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We've lined up the Samsung Nexus 10 with the latest and greatest tablets out there, but how does the LG Nexus 4 compare to its competition? Of course we line up the Nexus 4 against other big-name Android devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, but the iPhone 5 is probably the more interesting comparison. Windows Phone fans can also see how their Nokia Lumia 920 shapes up, and BlackBerry? Well... We'll have to wait until early next year to find out.

The Nexus 4 beats out the iPhone 5 in screen resolution, and only at a slight cost to pixel density. On local storage, the iPhone 5 has a bit of a lead; neither support microSD, and Apple's offering additional 32 GB and 64 Gb denominations. The iPhone 5 also takes the lead in cellular connectivity thanks to LTE. The iPhone 5 is slimmer, lighter, and has a smaller overall footprint, though the LG Nexus 4 has a significantly bigger battery, plus that cool inductive charging technology and NFC.  

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is certainly looking nice, though we'll have to reserve judgment until we really get our hands on it. On paper, the LG Nexus 4 has an uphill battle, but we all know that phones are more than a spec sheet. How all of the device's disparate parts come together will be what really counts, and we'll be finding out . 

Is anyone sold on the Nexus 4? What should LG and Google have included that is noticeably absent? How does it shape up against the other Android smartphones out there?

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Nexus 4 vs. iPhone 5 - spec shoot-out


If this is true then it's certainly good news. I was worried that it will have the same issue as the AT&T LG Optimus G camera.

With no LTE this would be my last choice. No way I would sign a 2 year contract on any phone without LTE. Its almost 2013 Google!

I guess you missed the part about $299 and $349 w/ no contract. This phone was designed to work on any GSM carrier by popping in a SIM card. This is perfect for those who want a new device while waiting for LTE to become more widespread.

Which is exactly what I'll be doing this Xmas if the reviews show it not being a dud somehow. And of course, I'd go play with display model somewhere too before making a decision. My Sensation with CM10 is great, but I want something new and still have plenty of contract to ride out. I'd be rocking the N4 until at least January '14.

You won't be signing a two-year contract to get this phone unless you go with T-Mobile, and they don't have LTE.

I think that there is a target market for the Nexus 4 that isn't the high end. The phone is for off-contract and non-US markets where people don't want/need LTE, don't get subsidized pricing but now can get a great phone for $300-$350 (or equivalent in local currency).

Not all phones sold are the top end, all features phones.

And yet, There's a case to be made that this is the most cutting edge device out there. At the very least on the Android side of things.

Perhaps this works better elsewhere where GSM carriers are plenty and competitive, but not may people I know stateside are willing to pay $300 up front for a phone. I did for the N1, and doubt I would do it again.

The people I know who want a cheap phone do it the American Way: $0 with a 2 year contract. T-Mobile is asking a bit too much for the N4 at $199 with contract.

Why not include the Galaxy Nexus for comparison?

In terms of day to day use, how would these differ all that much, aside from Android 4.2?

For developers, this is a no brainer and is most welcome at this price point. Other unlocked phones of similar spec go for $600.00 or more.

The fact that Google is also willing to sell its 'developer edition' phone to the general public shows its confidence in the generic release of Android 4.2.

For myself, as a developer and hobbyist and Sr. Unix/Linux Admin, this device is very attractive.

Tinkerers will jump on this, IMO.

Honestly, the Motorola Atrix 4G was my last Third party OEM phone, from now on I am getting only nexus devices regardless of price, the fact that google is pricing them aggressively is just an added incentive.

you said it. my last third party phone was the atrix 2! it had a completely locked down bootloader and dismal update support. since my purchase of a galaxy nexus and nexus 7 im not going back.

nexus devices are on a whole different level, its not even funny.

For me, the big FAIL is that there isn't a 32gb storage option OR at least a microSD card slot! Why TF is it so hard to put one of these in their Nexus devices? I've got the 32gig Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and it's been fine. I can keep a few Nandroid backups, at least 3 Titanium backups, plus what I need for pics and music and I'm good. But on my 16gb Galaxy Nexus GSM variant, I run out of space! For devices that are supposed to be hacker/root friendly, etc., they're really not when you have to decide which Nandroid to keep or lessen your Titanium backups. IMHO, it's insane.

It sounds like you guys want a Nexus 4 that is locked to a specific carrier. Because that is what you are asking for when you ask for an LTE device (for now. That may change in the future when lte is more widely available). If you want that kind of nexus (and there is doubt if that is even a nexus) then wait for carriers to announce it like T-Mobile did today. If your carrier doesn't announce it, get an optimus g. They are the same phone for the most part (except nexus phones get faster updates, but that is only true with the unlocked ones).

not necessarily... I've been off-contract on AT&T for years, yet I can take my micro SIM from my LTE HTC One X and place it in another LTE (as long as the bands are the same) phone.

but, I will say that not having LTE is not a deal breaker for me. I would imagine the inclusion of an LTE chip (and more NAND storage) would have increased the end price points, which would have turned away more users than those just complaining about LTE.

my $0.02, of course ;)

So very sold! Though I will admit I kinda wish the headphone jack was at the bottom like the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 5...

The most important spec that's missing is a user-replaceable battery. Non replaceable batteries turn expensive phones into useless bricks. When I grab for my phone to find it dead, will I be faced with a 30 second battery swap, or 5 minutes of charging the phone using an over sized over priced portable charger? Batteries fail all the time. The wireless charger is useless if your battery is completely dead and you need to make a phone call.

Its made by LG that completely turned me off to it. The lack of LTE also did. They give a good reason but the lack of it still is so stupid. I doubt adding in all LTE bands would have been that hard.

what jumps out at me is that Apple is once again introducing a phone that is a significant step DOWN from what Samsung put out several months before.

People should stop using the one x and use the evo lte.. its a better beast.. and is the only one representing sprint.. and plus the evo is better \than the one x

I don't see how the nexus 4 is so compelling for me to leave my EVO LTE. And I'm not sure what needs to come along in order for me to do so. The Note 2 is a different category, so that isn't it.

Nice nexus 4, but not all that different in day to day routine use over an EVO LTE except for Android 4.2 for now.

This Might have pushed me too the Iphone 5. I just knew I would have to wait a bit longer for sprint to receive the Nexus 4. I want to stay with Android but I want the newest and best device. I guess I should give the Galaxy nexus and the Galaxy S3 before I turn to the darkside of the Force.

Contradicting. You say you want the LATEST and THE BEST out there yet you intend to own an iPhone5. You know the iPhone 5 is not the best phone out there spec-wise right? It only deserves to be called the latest (from Apple) but definitely absolutely not the best in all the land. If you want the latest and the best to date (not including the Nexus4), go get an S3 or the Note2, those devices will blow you away.

They really need to add RAZR MAXX HD to this comparison.
Best battery life, 32GB internal storage, and great cosmetic design.

Why would LG put out a phone without a micro SD Card?
I see that as a huge disadvantage compared to the other android phones.

Why are we comparing specs (Or the lack thereof BB10)to phones that have not been released yet? The Nokia 920? It hasnt been released yet, has it? I may be wrong but I'd rather see how phones compare to what is available rather than what WILL be available someday...

I'm not sure why they are so focused on comparing the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 5. It's been a long time since the iPhone has ever had high end specs. Both the Galaxy S 3 and the Lumia 920 would have given it a much closer race, and beaten it it almost all aspects... I guess if you just want to make the Nexus 4 look good though then compare it to the worst phone on the charts.

The Snapdragon S4 Pro in the Nexus 4 currently blows any other phone CPU/GPU out of the water. Though I hate to admit it, the SIII has had its run and I believe that the A6 is faster than it overall. The cpu in the SIII can still hold its ground though.