AdMob April 2010

Mobile advertising server AdMob -- whose purchase by Google, by the way, was approved by the feds last Friday -- just released its April numbers today. (AdMob servers up many of the in-app ads you see on your Android phone.) Let's look at the bullet points:

  • Some 75 percent of unique Android devices are in North America. Asia has 12 percent of Android devices, followed by Western Europe with 11 percent.
  • In the United States, the iPhone has about 10.7 million devices, and Android makes up 8.7 million. (If you count the iPod Touch along with the iPhone, Apple's share jumps to 18.3 million.)
  • Worldwide, there are about 11.6 million Android devices pinging AdMob's servers, compared to 27.4 million iPhones and 40.8 million for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Top Android smartphone in the United States in April was the Motorola Droid, with 16.1 percent of AdMob advertising requests. The HTC Magic (myTouch) followed with 5.3 percent, the HTC Dream (G1) with 5.0 percent, Motorola Cliq at 4.5 percent, HTC Droid Eris and Hero each at 4.3 percent, and Samsung Moment at 3.3 percent.
  • Android phones showing gains in April were the Magic (0.5 percent), Droid Eris (0.2 percent) and Moment (0.2 percent).

You can find more at AdMob's site, and you can read the entire report here. (pdf link)


Reader comments

Three-quarters of all Android phones are in North America, AdMob reports


Excellent. By the time the Incredible finishes its' stellar run at Verizon and the EVO 4G drops on Sprint and sells like gang busters, Android will be even with or possibly surpass the iPhone in North America. Also with the introduction of the Galaxy S in Asia in June and soon following Europe and North America it will push Android up a few million worldwide. By the end of the year Android may very well surpass the iPhone worldwide marketshare.

I highly doubt Android will surpass Apple this year. That would require a 2 million plus unit gain by Android. While I anticipate a boat load of android phones selling this year it is not quite that big a boat. :)

You'd be surprised. As for the boat, I suggest lining up a super freighter. 100k unique registrations of Android devices DAILY as per Google. Don't know about you but that leads me to believe two boats may be needed.

well it depends if iphone comes to verizon this summer or not. although I believe that incredible is a lot better that the iphone, there are many verizon users who will jump to iphone as soon as it comes out.

Yeah, so Eastern Europe has more users than Western Europe, yet no country in Eastern Europe can purchase paid apps. Hypocrites!!!

Uh... I think you're not quite right there. If you check out the pie chart closely, you'll see that Eastern Europe has a measly 1% share while Western Europe has 11%.

That said however, being a Hungarian, I am quite upset that I have no access to Google services, like Voice, Maps Navigation or even paid apps in the market. Dammit, I paid a good chunk of cashy money for my phone, the same as all the Americans! And it's kinda disheartening to see that since the user base is so small, Google has no real motivation to offer us these services. I guess they are a the same as every company: insignificant profit = why do it?

Hm, i must have confused the colors. I guess you are right. I understand you completely. Its such a shame we don;t have access to the paid apps. How can apple do it with their iPhone and google cant? Its beyond me.