Developers can apply to receive one of 200 prototype units to build software for

Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects), a small group of engineers inside the company dedicated to new and exciting projects, has announced its latest effort in the smartphone space — Project Tango. ATAP has been working with devices that leverage dozens of different sensors to monitor everything around you in brilliant 3D imagery. Not to be confused with Project Ara, Project Tango is coming from both a hardware and software perspective specifically focused on sensors and data collection.

"The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion."

The end result is a 5-inch phone development prototype that takes advantage of their latest technologies — multiple cameras to monitor space, dozens of sensors to pinpoint the device's location and software that maps the world around it. Google ATAP sees this technology being useful for a wide variety of applications, from helping visually impaired people navigate the world to simply mapping a room for renovations or even gaming.

Starting today, developers will have the opportunity to apply and receive one of 200 available Project Tango development phones so that they can begin building software that takes advantage of the sensors and capabilities of the device. Developers will be chosen and devices will be sent out by March 14th, 2014.

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Project Tango


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Project Tango is the future of Google's advanced smartphone efforts


An easy mistake to make, that "rule" is rubbish anyway. "My neighbour said their son and heir, Keith, had reached a height of eight feet! Weird!" Also, no science! :(


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This is gonna be great for who I work for. I have to make a call to see if I can skip the registration process

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Your employer is so high profile that out of the hundreds of thousands of developers that won't be included in the only 200 highly skilled developers Google picks you guys will just get an automatic "well of course your in"

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You know what I put who it was but It doesnt matter. I do not care to prove anything and I have NDA's. Not worth it. They were mentioned in the Google web announcement.

What's an NDA?

No need to take offence to a reasonable question you did make it seem like you were super duper important - more so than the 200 developers Google will give the device too.... Only got what was coming

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Oh no I didn't take offense if I came off like I did.

I really just did a 180 from writing out my job to nah I do not have to do it. No big deal. I also did not mean to come off as "more important" than the other developers, because I am sure that out of 200 of them that 175 would run rings around me.

I just happen to be in a position that I could get one and that is all I was thinking (maybe a little over excited that it is a perk).

No worries.

Quote from T Cook after seeing this. "Oh Shit!"

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He's already cooking up another lawsuit to sue them and claim credit for their technology...

Apple currently claim credit for pinch to zoom although IBM had demonstrated that in 2003-2004 - much like many other things apples patents claim ownership of....

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This should be interesting. Seems Google wants to map the entire world. Though some people may have a problem with this (privacy issues over someone possibly having the map out of your house) though those plans are kind of available to people already, just not as easily as this might be. I can see its benefits but also how it can be used 'evily', as it were, Will be interesting to see how this goes
In fact, Im sure iMore's Rene will write a 'Google is big brother' type article within the next 24 hours about this lol

Turning your house into an empire seems exciting I like how it talks of hiding virtual treasures i imagine keeping files in a virtual file cabinet etc.. Seems fun

I read more at the tango link worth it

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Oh boy, i can see a lot of negative backlash for this device from the public. Just like with Google Glass.

Google hasn't learned their lesson yet it seems.

Oooh. I like that.

Next, maybe Google will come up with something that will actually heal people instead of doing what our current doctors do: cutting out damaged bits or killing the other bits that are killing us. After all, Bones could do that 50 years ago.

If this was a tricorder doctors would be able to map the inside of entire bodies - that has more potential than expensive CT Scans, brilliant idea

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Is it just me, or does Google seem to be constantly refining the perfect device for spying on people and their environment, and placing it in people's pockets?

The tech is still cool, though. =P

Now we know what Johnny Lee has been up to since he was picked up by Google. This is some exciting stuff!

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And did google think about battery usage? All those sensors run on battery, do they not?

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I can only imagine that they did. It's probably one of the reasons this phone appears to be 2-3 times thicker than your overage phone on the market right now. I'd bet that it's packing a pretty good sized battery. Plus, this thing isn't being sold to end users; it's a prototype. That means that it probably wouldn't be a *huge* deal if this was only about to go 8-12 hours on a charge.

This must be a content creation device for that holodeck you know they must be working on.

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