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Verizon shows off logo with new smartphone attached


It's less the logos themselves than how they echo Verizon's disrespect for users.

To Verizon, this isn't your phone; it's a tool for beholding the glory that is the Verizon network. It's an ad that you just happen to keep when your contract's up. The excessive branding comes from the same mentality that drives unwanted bloatware -- this vain hope that you'll think of the carrier as more than the dumb pipe that it really is.

Besides, if you dropped $200 on contract (or around $600 off), shouldn't you expect better than a billboard in your pocket?

Yes because the small Verizon logo on the back is so much like a billboard.

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Hey, it's bigger than the logo for the phone's actual manufacturer! That and the front logo is clearly a bit forced.

The back logo is expected but that front logo is truly forced, it's shoved in the corner because vzw couldn't bare not having a logo on both sides of the phone

What'll be next, I take the phone out of the box and acid burns the Verizon logo into my skin so I'll always know that i used Verizon's network

I already Know I use Verizon's Network by the bill I get every month. If Verizon wants me to advertise for them, they should give me a discount on my monthly bill or towards a new phone.

This is Verizon, as usual, taking advantage of their customers and treating them like Effing inhuman drones or objects for them to use.

LG is a sucker, their phones always have crazy branding. Same with Samsung. Apple, HTC, and even the new Motorola have had very minimal branding lately. The 8X had a very subtle logo on the back. Same for the Moto X. Some of the blame has to be on the manufacturer

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Sprint is about the only carrier that has been keeping logo's off the phones and at least AT&T has made their logo's much smaller.

This Verizon crap is ridiculous.

And Verizon bloatware and Verizon home button and Verizon boot animation and Verizon-themed lock screen and "4G LTE" notification sound :)

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The VZW logo on the front looks bad. It's off center from the top of the phone and the top of the screen.

It needs at least ONE MORE large Verizon 4G LTE logo before I will consider purchasing this device...

I wish I could say that, but everyone in my family is on Verizon and they don't want to move...

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The title of the article is priceless, Jerry. A quick reminder; Verizon customers never forget who their carrier is when the bill comes

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Seconded, what have you been grandfathered in some the 80's or something?

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if you were grandfathered in with the unlimited data. OKay lol
But Unlimited LOL okay Sprints unlimited.

I have a nice deal for unlimited data on Verizon as well, which I'm still holding onto as long as possible despite moving to Canada this year. But I wouldn't brag too much considering that it also requires giving up on any future subsidized upgrade.

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And many of your phones missing this logo are also missing a strong signal!!
I don't mind showing off that i pay for quality service... U do it with benz, bmw, Jordan shoes, expensive purses and so on.... Stop effing crying if you don't have Verizon.... And most people who do dont care..

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Yeah, VZW is a real status symbol. I personally wear a big 'U-verse' medallion around my neck everywhere I go, just so people know what's up.

But the BMW says "BMW" on it. It doesn't have "Pistol Pete's World of Cars" written on the front and back bumpers.

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Anyone who has attended a high school level marketing class knows it's called branding.... And by now we all know verizon is going to do juuuust that... Brand....we all know what we should expect from each carrier by unless ur new to AC.... Get over it!

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I don't see how Verizon can be compared to a BMW or Mercedes.

Frankly, if I am forced to use Verizon just in order to get signal, I would get myself a MiFi from them and use my superior Xperia Z Ultra with it as an IP phone through GrooveIP and Google Voice. Pretending that Verizon is some kind of "luxury" that is "proudly showcased for the population through their branding" and that it can be compared to luxury brands is just ignorance and a hilarious statement.

I don't have a single phone in my collection with a Verizon logo and they have great reception and are superior to your "luxurious VZW phone".;)

You can start bragging about Verizon the day they start to carry unlocked, standard devices without any kind of branding or locked bootloaders. I propose that you do a reality check and go out on the global market and learn about all devices that never will reach Verizon, "The Luxury Carrier".

You can start checking the Oppo Find 7, Lenovo K900 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra and soon the i1 Honami.

Fortunately, Verizon has MiFis that would solve the situation if I ever ends up in a situation where no other carrier works and I am forced to turn VZW so I can continue enjoy my imported, unlocked, unbranded, standardized superior devices I am used to.

