24-month device financing paired with a $15 discount on monthly service price

It was only a matter of time until Sprint finally joined T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T with a program to offer customers early upgrades, and its upcoming offering is purportedly called "One Up." Similar to JUMP, Next and Edge from T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon, Sprint's One Up program will give customers access to new handsets every 12 months by choosing to enter a financing agreement for a phone over 24 months. Here's how it breaks down:

With One Up, you will buy a phone for $0 down and commit to 24 equal monthly payments — i.e. a $650 phone will be $27 per month. At the start of the 13th month, you'll be given the option to trade-in your existing phone in good working order and start a new 24-month One Up payment plan. But this is where things get interesting.

If you buy a phone through One Up and choose an "Unlimited, My Way" or "Unlimited All-In" plan, Sprint will cut you a $15 per month break on your monthly service costs. That means an unlimited plan with Sprint can cost as little as $65 per month when you choose to finance your phone. This is similar to the way T-Mobile decouples the cost of the phone and the plan, although in Sprint's case you're getting a discount that's smaller than what you're paying for the phone.

Based on Sprint's promotional materials obtained by CNET, the carrier claims buying a $650 phone on One Up and choosing an unlimited plan will be $220 cheaper after two years than the comparable JUMP price from T-Mobile and $500 less than AT&T Next.

Sprint One Up plans

We seem to know just about every detail of Sprint One Up at this point based on the information here, but we shouldn't have to wait long for the official announcement — Sprint is reportedly ready to launch One Up on September 20th. As for existing customers, CNET expects those who are at least one year into their contract will be offered an option to move to One Up.

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Sprint ready to join the phone financing party with 'One Up' program


what at&t and Verizon is offering is that you pay twice for the devise as you still pay the same amount for your rate plan, good for sprint now they just need to fix that terrible data speed that they have.

Sprint needs to just take my money. Ever since they turned on 4G LTE in Houston Texas I've had no problems paying $90 a month after taxes for their service.

With this new One Up plan an extra $36 a month, minus $15 for being on Unlimited My Way, will put me at $110 a month. The best part is no extending contracts and trading up every 12 months.

Sorry Tmobile.
I'm Sprint for life.

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If I ever get kicked off vzw unlimited I'll be going to sprint, and never ever T-Mo again and that horrible experience. Sprint just keeps getting better and better, just wish there rollout was faster with LTE. I live in St.Louis and no LTE here from sprint and their HQ is three hundred miles away in the same state.

If I ever get kicked off vzw unlimited I'll be going to sprint, and never ever T-Mo again and that horrible experience. Sprint just keeps getting better and better, just wish there rollout was faster with LTE. I live in St.Louis and no LTE here from sprint and their HQ is three hundred miles away in the same state.

LTE/4G doesn't exist in Spring where I live or is all but nonexistent in Seabrook/Kemah where I work. Not very happy with the service quality that Sprint offers. Even the coverage map on the Sprint website admits that the coverage stinks in those respective locations.

Not to argue with you (because I have heard repeatedly that Sprint is *horrible* in many places) but whether or not Sprint "sucks" seems to vary greatly based on what part of the US you live in.

Personally, in Houston, I have LTE pretty much everywhere I go. If you don't know, Houston is huge. Easily an hour drive from one side to the other on the freeway, if you count all the suburbs. Some of the more "rural" suburbs I'll see lower signal, but I've even seen that getting better.

That's not to say that Sprint doesn't suck for you. I have no doubt that it does. I just wanted to point out that you can't use your experience to try and invalidate someone else's. Personally, I have no problems with Sprint, but I understand your experience is different.

It's one thing to express that opinion, but don't use it as grounds to ridicule someone else's opinion.

My question is, how long does the $15 discount last? Does this only apply for the first phone or will you have the discount as long as you continue to use the one up and unlimited my way plan? If I'm reading it right it's as long as your financing the phone and using the new plans.

If my calculations are right, then the phone ends up costing you about $136 a year for a new phone. Or $272 every 2 years for two new phones. Compared to about $199 every 2 years for one phone. So your basically spending an extra $36 a year for the opportunity to upgrade every 12 months.

Do I have that right?

