It's the time of year when smartphone manufacturers trot out pretty shiny new things, in the hopes that we will trade our money for them. It's pretty successful, because they always have something to wow us. Sony, Huawei and plenty of other players have already teased us with things we want at CES. Mobile World Congress is coming up soon, and we expect to see some more, and after that the fun begins for us here in the states as carriers and OEMs trickle out news about which incredible things we've seen are coming, and that they will be coming soon. Even chip makers are in on the game, telling us how great these new devices are going to be. They seem to know exactly how to make us want the new gear, and we get hyped up for it all.

But when reality sets in, most people just can't skip from phone to phone on a whim. These things that are so pretty are also pretty expensive. A new Android smartphone costs more than I spent for my first car! Subsidies from carriers help offset the price, but then you're locked in for years. In the words of the great English poet Mick Jagger, "You can't always get what you want."

So to put things into perspective, we wanna know who is ready to plunk down the cash for a new phone when this year's hotness becomes available. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, or you'll find it after the break. Answer it, and we'll all have a better idea of how many of us are ready.

Before we go, last week's poll results:

Which chip maker impressed you most at CES 2013?

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Pretty tight race here, and that's a good thing. I have a feeling that any of these would be a great choice!


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This week's sidebar poll: Are you ready to upgrade your phone?


I've been ready for a while now. I'm still rocking an OG Evo 4G. I would like to stay with Sprint if possible, but I really want a Nexus device. I also have to say I've been getting LTE envy seeing the coverage and speeds that my coworkers with AT&T are getting.

i know what you mean i had the OG evo and i kept running out of space on the phone so i bought S2 from swappa and now im waiting on sprint to turn on lte in my are before i give them money to upgrade.

I'm still rocking my OG EVO too. Having run a custom ROM has greatly extended my EVO's life, but it's starting to show its age. I too am waiting until Sprint flips the LTE switch in my city or until this summer when the devices from MWC and the Google I/O should be available.

thought I was the only one still rocking the OG EVO 4G. It is defiantly showing its age, but there is nothing out right now that is worth the upgrade

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I would love to upgrade to the note 2 then pass it on to another member of the family when the note 3 comes out. The galaxy nexus is getting old with crappy sound and a bad camera...

My contract is up in a couple days. As soon as the Nex4 gets in stock, my wife and I are jumping off the Dreadnaught Verizon and going prepaid.

I hope the jump works out for you. I lucked out that T-Mobile has great coverage in Milwaukee. Having great phone service and being off contract is amazing.

Nope - was fortunate enough to get the Nexus 4 in November and won't be upgrading until the next Nexus is out.

Not interested in anything I've seen lately. They're all way too big! When something comes out that's A) totally badass and B) the same size or smaller than my Galaxy Nexus, then I'll consider it.

You're going to experience much pain in the coming years. Bigger phones are getting more and more popular. I would be surprised if half (or more) of all smartphones released were 4.7 inches, or larger, in 2 years time.
Phablets are becoming mainstream--and quickly.
Hell, even Apple is feeling the pressure! :-)

I just switched from the Tbolt to the GS3. The phone's too big but I can't imagine going to iPhone and losing my ability to customize but I won't buy a phone bigger than the GS3.

If a handset comes out with the performance of the GS3 in the form factor of the Tbolt I'll buy it - at retail if I have to.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I decided to pass on the S3 and wait for the S4...I hope to see it soon. I'm ready for that upgrade!

I am so ready for a new phone the MyTouch4G (one of the best phones made) is really showing it's age. I am really hoping Google and LG get things figured out and possibly do an LTE version of the Nexus 4 for Verizon since that is my top choice especially after owning a Nexus 7. If not then I will get the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it becomes available mid-April'ish.

I've had my N4 for about a month & am craving for the next Nexus already!

Hate on me all you like, I originally said the N4 felt like an "S" upgrade & I stand by that statement. Is it still my primary device though? Definitely. I just feel there was less of a change from my GNex to N4 than my NS to GNex, that's all.

Also looking forward to upgrading my:
S3 to an S4
Lumia 610 to a WP8 device (possibly an 8S)
BB 9360 to an OS10
iPhone 5 to a 5S
(yes I go through that many phones...usually 3-4/year but this year will likely be 5, ouch! LoL)

Nice man! I like the fact that you have a vested interest in every smartphone OS. I thought about having a BB10 device alongside my GNex.

Yeah, mostly because of my job though but I get bored easily with just one device so switching between devices / OS' keeps me busy.
Also can't wait to install Ubuntu onto my GNex!

Not sure if "upgrade" is the right word, as I'll hang on to my Nexus 4 for a long time given the price I got it at (thank you Google!); but I really want an unlocked Sony Xperia ZL (right, ZL, not the Z!) for the 13MP camera, the physical camera button, cool notification light, and of course that 5" 1080p screen in a chassis the same height as the N4.

I'm with you, the Z's glass back and port plugs would drive me nuts. And I just love Sony's Xperia styling,especially if Sony ever offers the ZL in red.