I don’t understand your rant. You say Verizon isn’t a luxury carrier, yet they are the only carrier you can get service from. As a fellow Verizon subscriber I understand the frustrations but I’m sure it’s with every carrier. As far as unlocked/standard phones I disagree with your opinion. I have a Galaxy Nexus which I love. It’s rooted with a standard AOSP rom. I couldn’t be happier. Also my wife has a S4. It’s a flagship phone on one of the best carriers in the country. They also offered the S4 Developer Version. Also, what is the difference between the Verizon logo and the LG logo? One would be useless without the other. It doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m not trying to push any buttons or be disrespectful, just my opinion.

I didn't say that I have Verizon. I wrote that in a situation where I would be forced to get Verizon because of coverage (i.e. that no other carrier works), I would get a MiFi from them on a 10 GB dataplan and then use an unlocked, imported device as an IP phone through their network rather than getting one of their branded devices.

I have a Sony Xperia Z Ultra right now together with a Sony Xperia Z - two devices that you aren't going to see on VZW. I don't like the S 4 at all, have tried it and I think it is an inferior device - especially because of the lack of standardization (fragmented hardware with different CPU/GPU depending on market leading to incompatible ROMs between versions) and a horrible UI (TouchWiz) with a lot of bloatware. The Sony Xperia Z (C6602/C6603), Oppo Find 5, Lenovo K900 et al provides what I want in a device. Galaxy S 4 feels just unattractive to me when I try it. Neither the design, hardware, Android implementation or anything else about it entices me.

The Xperia Z Ultra is a different story, I love it and it is a great device in all aspects.

I had two carrier branded phones in my life (SEMC K700i from Vodafone and HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon) and it was absolutely horrible. I usually buy a new smartphone yearly and the superior experience has always been with unlocked, unbranded devices. Especially here in the US where I find the devices downright crappy because of branding (carrier logos and bloatware is a NO GO item to me).

People that are happy with carrier branded devices simply lack references and hasn't checked the global market yet.;)

The difference between a carrier logo and a manufacturer logo is that the latter has an obvious place on the device while the former is something that shouldn't be there. A carrier should be a dump pipe and provide service - not interfere with the handset itself. Is your car branded by CITGO? Or do you buy a Time Warner Cable TV?

The carrier branding is about proprietary vendor lock-in where the best situation is to have unstandardized devices only working on one network, filled with bloatware that can create extra revenue (paying for navigation to the carrier, using the data allotment through mobile TV etc).

My experience with branding has learned my one thing: never ever a branded device for me. Only unlocked imported phones that I select from the global market (I just don't care for the US market where there's ONE Sony phone when other markets has SEVENTEEN Sony's) so I don't accept to have a carrier that somehow interferes with my choice. I enjoy the freedom of choosing whatever device I want without having a carrier making a selection.

That is why I am rocking the Xperia Z Ultra now and bought the Xperia Z in March, a couple of months before it became available in the US.

I would recommend you to go and check the global market and a store like Negrielectronics and compare it with Wirefly so you can see that the US carriers eliminates 99% of the smartphones and that a lot of great devices never reach the US. To me, the US smartphone selection is like choosing between a hot dog or Big Mac for dinner without any other choices - or between Coke and Pepsi as the only sodas (no other options).

My car has the manufacturer's logo on it. The dealership's logo got pulled off when I got home.

Branding on a phone isn't the issue. I love the silver "nexus" written on the back of my phone and don't mind the LG logo at all. I don't mind the branding on the back of my Verizon Galaxy Nexus either. It's the branding on the front that I hate, especially by a company that didn't even make the phone.

Really? You crack me up. I understand if Verizon is the only company that works for you but where I live tmobile is just as good as Verizon. In fact their hspa+ here is faster most times than Verizon lte and tmobile lte puts to shame Verizon's. But hey, if you want to pay $20 to $40 for 2gb of data and overage charges go ahead. I am not loyal to any company. I go where the signal works, data is fast and cost is affordable. In my case it's tmobile.