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Thats roughly right, but it depends on the devices that you finance... the prices are different depending on the device.
Also remember that with One Up you don't keep the phone unless you go through the full 24 months of payments. With a two-year contract you get to salvage some of the cost of the phone after 2 years by selling it or giving it to a friend/family member.

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Ok, so it's based on the MSRP of the phone. So my numbers could be a little lower or even higher depending on the MSRP/24.

Thanks for clarifying.

Definitely a decision people will have to make.

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Also you have to take into account the plan. The Unlimited, My Way plan will be required and if on a family plan, it will require all lines to switch to it.
Another note, each account can only have 3 "One Up" phones, and all is based on credit as well.


I cannot stop myself from laughing at that dumb comment

Considering Sprint legitimately has a much larger network AND has a roaming agreement with Verizon, the places you're not going to get signal is basically bumfuck nowhere.

Yes, you can get a signal everywhere, but the speeds are so slow, you are better off driving home to download anything, then drive back to where you just left.

No one is speaking about coverage, we are talking about how slow the service is. Unlimited speed on Sprint is like receiving unlimited herpes.

Sure, if your #1 requirement for carrier service is streaming Netflix, Sprint's not going to cut it right now.

But their LTE network is expanding rapidly (disgustingly fast, really). By next year it wouldn't surprise me if Sprint's LTE covered more than T-mobile's entire network.

Besides, a slow network is always better than no network. You can't make a call on 0 bars.

Not a chance Sprint's LTE will top T-Mobile's total coverage by next year.

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Disgustingly fast? You got one of your adjectives right. Please admit you work for Sprint. No customer would make such a stupid comment.

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It's not that you can't stream netflix... it's that for many people you can't even load a webpage because EVDO with a 1500ms ping just times out any time you need data.

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Sprint is rolling out lte slower than every other carrier, not disgustingly fast, that would be T-Mobile. But Sprint is building a new network, that had to be done. T-Mobile started rolling out Lte around March and covers more than Sprint who rolled it out last year. And I don't need to stream Netflix, he'll I can't even stream a audio podcast usually on the way to work.

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LOL, Disgusting fast, three years ago they promised 4G in my neck of the woods. Still doesn't exist. Meanwhile all the other major carrier have had 4G here for 4yrs or more now

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Dude, 4G hasn't *existed* for "4yrs or more". Sprint was the first with WiMax a little over 3 years ago, then Verizon got LTE about 6 months later.

It was Dec 5th, 2010. I looked it up. And they announced their first LTE devices at CES in Jan 2011. AT&T followed a bit after that.

And early last summer (2012), Sprint ditched WiMax (because it was spotty, at best) and started their Sprint Network Vision initiative, which included their LTE rollout. I'm sure the initial promise of 4G was based on WiMax, and them ditching it likely the reason you still don't have a 4G network in your area. Not an excuse, but likely the reason.

You're certainly justified in your frustration, but don't just make up numbers.

And lwts not forget how the sofyware on the phone does not allow you to roam only as needed. Always searching for the home network causes the battery t o drain really fast.

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Remember that user experience on a given network can vary drastically in different parts of the country. Personally, I have LTE 98% of the time and have fantastic speeds on Sprint.

I'm always amazed when there's an update for a 12Mb app that downloads in just a few seconds and I think "remember the old days of cellular internet?" ;)

Just remember that your experience doesn't mean that someone else's statement about their experience is wrong.

You are a liar. I am constantly getting 1 to 2 megs down on 3G. Faster than my cousin on Verizon. And with 4G I normally get around 80 megs down or more. Normally no lower than 40. So you are a pathetic liar who has no idea what he is talking about.

Tmo isn't even available where I am so I am glad Sprint is here. True, the speeds could be better. But I need Unlimited data so Sprint is only real option for me.

It really depends on where you are located. I am in atlanta and data and voice is damn near perfect on any given day or night. I literally have lte every single place I go without any issues at all.

I live in Newnan, (South of Atlanta, but still considered metro ATL), and 4G is nonexistent. And on top of that, the 3G is slow as molasses.

