China Telecom and Samsung have announced the Samsung W899. Instead of the traditional flat design, Sammy is offering a flip Android smartphone. 

You're probably thinking "this is just a flip phone, it's probably an entry level Android phone." Well ... not really. Take a look at the specs:

  • Two 3.3-inch AMOLED touch screens
  • Multi-touch support
  • Android 2.2
  • 5MP rear camera
  • Front facing VGA camera
  • 1Ghz processor
  • 512 MB internal memory

This guy is pretty powerful. Enough for it to compete with some of the higher end devices today. One more picture and video after the break. [Android Mobile ReviewThanks, Tim!

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El Jefe says:

I just don't think I could stomach a numeric keypad anymore. Give me a full qwerty or no physical keys at all. I do like the idea of multiple touchscreens, but it seems a little redundant.

smooney3 says:

Man, that thing looks thick. Looks like two phones taped together, lol.

slayerpsp says:

lets just hope it stays in China that one ugly phone

ilongbored says:

The screens are larger than my old MyTouch 3G. I'm sure the virtual keyboard would still work fine. It can't be that bad of a phone.

Jonneh says:

I am probably going to be the only positive commenter here, but...

Holy shit, I want one! The people here who care about thickness (which is like 98% of everyone these days) will never even give a second look to this device, but I've never cared about thickness, so the PlayStation Phone and this don't bother me at all in that department. I love the gold/bronze and black, I love the huge flippiness, love how you can continue what you were doing on the inside of the screen, on the outside screen when you flip it closed.

Does anybody know what frequencies this bad boy uses? I probably wouldn't even be able to get EDGE with AT&T here, would I? :\

Smokeaire says:

Everybody wants the thinnest phone then puts it in a thick huge case. lol
I would definitely consider that phone, among others.

Jonneh says:

Haha exactly. I have a friend who you just described perfectly.

Reciprocal says:

I agree. That thing look awesome. Maybe since im a big guy (6' 2" tall) with big hands, I like having a big phone. the color scheme is sexy too. the only problem is I dont see T-mobile 3G support in this phone, which is who I have a contract with....

Jonneh says:

I'm glad someone else agrees. :) Where did you find the frequencies listed? Maybe I missed it, I scanned quickly over due to time constraints. I'll have to look again! I need AT&T even if it's just 2G. Depending on the off-contract unlocked price, I would definitely consider buying this.

balthuszar says:

i am 100% in agreeance...i'm one of the odd men out who like to actually feel like i'm talking into something...i bought the OG droid for no other reason than i wanted an android phone and i wanted a substantial phone, not something that i could just barely feel like i had in my hand. this phone looks badass, i'd get one if it came to this side of the pond

DubA says:

Noooooo that thing is hideous!

SpenceJonas says:

It just looks goofy overall, not to mention it's very ugly.

Kage87Z says:

Battery life of 60 seconds. They'll have plug ins for this right next to te electric car plug ins... and it'll take 8 hours to recharge.


eahinrichsen says:

Oh, man. If it were wide enough to a accommodate a QWERTY keypad, that would probably allow them to thin it out just a bit, right? That would be ideal.

toramorigan says:

Wow, I don't particularly care for the colour sceme, but that is badass-ness all together.

If I were in Japan and they released a phone like that, I'd be all over it, bwahahaha.

The idea of two touch screens, on top and on the inside if a very interesting/cool form factor.

Now the question is will it allow wi-fi? I noticed it seemed to load the standard WAP-type websites that are a staple in asian countries.

anotherxyz says:

Interesting, I would be to afraid of breaking the screen off because of the odd angle it opens up to. The screen would have to have a pretty sturdy hinge along the top to present from someone Pressing on it too hard and breaking it when using the inner touch screen.

Clemsonpablo says:

Estimated battery life: 10 mins

dacp283 says:

And everyone thought the DX was tall.... This thing reminds me of the old brick cell phones. Lol just needs the telescoping antennae!

tompro53 says:

This phone flipped out it looks huge.

Isaiah says:

Woah, Back off the microphone a little dude. Hah.

The second icon in the top row at 1:26 has a slight resemblance to a Playstation controller. Dual screen PS sounds... fun... for some reason.

mp0890 says:

if this was a horizontal flip, thats one thing. but this is just awful.

Jonneh says:

I don't think I would like it if it flipped horizontally..

dougeetx says:

The only good thing I can say about this phone is the colors are the same as my fraternity (Alpha Phi Alpha) & my football team (WHO DAT)!!!

wes008 says:

Thanks to the internals, this is actually pretty cool! Wonder if I could get my hands on one...
@jonneh @Reever @toramorigan @Smokeaire Right on bros :)

NickF227 says:

Is it supposed to be like the Blackberry Flip(Which should've had a touch screen, too bad RIM didn't figure out how to make a not-shitty touchscreen until the Torch)?

It would be nicer if it was more like the Alias(2).

Jonneh says:

I tried posting a comment about battery life but it got flagged for spam...I've waited like 2 1/2 hours and it's still not up. So, I'll try again:

Those complaining about battery life - it looks like when once screen comes on, the other turns off. For example, you open the phone, the outer screen shuts off and inner screen turns on, etc etc. Maybe I missed something, but that's what it looks like to me at least.

wes008 says:

Ok found out a bit more about this device. It has Wi-Fi, for anyone who was worried about that. Both the screens are not just AMOLED, but Super AMOLED WVGA screens. It's running Android 2.2, which is a surprise for a TouchWiz phone. Lastly, it's GSM and CDMA! The CDMA bands are 800 and 1900, and the GSM bands are 900, 1800 and 1900. So it'll work on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Telus, and maybe a few others that I don't know about.

Jonneh says:

Hoooly shit, that's awesome! It works on AT&T! Then, my next question will be...where do I search for this phone? ebay only? lol..

Motosurf says:

its dual sim!

Jjpp23 says:

(annoying doorbell sound) WILL SOMEONE GET THAT I'M ON THE PHONE! ! .....dude, that is your phone...

JasunX says:

FINALLY!!! An Android phone with a T9/Numeric keypad! I'm so bloody thrilled about this! So much for the Lumigons - Denmark are the last people I would want manufacturing cellphones anyways. This is awesome - now I can't wait for an Android phone with with a miniature vertical slideout numeric keypad for use while driving - not that I encourage the use of a cellphone while driving - but hey let's face it, sometimes you need to make that important call - and a numeric keypad is quite literally the only way to:

make a call : send a sms : do pretty much anything - I sometimes launch opera mini and do a quick search : WITHOUT having to look away from the road!

tazz399 says:

man thats an thick phone like forreal

engr-rn says: android platform phone small enough to fit in a ladies pocket or small purse. I've been dragging my heels on buying a smartphone because of the huge,flat "brick" configuration of the ones my carrier, Verizon, has available. I looked at the Blackberry Style, but don't want to switch to Sprint. The keypad doesn't impress me, but it's a Samsung product so hopefully they'll add a magic key Qwerty and variable hinge like the Alias 2 I carry now and love (except for the fact that I can't get smartphone apps) before making this available in the states. I hope we see a phone like this very soon.