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Why is it always a big deal when Verizon puts it's logo on a phone? Do you think the AT&T version won't have a logo? Or any of the rest? I'm so over heading people complain about a logo. You don't like it change your cell company!

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It's a big deal because its ugly, intrusive, and, visually speaking, totally forced. Go back and look at the GS3 last year. This LG is just as bad. And for what it's worth, Sprint (who's LTE is just fine where I'm at) doesn't do it. They just put an eyeball-burning yellow splash screen on startup of my HTC One. It starts up, I see it, then it's gone.

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I believe you the Galaxy Note II, not the GS3. The Note II had a VZW logo on the home button; the GS3 only had a logo on the back.

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When will US carriers realize that we cover up all the shell stuff. Same goes for the Moto X custom backs. Silliness...

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if i were to buy a customized moto x, i wouldn't put a case on it, because i spent the money to customize it, therefore why cover it up, particularly in the case of the wooden shells

The thing about the Moto X is that the BS price of the phone INCLUDES any customizing so technically you don't pay any more to customize, if you're allowed to (that damn AT&T exclusive!!!). So if you're on AT&T and you DON'T customize then it's like an idiot move all others outside of AT&T are just SOL right now and are paying for something they can't even take advantage of. So whether you customize or not, you're not paying for it per se, putting a case over it wouldn't mean you wasted money.

i don't understand all the griping about verizon putting their logo on everything. it doesn't ruin the performance of the phone, so get over it

There's something in the ink they use in their logo that deflects the signal for updates. While I am a Verizon customer, I don't think I'll ever by a new phone on contract with them. It's a shame. Maybe I'll try this phone out in a year or so.

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Why in the world would you buy a phone off contract with Verizon. You are paying for a subsidy whether you buy a new phone or not. Not getting an upgrade is just a waste of money.

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To keep grandfathered unlimited data for $30 a month. Do the math yourself, what you call a "waste of money" I have calculated will save me about $600 a year based on:

Retail price of phone $700 (Subsidized price $200)
Data plan unlimited $30 per month (10GB shared data plan $100 per month)

Cost of phone vs subsidized price -$500

Cost of data plan for 2 years +$1,680

Total savings by paying retail off-contract but keeping current data plan $1,180

A waste of money indeed.

Now thats 100% true unless u happen to ever need family share plan of say 3 or more phones with high minutes and data ... Then it starts to add up.. and dropping unlimited becomes cost efficient... True story

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That's a very good point to consider. In my case it's just me and my wife and we both still have unlimited. If Verizon manages to pull a fast one and end it we'll probably end up on a Shared 10gb plan together.

I was extremely nervous when i let go of my unlimited.. I used like 7-10g a month.. But my mom wanted to leave tmo and we both have 2lines(biz lines) ... Me i talk like 420min a month but use tones of data.. Her.. Talks all day(hair stylist) so i had to get unlimited mins sooo it would have been waaay too much $ to keep my unlimited for my line plus 3 smart phones on individual data plans with unlimited mins... Its not been too bad at all.. I just save my heavy download for when i get home... And i do use Google music.. Occasionally still download music on my network... It's working out..

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Actually, I traded for my Galaxy SIII that I'm using now so I didn't pay anything for it. I don't want to upgrade because I'm grandfathered into my unlimited plan. I've got great LTE coverage in my area and I'm not around wifi enough to use it. I understand what you're saying but I'm not ready to give up my plan yet.

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Great headline. The Verizon branding is comical on the G2.

And they hit us with their soon bullshit too, which means September for everyone else, December for them.

No problem with this logo placement. While groping for the dopey volume rocker it will soon be rubbed off.

At this point, if they'd just release the HTC One some time this month they can etch their friggin' logo on the screen and I'd still buy it.

I've thought about dumping Sprint for Verizon. Then I came to my senses...

I don't have VZ and don't want them. But I will chime in and say that a logo on the back...ok. A logo on the front...ok. But on both sides??? Is just idiotic.

It really depends on where you are located. For example, I am in atlanta and I literally have lte every single place I go in and around metro area, greater metro area and suburbs. I have no reason whatsoever to switch to at&t, verizon or tmobile.