Posted via an HTC Thunderbolt

I lived in Lawrenceville/Snellville, and work in Sandy Springs. I didn't have an LTE-capable device, but Sprint's 3G was the absolute slowest piece of junk I have ever experienced (and I've been on all 4 major US networks). I like Sprint as a business and wish them all the luck with Softbank (I'm a huge Softbank fan, although admittedly that's partly due to their incredibly hilarious commercials!), but there is no denying they have the absolute slowest network of all of them. Unlimited, perhaps - but slowest. However, if network speed doesn't matter to the user, then they won't have any problem with Sprint. (I speak for metro Atlanta, that is).

EDITED: I'd like to reiterate I'm referring strictly to their 3G network.

I live up in Rome we have Sprint 4g LTE but 2g for TMobile. Currently have Verizon for the coverage area they have in this area, I work out of the Vinings area and can keep a phone call from work to home and vise versa but couldnt with TMobile. Would love to lower my phone bill but hopefully TMobile will up their coverage sometime soon and might have to give Sprint a try. Even debating the AIOwireless route.

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I'm in Atlanta also and everywhere I go lte is flawless so I plan on staying with Sprint so this is great news.

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I don't think that's a dumb comment. I dropped Sprint and couldn't be happier. Don't forget every time you get a new phone they charge an activation fee of $36, even if you do it yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if that goes up too. Do yourself a favor and buy a phone and use a prepaid plan like net 10 or straight talk. Sprint's 4G is slower and less reliable than Tmobile's 3G here in Atlanta.

Really? Outside of Tmobile, which I am giving a pass only because I am not sure about it, Verizon, and att charge an upgrade fee.

Net 10 and straight talk are a joke.

I wasn't issued a charge for installation of a new phone. I did it over the Internet. From what I was told, charged only if you get it at a store.

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If that is the experience you had with Sprint in Atlanta, then your problem was within the phone you had. My GS4 connected to LTE in "almost" every corner of metro Atlanta generally gets higher download speeds than Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile....on or off peak times.....

I totally agree. I was visiting my friend all the way in Cartersville, Ga.(about 45 minutes north of downtown Atlanta.) I checked the coverage map to check the 4g LTE service in the area before I drove up. The coverage map showed very good coverage but being so far out of the city, I didn't expect much. I was plesantly surprised with the service. I was streaming music and video without a glitch the whole weekend. So if I was able to get good service in that remote part of the metro area, you shouldn't have an issue anywhere in the Atlanta area.

Yeah, I Lived In Cartersville,Ga too and Speed here is amazing on Sprint I get about 22 Down and 15 up I'm kinda shock that so many people have bad data speed experiences with sprint I can't wait for this one up plan to become official because I wanted the note 3 on release but I still got another year with Sprint before eligible for upgrade

T-Mobile only has great service in major metropolitan areas. Sprint is even pretty much on point in rural areas where T-Mobile barely has 3G.

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I have been planning to jump to T-mobile from Sprint as soon as the next nexus dropped, though this is actually a pretty good deal. I'm not sure if it's good "enough", but I'm impressed either way. It at least has me tempted to stay if the tmobile thing doesn't work out.

at first blush, it was a great "wait" on Sprints part. I have to run the numbers like I am sure AC will, but it looks a bit better than the others

honestly I look forward to it. I am a phone junkie and like the latest and greatest. If I am wrong and I get decent signal, I am all over what you say.

You have to take into account that T-Mobile's Jump includes insurance and the premium Lookout service and allows you to upgrade twice as often.

I'm not sure if I will stay with sprint or go to T-Mobile now that this is here. I get good coverage in lte and 3g is getting better. I checked with T-Mobile and they want 50% down for a phone which makes JUMP less worth it for me...

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50% down? That's strange. I just bought an HTC One for $99 down; far from 50%. I'd get a second opinion if I were you.

To be honest, neither is mine. In fact, I was a bit surprised that they just gave it to me since their payment plans say they are for "well-qualified buyers". Of course, the facts that I've been with them for a decade and I've paid off two different payment plans in the past might play into it.

I'd be interested in knowing whether we could get the $15 discount if we bring or own phone (ie. Buy a phone on swappa or eBay)

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From what I can tell, it looks like the $15 discount on the monthly plan is only if you are financing a phone through them with their monthly program.

