Galaxy Nexus

Make sense?

This happens a lot, folks, so let's explain it again: A website that sells phones -- a third-party retailer, if you will -- knows just as well as you or I that the Galaxy Nexus (aka the Nexus Prime, aka the Samsung GT-i9250) is going to be announced next week. So it takes a leaked picture and slaps it up on its site, and gets us all to write about it. It's an SEO play. Oh, and that $749 asking price and $949 retail price? We'd be shocked if that's really what an unlocked Galaxy Nexus costs.

In fact, we're not even going to list the website that's listed the Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus is coming. It'll be announced Wednesday in Hong Kong. (That's Tuesday evening in the States.) We'd wait until then before plopping down any money.

But in the meantime, you can visit our Galaxy Nexus forums, which we absolutlely have had live long before the phone is announced in hopes that you'll click on it and give us better SEO. But then again, we're not selling it to you for $749.

(And in other news, yes, the phone we first told you will be coming to Verizon is showing up in Verizon's inventory systems. Whodathunkit?)

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Site that sells phones gets early SEO love by posting unannounced device at a higher price than you'll likely actually pay


Search Engine Optimization.

Meaning, when you search for the device using keywords, they'll be the first to show up and scam the ill informed out of their money.

I have no doubt in my mind that a number of people would happily pay $750 (or even $950) to get the phone a week before it is announced (if they actually could.)

Heck, I bet some people would be cool with paying $750 just to ensure they are first in line to get it on the day it actually releases.


Only if the Vigor comes with a huge battery, HTC is known to have battery issues with their high end phones.

Really? $749.00.. Are you kidding me? I already got mine.. In Hand.. and for only $199.00! And my Samsung is No Knockoff... It has EXCACTLY the same Features and runs on Verizon's 4G LTE Network... A SuperAmoled+ Screen.. A Processor.. Some Ram.. A Battery.. The only difference is, I think mine is called Samsung Charge instead of Samsung Prime..

You're generalizing it. I'm pretty sure every phone has a processor, ram, and a battery. And even yet, there are a lot of phones with SAMOLED+ and plenty of phones with LTE

I've just got myself a new computer that has a monitor, a processor, some RAM, a keyboard and a mouse at a low price. Man that's an awful lot of features.

Why do you guys insist on calling it Galaxy Nexus, wasn't it semi-officially confirmed that it's in fact the Nexus Prime?

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Wow... mucho props for calling this stuff out as it is. I was expecting you guys to run with the obviously fake listing like most other blogs, instead I got an article that made me laugh from start to finish with its unfiltered honesty. I love it, of course you have to write on it to get folks to stop sending you 'tips' about it, but the way it was handled here is just great. Especially the way you didn't play into their scam by not linking to the site :D


1. If this thing is called the "Galaxy Nexus" I will go to Google HQ and pee on the ICS statue.

2. I love how they used a screen cap from the promo video to show off the slimness.

Props for not naming the site in the article, but AC has already retweeted it.

Might wanna get that checked if you don't want it out there.

Not only did they use the side profile from the Google teaser video, they also used the leaked pic, from the dude who made the video. I recognize that ugly, bald headed, glasses wearing freak's, reflection. I also read that it comes with stereo headphones I thought Sammy stopped giving out headphones. I also see a memorycard slot, from what I heard no Mem card. No ETA, hey at least we all got some good laughs, with this. Feel sorry for the sucker who bites, their will be some.

Well, you know, some folks shouldn't talk out of their kiester when they just don't know.

Not all devices are sold only in the states, and as such, the states price isn't a baseline to set in any words. I will bet my bottom dollar, the price reflected (even before product launch) will be pretty much what is is in other EU countries, if not more.

The US and GB isn't the only place devices are sold. Contrary to popular belief, more devices are sold in East Europe, specifically Russia, than the US and GB combined.

And in East Europe, you usually pay premium prices for new products. That's just how it is. Example, 4 months ago, the HTC Sensation had a retail price of around $800-900$ with current exchange rate.

I suspect the Nexus Prime will also be in the 700-900$ price range. Will tell you in a week or so when it hits the markets here. Thinking I will buy one, so I can gloat and brag about it till it finally hits the States ;)