Thats true. I stand corrected. In New York its horrible. We live across the street from one of their towers and everyone who has the service hates it. I have friends who live in Brooklyn and they have 1 or 2 bars max. The internet is slooooooowwwwww. Verizon in NYC rocks. I have ATT, which is okay.

I have seen friends run speed tests on VZ LTE and it comes in at 67/36. Highest I have seen on ATT is 47/27.

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That's the day that people will start to lose their minds because Verizon still hasn't released this phone.

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Who cares about the logo and the placement? I mean, look this phone is going to be great and amazing. Better yet, Verizon is going to get it! They should be getting it soon! That means we won't have any of this HTC One bs again

Should be my next VZW phone, only question I have is if it has wireless charging? My DNA has spoiled me and I have a few LG pucks now.

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Well... call me the literal net, but Richard Petty wouldn't be sporting one of these phones.. Sprint is the sponsor of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series, and as such they prohibit competing brands from being shows.. Verizon Wireless sponsors the Indy Racing League..

That made me laugh so hard! Even if they did that, you'd still have the idiots saying it wasn't a big deal and to get over it. VZW could tattoo their faces with their logo and they'd still defend them.

The logo really isn't that big. It will get covered by a case any way. What's the big deal?

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Samsung Galaxy S3

Maybe Verizon can put a hologram style screen protector on their phones too that you can see through except when you turn it a certain way you will see the VZW. Their branding of devices is a joke. AT&T puts a small globe on the back of their devices that is hardly noticeable.

The Verizon Logo thing..... Reminds me of the good old days before the Verizon Note 2 was released.

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You know if the worst thing about this device is a silly Verizon logo then I think what we have here is really great phone

I don't care. IT's not as big as the branding on my Droid Razr HD.
I'll put a case on it.....

I do want this phone though.......

I don't care about the logos I just want this phone. I have a pocket full of cash, a contract that is up, and a gnex that is ready to be retired. I'm just waiting for a date so I can get my fix.

I'm in the same boat as you. So right now you'd take the G2 over S4? What about waiting to hear from Sony, Note 3 or maybe Nexus 5. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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G2 over Gs4 all day... All day!! ( and i have a gs3 and note2 my girlfriend owns a lg g1) and the the lg Gq is head to head with my note2 in terms of a solid phone and fluidity... Im waiting to see what the note 3 offers but given the margin between the gs3 and gs4 my hopes aren't high... I think ill end up with a G2... But Samsung may change my mind on 9/4.. Im willing to wait and see if they can... But imo... The gs4 is in last out of these.. And i purchased a gs4 for my mother.. I say all this so u know im not biased for any...

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More than likely. I'm one of them. Granted, I do have a couple of cases for when we got out to eat (kickstand case for my Note 2) so my 2 year old can watch Nemo or Wall-E. For the most part though, I rarely have a case on my phones. Usually the naked phone feels better in my hands than the plastic of a case.

Wow, lame flame bait article. You guys have really jumped the shark on trying to be cutesy on this logo crap. Get over it already.

Did you use your phone to post this comment or your Verizon 4G LTE Extra Super Charged phone to post this comment?

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Who the hell cares. You put a case on the thing and you'll never see the damn thing. Calm down

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If the logo for the CARRIER is larger and more prominent than the one for the company that actually produced the device, that's overkill. If the CARRIER places more than one logo on the device, regardless of size, that is overkill.

When people are out and about:

"Hey, what phone is that?"

"Oh, it's an Android."

"Cool, can you get that for AT&T?"

"Nah, this is for Boost...."

This doesn't happen.

Oh is that a Galaxy? Cool.

I rarely talk about carriers, since each of them are their own kind of evil.

Branding on a GSM phone is silly, as you can take the phone with you to a different carrier.

But that phone you have on Verizon IS a Verizon phone. It will never be used anywhere else, and if you sell it, it will be to another Verizon customer.

Really, children, accept the reality. Verizon service, Verizon contract, Verizon device.

Maybe VoLTE will change that in a few years, if OEM's make unlocked, multiband LTE phones. Till then, you're crying for no reason other than attention. Especially if you aren't a Verizon customer. And all of you commenters ARE Verizon customers, AREN'T you?

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