


Neither do I, don't worry lol. Its like playing the lottery, it sucks everytime. Oh well, AC is still the best Android site.

Same thought! But I like to think I'm not winning because there is a bigger prize that I'll win later on down the road. I really wanted to win the Gnex, but I didn't. It's all good because I have my N4. Wouldn't have bought this phone if I would have won a Gnex. lol

Congratulations to ALL the winners. I am hoping one of them is who I think it is. Can't wait to find out.

Awesome! thanks tons! my wife is going to be super happy! now I have to decide which eye to keep on my email :)

Congrats to the winners!!

I didn't see my name up there for some reason. I'll assume that I still won anyway :p

Thank you so much Android Central my wife really needed a new phone and this made her Christmas and New Year I will be watching my email and thanks again.

I agree totally my family member is having so many issues with their phone and I will be giving this to her. I never ever win anything so this totally turned a bad week around.