Your next phone might be able to charge through space

The new Qi v1.2 specification will enable wireless charging through even greater spans than before. The current Qi standard is capable of blasting power wirelessly through up to 7mm of space, but the new standard amps that up to 45mm (1.77 inches). This will make it much easier to embed Qi chargers inside of things (like desks, tables, cars, blocks of cheese, etc).

Qi 1.2 chargers and receivers will naturally be backwards compatible with Qi 1.1 devices, though like USB and Thunderbolt they'll fall back to the lesser of the parts involved. Even so, a Qi 1.1 receiver (i.e. the wireless charging-compatible smartphones you can buy today) will be able to participate in power transfer range of up to 30mm.

In the most surprising application, the Wireless Power Consortium says that Qi 1.2 is capable of blasting 2000 watts of resonant energy through the air for powering kitchen appliances — just imagine plopping down your blender on a pad instead of having to plug it in to make smoothies. The 1.2 standard also allows for a single inverter to power multiple coils, which should make for much more affordable multi-device chargers.

Of course, it could be a while before the first Qi 1.2 standard chargers and receivers come to the world. But when they do, you can rest assured that we'll be strapping chargers underneath every flat surface we can find to get our charge on.

Source: Wireless Power Consortium [pdf]


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Updated Qi wireless charging means your phones won't have to be directly touching the charger


Plugging in devices is for peasants. Please bring on Qi to all appliances. Would make life much easier and much less cluttered.

Absolutely this. I LOVE my wireless charger overnight or when I have time to spare. It's magnetized and incredibly convenient. But if it's ever a matter of charging quickly, I use a Blackberry blade and plug that sucker directly in.

Your point. In the mobile sector Qi clearly stands out. Have you ever searched for PMA accessories for phone? Exactly. There hardly any. The only thing that will survive PMA is if Apple jumps on board. I have Qi chargers that were useless when I bought the G3. So while other sectors feel the need to support PMA, the rest of the mobile and carriers support Qi. So yeah. Damn you AT&T

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AT&T, Starbucks, and I think Delta Airline's lounges (though the last one is more sad than anything else). I'm all for competition but incompatible competing standards just annoy me.

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Gawd I hope apple doesn't jump in with PMA, that'll completely swing the landscape and i already have a bunch of qi chargers

Very very doubtful, they usually opt for something more proprietary. Have there been any rumors about wireless charging on the next one at all?

Apple would have to abandon the "Premium" aluminum case before they could do that. I seriously doubt they would do that after all the time and effort they've spent trying to convince everyone that a mobile phone made of plastic is "cheap".

Sweet, having a charger under my desk rather than on it would be pretty sleek, tho I worry about the heat generated in the process. This will be particularly nice for cars tho, and even car mounts, should be much easier to design either with Qi now.

My car's the only place where I still plug in, well, and my pocket when I carry a portable battery pack... There's some battery packs with integrated Qi coils but they end up larger and you still can't use it in a pocket it'd fall out of alignment with the phone...

There's probably an elegant solution to that which doesn't invoke Velcro straps tho, possibly magnets like in the Nexus Qi pad. I wish they'd build that into the spec but I understand why they don't, could be a subset of the main Qi spec tho.

Wireless charging isn't just about avoiding the arduous task of picking up a cable IMO, once you have a few wireless pads spread out (without cables fapping about) you really do get in the habit of charging more often. It's kind of like electric cars in a sense...

Sit at the sofa - toss the phone on the pad by the coffee table, sit on the desk - slide it into the stand/pad there, once you get used to it you don't wanna go back. Having the absolute longest battery life starts to matter less because you're always topping it off.

It's an aggressive attitude towards recharging. ;)

Damn this actually sounds really awesome. Very useful. I'm excited! To bad basically no one ships their stuff with Qi built in...and even when Samsung or whoever says you can get a new case, they never come out with it! Still waiting for the wireless charging back for my note 2 samsung...

LG did, elsewhere, Nokia does, and all recent Nexus devices support Qi. HTC couldn't cause of their metal builds, which makes me curious about the N8. I thought Samsung always ended up releasing the Qi doors, kinda odd they wouldn't support that better since they even sell Samsung Qi pads so they were clearly all in.

Yeah but Samsung talked about releasing a wireless charging case since before the Note 2 was released. So why did they not release it within the first 6 months?

In the US, Verizon got an exclusive on the wireless charging, and the models for all other carriers except (I think) TMo didn't even have the connection pins. I know my Sprint Note 2 didn't have anywhere for a wireless charging back to connect. Since the Note 2, Samsung has not included wireless charging for any of it's devices "out of the box" and that may be part of the reason: to prevent this carrier exclusivity crap. Well, that and they can make a lot of extra money that way ;)

Will these new chargers come with appropriate radiation shielded underwear to protect your gonads from 2000 watts of aerial bombardment?

In the UK at least, tinfoil is still the colloquial name for aluminium foil (no one calls it aluminium foil), aluminium keeps your sandwiches just as fresh and gives the same Faraday effect but with no lead!

Really this is needless pedantry.

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Aluminum foil. You can find aluminum foil in abundance from literally any supermarket. Tin and aluminum are different metals.

REALLY? Aluminium and tin are different metals? No fucking way!

Pedantic and patronising wonderful combo :/

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They won't put out any ionising radiation, your balls are safe. But you should probably read up on how different types of radiation work...

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People tend to freak out when they hear the work radiation. Technically the light coming from any lightbulb (or your computer monitor) is also classified as radiation. Besides, these things still only have an operating range of 1.7", so just don't stick the charger down your pants, and you'll be fine either way.

When I can set my half rack of beer on the patio table & it stays cold life will be perfect.....

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If I had been drinking something when I read "blocks of cheese" i probably would have spit it out with laughter

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Two kilowatts is a hell of a lot of power for wireless transmission, the amount of loss through inefficiency they must have doesn't bare thinking about...

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Looks like this qi stuff is starting to take a step towards actually being useful

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It's been mighty useful for a while if you spend a couple of bucks for multiple pads (as opposed to just having one by the bed or whatever).

Does the 2 kw output transmute to higher amperage? I used qi for 2 weeks with my s5, but I always ended up plugging it in as the qi charge rate was just too slow and now use plug in exclusively . If this means it'd get 1.5-2 mah, then that's a game changer.

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You'll either need to increase the amperage, the voltage or both. Volts*amps=watts so 200 volts at 10 amps gives 2000 watts. Also 100 volts at 20 amps also gives 2000 watts.

You will not be charging your phone at these rates. Your battery would explode.

Hope you got that and it helped.

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Could this be the mystery charging that the Moto 360 uses? It would allow people to use the metal bands and easily charge. Seems possible.

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Imagine walking into a room with a future qi charger embedded in the walls. You won't even have to place your phone down. Just use it as normal as the sphere of the wireless charge will cover the entire room.

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