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Motorola has set May 13th as the date that they will unveil their next smartphone, and we'll be there to tell you all about it. The event, which will take place in London, will see the introduction of "the next smartphone from Motorola to make these connections happen." The phone is said to be "made to last" and "priced for all", though the invitation is mum on any specifics about the phone. We have no indication that there will be a companion event in the United States, as we've seen several manufacturers do recently — HTC had simultaneous events in New York and London when they were unveiling the HTC One M8 — but considering that it's set for the morning in London, we doubt there will be one.

Motorola's current flagship, the Moto X was only revealed in August 2013, and the less expensive Moto G in November. Rumors have been swirling about a successor to the Moto X to be dubbed the Moto X+1, with leather being added to the current stable of colorful and wood backs available on the Moto X.

Whether the Moto X+1, an even thinner and more affordable Moto E, or another device is what we'll see in two weeks is unknown, but we'll definitely be on hand to bring you the best coverage of whatever Motorola's latest smartphone will be.

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Pollster says:

I'm glad I can be first to consider this phone, not first to hate on it.

someguy01234 says:

I find the Moto X features to be so useful, it's hard for me to consider any other phones now.

tastisnax says:

Same here. But I'll sure as heck consider the next high end Moto phone! With maybe a 360 to go with it?

globster2000 says:

Unless this is the next gen moto x, I wont upgrade to a new phone until then.

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bp3dots says:

I did, until each update broke more and more. It was great for the first few months though.

clayshaw says:

Are we to assume this is the Moto X+1? Or whatever they will call it?

Grahaman27 says:

probably not, since they have said the next moto x wont come until late summer. the $50-100 moto e seems most likely.

lindseybp says:

So I'm assuming this is NOT the Moto X+1 but some cheaper phone?? Wonder if Moto 360 watch will be shown.....I doubt it but you never know.

still1 says:

Moto E

Stalonage says:

Moto E, for everyone. Maybe a sneak peek for next Moto X?

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shaytoon21 says:

LOL!!! "posted after taking a selfie"

Really really excited to see what this is.


At some point between now and then we should see more information leak.
I'm very curious to see what they are going to introduce.

Jack33 says:

"Introducing the next smartphone from Motorola" can mean anything: Moto X +1, next Moto X, another variant of Moto [Alphabet soup]. Here's hoping it's the next Moto X.

CellGuy says:

Hoping for a Droid Maxx similar device with on-screen buttons.

So...5" screen, 3000mah, Kevlar. Sold!

LeroyRJR says:


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Kolten Nay says:

Yeah, that's about the only thing that I could find that I didn't like with that phone. It was stellar in all areas.

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tastisnax says:

Agreed. I was looking checking out my buddy's Max, and it that was the only downside I could find. Otherwise it was like using a Moto X that has a bigger screen and WAY more battery life.

Zig261 says:

As long as it has better specs and improved camera. I'm happy. Bring it.

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Imriela says:

Looking forward to seeing official specs and what to expect.

NickLippert says:

If it is the next version of the X, I'm sure a lot of people who buy the current X tomorrow will be returning them.

hmmm says:

Based on timing this phone was most likely entirely developed under google's watchful eye so it will probably be similar to what they've released. I'll be very interested in what Lenovo's influence brings next year.

jdevenberg says:

Considering the sale to Lenovo has not been approved and Motorola is still owned by Google, it will undoubtedly have been developed under Google.

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Belatukadro says:

It will be at minimum 18 months after the sale is finalized before you would even begin to see any Lenovo design influence. That's the typical development cycle for a mobile device.

Given that Lenovo has said they are "excited" about what Motorola has in their current pipeline and their overall direction, I wouldn't expect any changes at all.

Motorola's designs were purely internal. The biggest influence from Mr. Woodside/Google was the cuts and reorganization, and streamlining the product development and research arms. When Google said they were running independently, they were being very serious.

jimbo says:

First Motorola Smartphone Under Lenovo Will Be Revealed in May
Bring on the tin foil hat people who fear China.

theicecowboy says:

Not purely "internal." Everyone at Moto from the CEO down knew who was buttering their bread, and their hewing to the Google design aesthetic in their Android+ skinning was designed to be in harmony with Google's vision.

Which has been and will be a good thing for the company going forward. The continuing losses were a result of their previous momentum which was getting them further and further into the dark, lonely woods, and the current X, G, E strategy is (IMO) starting to pan out, + the 360 is the first wearable design that's appealed to me in the slightest.

And with that momentum and pedigree, a good fit with Lenovo, who, unlike GOOG, know a few things about moving physical product.

BoB16731 says:

One +One people might want too step up there release date with LG and others now dropping news phones the hype is going to be gone

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Neofire says:

OnePlus will loose considerable steam with the final big players playing their cards before their June launch

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TomW093 says:

Not really. I doubt LG is going to seel their flagship for $300 off contract, and if Motorola sells soemthing at that price, I doubt it will be with high end specs. Only time will tell though.

"Priced for all."

Doesn't really sound like a flagship device.
Not that that's a bad thing.

NickLippert says:

Sounds like a new version of the G.

djeborn says:

Moto G LTE maybe?

