Smartphones are big business these days and the market isn't showing any signs of slow down, nor is any predicted in the next little while. New information coming from Nielsen suggests that smartphones are now in nearly 50 percent of U.S. mobile subscriber households with Android claiming 48 percent of individuals who have owned a smartphone. 32.1 percent chose Apple's iPhone and RIM's BlackBerry captured the remaining 11.6 percent. Of those surveyed in February who got their smartphone in the last three months, 48 percent chose Android with 43 percent opting for Apple's iPhone -- not looking good for RIM.

Source: Nielsen


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Nearly half of U.S. mobile subscribers have smartphones, survey finds, with Android making up half of that


Somehow you missed the part where it says "Nearly a third (32.1%) of smartphone users have an Apple iPhone," when you copy-pasted this article.

Yeah, no wonder the numbers make no sense.

Should have read:

Overall, Android continues to lead the smartphone market in the U.S., with 48 percent of smartphone owners saying they owned an Android OS device. Nearly a third (32.1%) of smartphone users have an Apple iPhone, and Blackberry owners represented another 11.6 percent of the smartphone market.

If you want to read some good " Denial Spin " read some of the postings over on Crackberry. Watch out Apple & Google, OS 10 & Playbook 2.0 are coming.............

Funny, I just got a 9300 for my other line. Even though the Apps are lackluster or not there and the screen is small. BB still has the best keyboard and damn if it doesnt handle communications more consistently than Android. Don't get me wrong, I love my GNEX and wont trade it for anything. But when traveling abroad and really hammering out emails at the airport or away from a computer, the BB is a beast. I'm excited about BB10 and what they have cooking up. But Android will always be my Lamborghini and BB will always be my Porsche.

Try the Droid 4 or another with a physical keyboard, my next Android will for sure have a keyboard, I don't have thin fingers and dislike virtual keyboards, I've tried them all....paid versions as well... It's just not a good thing for guys....

I'm just worried that the obvious is happening, the stock batteries in these phones, coupled with stock ROMS that are battery-devouring are RUINING the Droid/Android name....