Bringing your own phone onto the plan takes money out of their pocket monthly.

Actually bringing your own phone saves sprint tons of money. No subsidy cost.

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We'll see, but with this information it seems like you'll only get the discount if you're signed up for One Up.

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This! My contract is over in January and I have a GS4 that I bought off of Craig's list. Would be nice to get a discount on service if I don't have a subsidised phone.

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I cant complain about the speed on sprint at all. I live in central Maryland and sprint just so happens to have Lte slathered right through central Maryland.

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

Sprint works for some and it doesn't for others. I won't try to convince you to go to Sprint, don't try and convince me to leave them.

As for this program, sounds interesting. Not sure I will participate, while I like new technology, I can wait. Currently in the Android game, whatever you get, something better will be out in two months. Do I want the GS4, yes, but I am still very happy with my GS3, so I will wait until the GS5. No need to upgrade every year if you are happy with your device.

Posted via my GS3 with the Android Central App

Agreed. Was very happy with my gs3. Until it crapped out a couple days ago. Was shopping for a used gs3 to hold me over until my contracts was up, now waiting a few more days to see the complete official details of this, especially how it works with plans.

Sprint just started rolling out LTE here and I've gotten amazing speeds where available.

Almost 2 years to the day that they announced the end of the Premier Gold/Silver upgrade program. They probably would have kept me had they just transitioned to this. They misread the winds of the market on upgrades...

Let's not forget that this isn't financing a phone. It is leasing a phone. The phone really belongs to Sprint; you don't get to keep it when your contract is over. If you can stay about 6 months behind the curve, you'll save more money by selling on craigslist and buying the next phone you want.

It's similar to a lease but not really. Its more like purchasing on credit and having the option to sell the device back at a reduced cost after a year. From the point of "sale" you are planning on going through a full 24 months of payments and owning the device.

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Wrong again bob. If you go through the 24 months of payments then you own the phone outright. This just gives you the option to trade in your phone at 13 months. So try getting some facts straight moron,

+1 Gotta give them mad props for what they're doing in terms of pricing right now. I really want to see more providers go to a similar model.

Many people fail to realize how many people and prepaid services are on the Sprint Network, of course it's going to be slow at times, thousands of people feeding from those pipes.

I've been in places where my T-Mobile service was non-existent, Sprint had dropped to maybe 2 bars, but I still had service.

This new program looks very interesting, can't wait until Sprint officially announces it.

Understanding how many customers and MVNOs operate on their network isnt an excuse for having slow or nonexistent speeds in many metro areas. In the end they're charging almost as much as Verizon and AT&T for inferior service on average.

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How does this apply when you pay full price up front for a nexus from Google?

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Who knows, but right now this discount seems to only apply to those who finance a phone with One Up.

We also have no idea if Google will ever sell a Sprint phone through Google Play.

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All these plans from these different carriers are so confusing. I wish I had the option to just buy any damn phone I want on the free market (and that would push prices down), whenever I want, and pay for ONLY the discounted service, on any carrier.

Have to also consider that in the 13th month if you don't want to upgrade because there is nothing you like, or you are waiting for something else, it will affect the comparison to the other carriers.

At least it sounds like the Sprint plan is as good as T-Mobile, although different (because the Verizon/AT&T offering is a joke).

Yeah I think we can all agree that these new financing and upgrade plans are too confusing with too many terms.

The carriers you're describing are T-Mobile and the various GSM MVNO operators in the US (including AT&T GoPhone). There are a good 10 MVNOs that offer cheaper service for bringing your phone. Sure it's not the super competitive marketplace like it is in the UK and some European countries, but there are a heck of a lot more options now than there were just 2 years ago.

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A two year contract with Sprint? Baaahahahaha. "We sold you a phone, not a network."

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Assuming this would work with my company discount. This option would then cost me less than 80 a month. Slightly less than I pay Verizon with the same discount for less service. And I'm getting a phone at no extra cost. If this works with their $100 switching carrier discount, this is a no brainer. I live in the DC area and Sprint's new LTE service is faster than the Verizon LTE I get now.

I love the fact that I just downloaded 2 movies 2 gigs a piece then the Floyd fight last night...that was 5 gigs on my very fast 4glte...idk about y'all but sprint in my area around Philadelphia&Delaware county is great...