Just upgraded one of my Sprint lines to the GSIII in December. When June hits I'll see what's available.

(Tablet or Phone for second line. Can't decide)

For the first time no. I have a Galaxy Note 2 and it meets every need! Not to say I would not want a Nexus 4 for the weekend if it would show up on the play store, but right now I am happy with my GNote 2!

Not everyone can afford an upgrade every time a manufacturer outs a new phone. Also, not everyone is willing to change carriers (albeit monthly price) just to get a certain phone. I just wish Sprint and/or Google would have outed the Nexus 4 for some CDMA loving. But they didn't and I'm seriously disappointed.

I bought my S3 outright June of 12 and still feel the phone is the best phone out there. Although, if the S4 is silly awesome, I will be tempted.

Had a Galaxy S Vibrant for two years, got a Note 2 now. I can wait two years. Buying a phone every year ( six months for some of y'all) is just stupid. Ain't nobody got time or money f. Dat!

"Buying a phone every year ( six months for some of y'all) is just stupid."

Not attacking you, but I don't agree with this statement in the slightest. Early adopters account for a decent portion of a company's sales. If everybody keeps their phones for two years, then many new products would flop instantly. The pace that phone tech has advanced would be much slower as well. I know that some people can't afford or don't want to purchase a phone every year (or 6 months), and that's perfectly fine; but it's definitely important, especially for an industry as fast-paced as the smart-phone segment, that some people be willing to upgrade every year and test out the new tech =)

Almost ready... waiting for my contract to expire in a few months so I can jump ship to T-Mo's value plan and a Nexus 4.

I just upgraded to my Galaxy S3 a few months ago, so I won't be ready for an upgrade for a while.

Still happy with my Galaxy Nexus on Sprint, 3G network speeds notwithstanding. Sure, the camera isn't the greatest but it's not like I'm trying to win awards for best photo or anything.

Still happy with my Galaxy Nexus :) Happy enough to not want to spend any money on a new phone anyway...I mean if someone handed me a Nexus 4, I wouldn't turn it down...

Very happy with my S3. Probably won't get the itch to upgrade until the S5 (or whatever they end up calling it) comes out. I'm hoping by then that it will have that unbreakable/unscratchable display glass.

I'm always ready to switch. My budget (plus the fact that I'm not under any contract) doesn't offer me the ability to switch.

So, I'll continue to swap ROMS on my Inspire 4G until it implodes.

Still loving my S3 so for the first time in quite a while I'm not even thinking about upgrading.

I upgrade once a year and try not to exceed that. I only have one time when I bought the Motorola Atrix in 2011 and a Galaxy S2 (which was what I really wanted but couldn't get) later that year. In 2012 I purchased a Nexus 4 which I'm enjoying, but must admit I'm bored with. So in April, or whenever, I'll be purchasing the Galaxy S4 on contract (I have an upgrade) and then I'll be calling it a year. I don't need a new tablet or anything else, really.

at this point i'm waiting on sprint to get the act together and light up LTE i south Florida before i give them any money. the only way i will upgrade without LTE in south Florida is if amazon has an amazing deal on the S3.

I live in Tampa, and lately, I'm beginning to pickup LTE in occasional, random areas. It only lasts for 2-3 miles, before I get out of range, but they're apparently working on it! The speeds aren't insanely impressive compared to some people's Verizon LTE speeds, but it's tested at an average of 4Mbps to 10Mbps,which is a hell of a lot better than the .3Mbps I usually get on their 3G here.

According to the network vision website, most of Florida should begin lighting up this spring & summer.

Being off-contract now, I will always be ready for an upgrade. I wanted to grab the Note 2; however, I'm really interested in the Galaxy S4 or the rumored "X" phone. But, I think I will install Ubuntu on my Galaxy Nexus when it's available and hold off for awhile.

Yup, replaced my Thunderbolt with a Note 2 this past November, even paid full retail to keep grandfathered unlimited data. Worth.every.penny. No regrets, best phone ever! :D

I've had the SIII since June. I'd like to hold on to it until my contract is up and then go back to T-Mo. We have two upgrades on our account and I know i'll be tempted to get the SIV.

Not me, I got a used galaxy Nexus from eBay that looked like new, retired my Droid X with unlimited 3g and transferred my grandfathered unlimited 3g to LTE unlimited to be used with this phone. Battery life sucks, but I got three batteries with me all the time at work. My contract is over also, but I still got my unlimited, so I'm staying put.

Currently own a DROID 2 "R2-D2" version and out of contract for several months. I am considering the Galaxy Note 2 but unsure when I want to put down over 700 in order to keep my unlimited data plan @ Verizon. No other phone offers the flexibility of the GN2 with the S pen. Other stylus are available but are pointless compared to the S pens capabilities. My only gripe is the wasted space on the screen of the GN2. Trying to hold out to see what might be coming out soon.

yea im hearing may june for Galaxy note 3 I would have got the 2 but its too close to the GS3 that I currently have so I wont get the sgs4 and will get the Galaxy note 3

I'm eligible for an upgrade right now, but I'm torn. I love the specs on the Note 2, but not sure about the size. Everyone tells me they adjust quickly, but I wish it were more in line with the S3.