Hiberny says:

The LTE radio would add to the cost noticeably, but I'd gladly pay the difference. LTE would have made it THE perfect phone for me and my family.

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djeborn says:

Same here. If I had to pay a little extra for LTE, I'd do it.

Hiberny says:

Someone told me the cost would have been $50-70 more. An LTE Moto G would have sat nicely between the G and the X.

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Neofire says:

Moto, Nice jump on LG....

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NoNexus says:

Is it googlrola or Lenovo Rola?

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Its Googlenorla... Duh.

priprisol says:

It's Motorola

Eduf says:

We will have a companion event in Brazil. Three versions of a new phone, dubbed the Moto E, are supposed to be released. Our telecommunication agency has the specs and Our media is talking about it. See the article

Green_Laser says:

thanks for sharing this. Based on this, it seems you are correct and that it's not a moto x successor. 2g/3g
4.3" screen, sounds like a new budget phone perhaps E, if that's what they're calling it.
I still do hope the event is for the new X, but if not, I still wish they share info on it as well as the 360!

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Orion78 says:

Unless this event is for that moto phablet or the X+1, I'm not keeping my hopes up.

JollyFE says:

Is there any point to wishing/hoping/praying the new phone has a QWERTY keyboard?? :-/

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jdevenberg says:


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tastisnax says:

You can, but you will be let down.

grooveaddict says:

I've read about the moto E before and it looks like a great budgetphone. I hope Motorola unveils another flagship this time.

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Trixz_D says:

The text on the page makes it seem like they are most definitely going to be revealing the moto e

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shaiwon says:

I really hope they introduce the next iteration to the Moto X. Their budget device (Moto G) is still performing strong and so I don't see the need to release another budget device so soon, at least not before the next flagship. With the Galaxy S5, One M8, and soon to be announced G3, Motorola needs a presence among the current crop of flagship models.

tastisnax says:

The Moto G is fantastic, but it still gets priced out of the very low end of the market, where a lot of growth is. May as well not let those sales go directly to Samsung and Nokia.

TurboFool says:

Was hoping for the Moto X successor, but based on those details I'm guessing it's a low-end phone, instead.

ddot196 says:

Priced for all... That alone says it there. It'll be a low end yet very capable smartphone. Certainly not the next moto x. Oh well we still have the g3 to look forward to this coming month!

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To be fair i'm looking forward to seeing what motorola have to offer with this new release because they have really upped there game recently.
There was a time i would not even consider purchasing a motorola device but since getting my son the Moto G on his request for christmas i gotta say i was blown away with the device considering the relatively low price point.

shaytoon21 says:

since it doesnt seem like its a "huge" event, its prolly just the moto e which will give everyone an idea on how the next moto x could possibly stem from.

On2Vegas says:

The "made to last" reference is interesting. I wonder what type of material(s) we are talking about?

grooveaddict says:

Plastic? ;-)

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udazavlanje says:

If not Kevlar than they don't mean in durability terms but usage - battery life. Or hopefully both :)
VZW Moto X

udazavlanje says:

Seems like I'm gonna have to send them back Moto G I just bought for a friend last week (sitting at the FedEx Office) and wait until that announcement. And at this point, they should def make that Moto X sale price permanent.
VZW Moto X

zackmack7 says:

Can't freakinggggg wait! I want my next phone to be the Moto X +1 or the LG G3

Cubfan says:

No way this is the X+1. They are reducing the price of the X tonight, and they wouldn't want those all to be returned in a few weeks.

Ry says:

Smells like Moto E.

the new Moto phone needs to have a BIG screen. 5 to 6 inches. Otherwise, it's pointless.

Just don't call it the Moto XL. :)

savdini says:

Flagship please! No budget nonsense for the "developing markets".

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I've heard it's the Moto E with a smaller screen. No thanks....

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I'd love to be able to purchase a Moto X directly from T-Mobile.

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udazavlanje says:

Yeah, that seems to be an issue, especially for those who switch over and have ETF to be paid by tmo. My friend wanted Moto but he had to choose whatever was available - sold by T-Mobile. Otherwise, he wouldn't be eligible for that program.

VZW Moto X

jlgraham says:

If it is a new Flagship, here's hoping they have an upgrade program for Moto credit folks per their survey a few weeks ago.

udazavlanje says:

Hopefully. Still, idk if I would jump to get it, unless they managed to put 3000mAh battery in the same body (unlikely) - usage got really heavy. Brighter screen (like on s5) would be only cherry on top.

VZW Moto X

travaz says:

Not going to be a Flagship. It will be a cheap (price wise) phone to chip away some market share from the big boys in other parts of the world. I wonder if it will even be available in the US. I also wonder why we haven't seen anymore stuff on the Moto 360.

royinferno69 says:

Sweeeeet! Love my Moto X. Way more useful than the iPhone 5 I previously had, never going back to iOS. Can't wait to see what smartphone treat they're coming out with this time.

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RaiderWill says:

*** E ***
Come'on.. Think Mc Fly ! Think !
G is Lower than X.. and E is Lower Than G.... IT"S THE "ECONOMY MODEL"
For EVERYONE... :-)

jan klassan says:

Is there any way i can attend this event?