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Here in Houston I have seen a few down periods for LTE since launch but for the most part I get pretty good speeds it just depends on my location and what type of building I am in. I will definitely use this program and will be looking forward to 800mhz and 2500mhz in addition to the 1900mhz band. My next phone will be a tri band LTE and that will be kick ass in Houston guaranteed !

Agreed. Since the network updates back in July of 2012, I've had maybe two of three times that my data connection seemed "wonky" for a couple of hours. But, other than that, I have been *very* happy with Sprint's LTE network in Houston.

I'm confused why people on Sprint think they are the only ones with truly unlimited plans. I was a Sprint customer for 10+ years and just couldn't deal with there horrible speeds here in Phoenix anymore.
I couldn't be happier with my unlimited plan on prepaid T-mo, all the LTE I can get with no caps of throttling. I know T-mo is hit or miss but so is Sprint so YMMV.

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It took me a little while to figure out the "Sprint One Up Monthly Payment" line. I mean, why is that line on TMO, ATT, and VZ? But it's the monthly device payment. Someone in their marketing department may want to work on that...

So this is a good thing - even though I'm not on Sprint. VZ and ATT didn't really offer something to compete with T-Mobile JUMP. I felt like their plans were really intended to confuse consumers from realizing what a great deal T-Mobile was more than they were intended to offer something valuable or attractive. This plan is actually trying to compete with T-mobile in terms of value. I am not sure it does in every situation - but it's a lot closer than what the big 2 offer. Kudos to Sprint.

I think one area where the carriers have yet to respond is Simple Choice, which may still be the best deal for some.

I cant speak for sprint as a whole but where I live in Southern California I was averaging .30 to .45mbps down. That was unacceptable. I switched to T-Mo and while they dont have the most amazing coverage either its been better than sprint. I have no loyalty to any brand or company. If you offer a service at a price I consider to be reasonable that actually works I'm all for it.

I have been seriously thinking of jumping ship to go to AT&T. I know they have caps and it may cost more, but unlimited isn't the same if you can't use it. I hate trying to look something up and it stalls on me. Everyone else at the table already pulled it up while I have to look to another phone.

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It sounds good, the talk to me when they have LTE....

Posted by someone who is watching you...right now

First point: Sprint compares the costs based on a 1-year wait to upgrade. That certainly is better than the previous plans (20 months for everyone on the plan, and required a renewed 2-year contract). However, the T-Mobile JUMP plan allows upgrades (i.e. guaranteed trade-in of the unpaid balance) every 6 months - a significant difference for smartphone enthusiasts (I will probably stick with annual Note-series model replacements for now, but one never knows...)

Second point: I don't see that the new Sprint phone financing/upgrade plan is decoupled from the service plan, as it is for T-Mobile. With the latter, there is no contract obligation or termination fee even for the postpaid plan. Your obligation is for the unpaid balance of the phone hardware that you financed; straightforward, fair and optional (you can always buy out the phone, up front or anytime thereafter).

I've had a full-up family plan contract (5 lines + 2 lines) on Sprint for about 12 years or so. Many thousands of dollars per year, and I don't change these things lightly. However, the lack of any 4G service to date in Arizona, the clearly deteriorating 3G service (in several states that we now reside) and the frustration with 20-month upgrade cycles has finally caused me to sign up for a major switch-over to TMobile, effective Oct. 2 when the Note 3 becomes available. Friends are getting great data speeds and good voice coverage; hopefully we'll all share the same good experience. The main thing we'll miss is the great Sprint feature of full Google Voice integration. The new Sprint equipment plan announcement helps, but wouldn't change my decision.

Arizona has 4G.. what city are you at? It isn't announced, but its slowly expanding in Phoenix, but here (Tucson) and others do not have 4G. But your comment about Arizona lacking any 4G is wrong.

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It literally just started lighting up in some areas. I'm not going to hold my breath on their rollout in Phoenix since I waited for 4g in Phoenix since the original Evo. Having fast LTE is great but if you're not in an LTE area you need decent coverage to fall back on, Phoenix metropolitan area is huge and a lot of area to cover.

