Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

An application package from Geohot's webpage provides the root exploit

Being the owner of a less popular phone variant often means having to wait a little longer when it comes to support from the hacker community. For owners itching to root their Samsung Galaxy S4 Active devices, the wait is over. Infamous hacker Geohot -- most known for being the first person to carrier unlock the original iPhone -- has published a root method for the Galaxy S4 Active.

Some very vocal users on XDA Developers started a bounty, each individually pledging dollar amounts for the ability to root their beloved Galaxy S4 Actives. Not long after an official bounty forum thread was started, hacker Geohot answered the call by rooting his first Android device and making an application package available for download on his own website. Users simply visit the website, download the application directly onto a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, and run "activeroot." 

Credit to who actually found the root exploit has been questioned, however.

"Elite Recognized Developer" Jcase at XDA Developers has posted links to what he alleges is the same exploit, but found earlier this year. Jcase goes on to claim the exploit was previously ported to Android on more than one occasion, providing GitHub links as evidence. Since there is no obvious mention by Geohot on XDA Developers or his own website that he used an exploit found previously by someone else, some users have asked that Geohot at least give the other developer(s) credit, and at most share the monetary compensation provided by Galaxy S4 Active users.

Either way, without Geohot's work there would not be a root method available for the Galaxy S4 Active. To get Geohot's root application, visit the Activeroot website.

Source: XDA Developers Thanks, DJ Levy!


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active rooted by iPhone hacker Geohot


Worked without an issue, it almost seemed to easy! If other developers are upset they didn't get any credit, maybe they should have published the exploit for the S4 Active themselves.

Why is this a story? Same with saurik rooting glass... If an average Joe can put together a root method... Why is it special when someone in the jailbreak world does the same? I understand the jump from a phone made for grandparents to a phone made for life.... But we have all done it... Why is it that geohot is special...
And as for geohot possibly stealing work.... I remember similar stories about blackra1n when it went public...
Don't forget to like, say thanks, and 420 root it... #holoyolo

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iPhone's are very popular among older adults, maybe not even grandpa age even mid to late 30's, my age range most people I know have iPhones, younger people are less excited by iphones and tend to have Android's an no it's not because they are cheaper, most of them have GS4's and Note's.

The fact that older people are more likely to use iPhone's and younger people lean towards Android has been backed up by studies. Maybe you consider it an insult, but it's based on facts.

Hmm. That's interesting. I'm not trying to argue with you or anything, but most of my friends (ages 15-19) have/want iPhones and think Android phones suck.

I find that interesting because as a sales person all I hear from teens is that they want the iPhone. Why? Because all their stupid friends have the tiny little iturd.

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I don't know what world you live in but mine I see a lot more young kids with I phones than anything maybe not shopping in your basement where you r but in the real world iPhone is it

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hey does anyone know if this method actually flashes anything or if it will void a warranty? its really simple ive already did one of my phones and seems like it would be easy to remove if needed but just wanna see if its detectable and voids anything if its removed?

well he is a celebrity doing hacks and thats what got him in trouble (and what made him so popular), you in the other hand ....

I almost bought this phone instead of the reg SGS4. It should come in tomorrow. Hmm, the Active is so tempting! I wish it had the two missing sensors. Doesn't make sense it being an "Active" phone. Wonder if I traded I could still get the $100 deal. Why does Samsung torture me like this. I don't do well with choices! I want both!

What two missing sensors are you referring to? Everything I have seen online says it is virtually a carbon copy with the exception of the chassis, screen, and buttons.

The temp and humidity. I even tested at the AT&T store using Android Sensors app.

Also I wonder about battery life with the TFT LCD vs SAMOLED.

Oh and Otterbox needs to make a commuter series instead of just the defender.

Honestly I don't see those sensor's being very important, I downloaded the sensor app and the temperature sensor seems to constantly report higher temps, especially after active usage of the phone. Humidity seems ok, but I don't see the real use for that sensor, clicking on the weather app tells me approximate data for that which is more than good enough.

Geohot is the man. I'm a pure android fan but I'm glad to see his name come back around. Whoever thinks hes not then you are sadly mistaken

"Infamous hacker Geohot -- most known for being the first person to carrier unlock the original iPhone -- has published a root method for the Galaxy S4 Active."

Actually I know him more for the Sony PS3 situation than the iPhone, but I know of his iPhone exploits.

If Geohot wants to join the Android community he needs to know that we credit other people who contribute to the final work. We are a community that work together.

Yeah, it looks like it. So, how does you coming and tearing him down, with no evidence of your charges, fit with that description?

This happens a lot over on XDA. Those guys are a bunch of dicks. One person figures something out and then it turns into a pissing contest of who came up with the exploit first

Hopefully the 32 and 64gb model Active coincides with the planned switch to Snapdragon 800 "later" this year. I'll give them till september... otherwise my dollars will go on standby till next year...

friends i want to ask you that is it possible to change our android os to ios? nd it is possible then plz let me kw the process i have galaxy grand thank you!