Should I just bite the bullet? Or is something coming to Big Red that I should hold off for?

Im getting my bills caught up so around May-June Ill be ready.Im gonna have to fork over some ETFs too VZW so I can be free.As of rite now,Im only interested in the X,N5 and S4.

Just got a 1S on T-Mobile last month. I would have gone with the GS3, but didn't want to pay the much higher price.

While I have a pretty new phone (EVO LTE) the problems with the latest update have become annoying to no end. I'm willing to drop the money and upgrade early (if HTC doesn't get the problem straightened out before hand) and drop HTC for good if something good comes along (an LTE enable Sprint version of the Nexus 4 or Motorola's X Phone would do it), as I don't want to jump to the GS3.

Always Ready!
Not dropping my Unlimited Data plan to upgrade though...
I'll be picking up refurbished or Craig's List phones.

I've still got my launch day Palm Pre and have been waiting to upgrade for a while. I'm waiting for Sprint to get a phone worth upgrading to. Currently I think all of their phones suck.

I like my Galaxy Note II more than any other phone I've ever used but I'm looking forward to the Galaxy Note III.

There are so many wonderful phones being released, but I can't see myself using any other without the functions of the Note II.

I upgrade my phones too much :( last year it was atrix 4g>galaxy s 2>galaxy nexus(sold to buy a nexus 4 but had class when they went on sale): )>atrix 2 to hold me over but this camera sucks and the locked bootloader isn't helping. Think I'm going to wait for the one x to hit under $200 on ebay and I'm sticking with that for a while....hopefully.

No, I still use my HTC aria with CM7. It's pretty stable and very useful for phone call, sms, viber, email, WIFI hotspot. Other than those, like games, flashing rom, web browser, music etc.. I use my HP Touchpad :D

I'll be looking to upgrade in the Summer once most phones have made it stateside. But then again...if custom ROMs stay active for my device (E4GT) then I'll be happy sticking with it for a period longer allowing upgrade prices to drop.

Love my Galaxy Nexus Toro .. But after punching the screen and cracking it,time for a new phone lol.. hoping the Experia Z will hit Big red by the end of the month..i would jump on that asap. =)

Nothing so far has impressed me enough to move on from my Galaxy S2. All the phones released since have only been a small cut above each other, making a staircase of mediocrity, I'm waiting for that big step from a phone that is way better than the others, like the Galaxy S2 itself was. I know a good phone when I see it, I'll wait as long as it takes as before.

I'd like to but i'm running 4.2 on my galaxy nexus and i can't see that (other than some hardware) it is behind in the market, it still runs smooth as the day i got it (albeit with occasional lag) and i haven't seen anything that has really made want to swap. I think i'm in the position that, i'd like to but i'm perfectly happy waiting (unless my phone breaks) until something really incredible comes out.

I'm trying not to upgrade my phone for as long as possible this time around. Why? Since getting the Nexus 7 I find I only need the basics from my phone. No games, no fancy apps just Web, calendar, mail, text, chat, and tunes/podcasts. Everything else I save for the tablet. So this Galaxy S 2 I777 is going to get used until it drops dead.

Yes. I've been ready to upgrade since April of last year. And would've if the device I thought was coming to my carrier actually got there. Alas, it was the victim of carrier exclusivity.And now the M7 is my new want want. If it doesnt come to Tmobile i will probably try to obtain an unlocked version some where.

Given my Epic 4G is on its last legs even running CM10 I am more than ready. Could have upgraded at beginning of year but used upgrade to get my son the LG Optimus G. Hoping the Optimus G Pro will be available on Sprint come April or May which is when I am definitely upgrading.

I have a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket that's rooted and flashed with CM10. Since flashing it, my phone has breathed new life and I'm willing to stick with it for another year. If for some reason my phone falls in the toilet tomorrow, I'd probably buy a unlocked Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4, even without LTE. If I can stick it out until late this year, I'd like to get the next gen Nexus, hopefully with a functional LTE at that point.

I have a galaxy s3 right now and love it. After using cm10, I noticed how amazing pure vanilla android must be and want to try a nexus phone but the storage space is what stops me from getting one. Hopefully the next one they will built it with at least 32gb

I feel the same way 6 months in on owning my Verizon Galaxy S3 as I feel 6 months into owning my previous phone, the Droid Incredible; I love this thing! I have found a new reason to love this beast of a phone everyday. And this phone is going to be still relevant at least another year and a half down the road. My motto has always been, as long as it gets support, I will support it. Don't need another phone anytime soon.

Im in the same spot as the previous poster. I wish manufacturers would spacw their releases out just a bit more. Happy with the S3 for a good while more!

I going to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it's available but I'm thinking about getting the BB Z10 for my second line... decisions, decisions! When the S4 comes out, we'll see how the Z10 really is which will make the decision much easier.