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This is awesome news! I've had Sprint for 13 years and couldn't be happier. Yes, a few years ago their customer service was HORRIBLE to say the least but I can see a huge difference and can tell they are genuinely trying to improve. I can't remember the last time I had a dropped call and their 3g speeds are fine with me. I've owned my Note 2 since it was launched and am still in love with it. While the Note 3 and the smart watch is very tempting I think I'm going to keep my Note 2 and wait too see what else Samsung has in store. Bravo Sprint!!! ALOHA

Its been standard for years for service providers to subsidize the phone. So finacing it over the life of a contract isn't much different.

I was planning on leaving sprint when my contract is up, but I may reconsider with this plan. My work discount would help knock that total even lower. Now it's just a matter of waiting for Google to announce/release the Nexus 5.

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I did the math. Most phones are $600 not $650 which skews the numbers, but it you want comparable services for both (which would include INSURANCE)then T-Mobile would only cost $50 more over the course of a year. And I jsut left Sprint for T-Mobile because their data was so slow so I think it's worth it.

If you choose not to have unlimited 4G and opt for 2.5GB of 4G with unlimited 2G for hte remainder of the month, T-Mobile would cost $80 LESS than Sprint.

Oh and an FYI: Sprint 3G and 4G are sometimes the same speed as T-Mobile Edge speeds... at least in NYC. I did the speed tests and I was literally getting 10-100x faster speeds with T-Moble. Sprint was 100Kbps - 1Mbps. T-Mobile is 1Mbps-24Mbps

So I have a question. If it's based of off credit, and you're on a family plan, is it based off of each individuals credit who would like to do the one up program or the account holders credit?

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One of the biggest differences between all of these is that T-Mobile's JUMP pricing includes handset insurance. With Sprint, you'd still have to add another $11 a month for that.

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2600Mhz LTE? Who the hell cares about such a high frequency? That has such crap building penetration. Does the S4, One, Note3, MotoX, (One Max) support 800Mhz? If not, who the hell cares to wait ANOTHER year to get a phone that can use 800Mhz? (Phones that support 800Mhz now/soon: Galaxy S4 Mini? Dafuq? / Galazy Mega? Shyte resolution? iPhone? Lame)

I live 3 blocks from the 4G LTE tower that's been active since last fall. I'm 20 feet below the crest of a hill on the leeward side and I do not get LTE on my S3. When I *drive* closer to the tower, I get less than .5Mb up/down. Not 5Mb - less than HALF a Mb. Usually a lot less than that.

When Sprint rolls out that 800Mhz, it will take time for it to hit every market AGAIN. There is not switch to flip. The workers have to go out to every damn tower AGAIN. That takes time over a year from past experience. Hell, Network Vision LTE upgrades are still being done. I could have great service and NO CONTRACT on T-Mo for a couple years then come back to Sprint if they ever deliver.

Want to impress me? Get the big 4 to make a standard, nationwide, LOW frequency LTE channel that we can roam on.

omg you people fuss about sprint so much if you dont like the service then leave oh wait u like your unlimited data but wanna bitch about there how slow it is. you can't alway have your cake and it eat it too. just chill or leave duh

Whatever you think of Sprint, this is a nice option for customers to have as it actually saves you money if you upgrade every year... Unlike AT&T/VZW's upgrade plans which save you nothing even if you upgrade every year (regular renewal offer for $50-200 + a $600 off contract phone every other year ends up being nearly the same over 2 years as their upgrade plans, or less after you factor the resale value of those two phones), it's pretty well established those are a rip off tho.

This ends up being about $180/yr for a phone (gotta factor in tax for the full price, which you pay up front but you often avoid when shopping online for regular renewals), which isn't too bad. I might bite for the G2 if we don't end up getting it as a Nexus phone... I'd rather get it for $300 up front as a Nexus tho! I hope my student discount can be kept if I switch from their old plans to the new one, I already pay $64/month as it is thanks to that (23%).

Had to leave sprint and go to verizon. Literally had no bars anywhere. Had LTE at work but whenever i went into an interior room I would loose LTE because of the poor building penetration at 1900MHz. Verizon's LTE is a million times better. Get 8-16MBps on the regular and even in the basement!