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OnePlus's "smash" contest has drawn to a close, with 140,000 entrants to be winnowed down to 100 winners tomorrow — but they might not have to smash their phone after all. Responding to criticism about the campaign, OnePlus has revised the contest to state that in order to qualify for the $1 OnePlus One, winners will have the choice of smashing their old phone, or donating it to the Medic Mobile charity.

It's a nice turn for OnePlus's contest, one that won't see one hundred perfectly good phones crushed for the sake of a PR stunt. The folks a medic mobile are understandably happy about the move:

You're giving the best new tech out there for $1 and recycling users' existing phones for good. And then we're turning those 100 phones into 1,000 phones for people that were left behind with the tech revolution. It brings it full circle in a really interesting way.

The 100 selected by OnePlus to smash or donate their current phone in order to get a OnePlus One of their own will be notified of their selection tomorrow. The rest of us will just keep using our current smartphones. So long as we have already smashed them.

Don't smash your phone. It's a bad idea.

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OnePlus revises their 'smash' contest to allow winners to donate perfectly good phones to charity instead


maybe this is why I get called an asshole sometimes, but if Idiots want to smash their phone then let them...

I'm not going to get all lit up because some company wants to give away nice expensive toys and all they ask it that the competing device get replaced and not just displaced...

come on guys, these are phone smashers here, they roll at a different speed...

good caring people will always do the right thing...

F'n @$$holes should have done that in the first place.
I shudder to think how many morons already broke their working phones.

I am glad they did their best to fix the situation. As for the people who already smashed their phones. I do not feel bad because apparently they cannot read. I think if I was enter a contest that requires me to destroy an expensive possession I would read all the rules first.


Especially since there was never any guarantee that you would be selected to get a OnePlus One for $1. Imagine if you smashed your phone and then didn't "win"....

"how many morons already broke their working phones"
Yeah well they shouldn't have broken it anyways, regardless of this sudden change in the contest.

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Why are they @$$holes? If you don't read the fine print or the message that says "don't do this yet" then your the idiot! Meaning the idiots that smashed their phones already.

Natural Selection....

Or you could become Apples new Humancentipad like Kyle did when he didn't read the fine print!

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Yeah, okay, I get it. I think they're a bit stupid too. But it still sucks that they're that stupid and they probably have other issues that they'll always jump the gun on certain things in their life.

What if the current phone is under contract? I have a Galaxy phone, under contract that's sitting on a shelf, since I'm using my Nexus 5. I can't sell it because it will show up as currently under contract if anyone tries to activate it. Will it still be accepted by the charity, should I be one of the lucky 100?

Though this should have been the plan from the get go, I'm glad they changed it. Better late than never.

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Gotta love the fact that there were so many people who voiced their opinions on how wasteful this would have been.

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Well I already disrespect that company. They are not getting off to a good start.

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It said right in the form DO NOT SMASH YOUR PHONE YET WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED so if you already smashed your phone your an idiot.

Yeah I'm sure the people that smashed their phone without reading are probably going to have some unkind words for OnePlus. But you're right people need to read before taking action.

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Boooo! I wanna see perfectly good phones get smashed!

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I'm sure there are people that are still going to smash their phones. Just less now.

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Well I'm glad I signed up. I feel like even if they didn't announce that you could donate your phone now, I probably wouldn't have smashed my G2. It's still a beast of a phone.

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Oh NOW they make this known, after it's too late? I didn't enter precisely because I'm against the senseless destruction of stuff but I gladly would've donated an old handset to charity. Pffft. Weak. 1-in-1400 seems like long odds, but I won a contest here at AC from among ~4000 entries.

Perhaps you should Google what the word "odds" means and the difference between the words "in" and "of" are. 140,000 people entered for a chance to win 100 phones so the odds of winning those one of those 100 phones is 1-in-1400.

Yeah, we're pretty over the moon about OnePlus One using us to recycle their phones. This is a huge chance for us to get the word out and hopefully get some funds for our mHealth programs around the world. Here's the donation page if it suits your fancy: