We have been hearing so many different rumors about the release date for the highly anticipated HTC Thunderbolt, the latest being February 24th.

This morning, however, Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC, said that it will be shipping this week. We're all just awaiting an official date from Verizon. 

In the meantime, a teaser ad has popped up on their YouTube channel that shows the Thunderbolt as "coming soon." What this means is anyone's guess, but expect it sooner rather than later. Check out the teaser after the break. [YouTube]


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New Thunderbolt teaser shows the phone as 'coming soon'


< rant > As cool as some of these commercials are, they don't really show that it is about a phone, let alone what it can do. How do they expect to reach their main market (those who don't read Android or tech blogs)? I really like Android, but I have to give it to Jobs and Apple, they are truly marketing geniuses. Android could make a phone that could fly people around the world, and still a lot of people's perception of Apple would be higher. Talk about the phone and its features - I don't care about the name!

< /rant >

Its to peak interest before it releases. Im sure once its released they will have a commercial showing specs and such.

People said the same thing about the Droid commercials - and look how successful those turned out. Now, I kinda feel this commercial would be more successful if it had the Droid moniker on it for brand recognition.

LOL Thumbs Up for your RANT tags! LOL!

BTW, you're absolutely right. But if done right, a teaser campaign can work well... heck Apple does that too "We're changing everything... AGAIN" "Something Magical..."

The difference here is how the follow up the teaser campaign... where again, you're absolutely right. Apple's marketing is fantastic. What they're particularly good at is making people talk about their products with their friends and family. My mother in law just told me that she wanted an iPhone because it did "x,y,z" - features that I KNOW that she'd likely never use, but she's talking about it. Now her friends that trust her, will be thinking about it too... not because she's a tech geek (who they would automatically tune out) but because she's just like them.

Android and Verizon changed that a bit with the DROID campaign... people started wanting an Android phone (which they called a Droid) because it was the coolest thing around and it did things. I think with the updates and the insanely quickly growing marketplace, more of the general android base is starting to fall in love with their phones.

I pre-ordered ($50 deposit) at my local Best Buy (Janesville, WI) on 2/10 - they "thought" release would be 2/14. I called yesterday to see what the status was.... Their answer - 2/17. We'll see. Can't wait to get my TBolt, regardless of the date....

Verizon's marketing really blows Sprint's out of the water and always has. Why is it so hard to build a competent marketing dept Sprint? At least the new EVO commercials are decent.

Budget service = budget advertisement. Can't really expect a company that is having a hard time turning consistent profit to be able to afford a strong marketing team. If they fix themselves, you can probably expect to see something better from them.

My guess is those changes will be announced in VZWs official press release when the phone launches.

I recommended that my sister gets the Thunderbolt as her first Android phone. I hope she likes it.

I went to my BB in new york city [62st BWAY]I was told maybe this week or next week.Well we will see what happens,Oh i was also told its verizon that will not say when it will come out. So we wait???

Does anyone think that maybe it is hinting at the release date? like 3 Mississippi 2 mississippi 1 mississippi means 3/2/11? or just that it is coming soon? just throwing it out there and hoping that isn't the case.. I have the iphone 4 on at&t and i'm jumping ship for this phone!

i was thinking maybe the same thing at first, but releases are on thursday so i highly doubt this is the case

Cool commercial can't wait for the phone I already pre-ordered mine at Best Buy. As for the data plans I thought I read somewhere it was $50 for unlimited data now instead of $30. Regardless I'm getting rid of my OG droid and getting this.

This phone is already outdated!! Sprint had this phone on the market 8months ago. The TB just has a little better specs. It's not dual core and it doesn't have Gingerbread on it. IT'S A FAIL. This reminds me of last yr when the incredible came out only to be in the shadow of the Evo. Only this time Verizon is dropping so many phones in the next 4 months that this one will disappear and no one will want it!!!