Here we go again. First it's Samsung going with Yahoo services, and now comes word that Motorola's switching to Skyhook for its location-based services over Google. Devices with the new service will "begin shipping later this year," Skyhook says, and "will have the ability to better support a new wave of location-aware applications by leveraging Skyhook's precise, reliable and fast-performing location engine."

Hey, fair enough. No reason why it shouldn't be as good or better than Google's default services, right? [via Engadget]


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Motorola ditching Google location services on Android phones for Skyhook


sounds amazing! when skyhook takes over google, will devices like the droid be voided of google maps and have a major upgrade to skyhook?

The article is very misleading. Motorola is simply using Skyhook as an add-on to help spruce up Google Maps & Navigation on their devices. Doesn't mean anything against Google in any way. In fact, Skyhook is only gonna HELP the services that Google provides. And let's face it, Google's geolocation services aren't exactly the most accurate @ times. Can't tell you how many times I've had to search for a long time to find a GPS signal while using the Navigation.


This is just a location engine, right? This isn't going to replace the Google Maps app and Google Navigation....right? Because surely Motorola knows how incredibly stupid it would be to remove those apps...RIGHT??

Of course it would be stupid. I highly doubt that Motorola's gonna ditch one of the main selling points of its more popular Android phones. Lest we forget, Google SAVED Motorola.


Yeah, I was mostly being facetious, just stirring the pot. But the depths of stupidity of large groups of old men in boardrooms should never be underestimated. Skyhook is just a location data pipe, so I think our apps are safe.

You're forgetting the Backflip. Motorola went with INFERIOR services on that phone... I'll never consider a Moto device anymore... I want Google everything on my Android phone.

I said MORE POPULAR PHONES. Saying the Backflip is popular is like saying that Drake is actually musically talented or that Justin Bieber has a long career ahead of him.

And Yahoo on the Backflip was most likely GayT&T's doing anyway.


I've heard good things about Skyhook, but I'd be curious to try it out. I could care less about if it's a Google product or not. I want the best location aware available.

The iPhone does indeed use Skyhook to augment Google Maps and other location-aware applications.

Unfortunately, there are some bugs.

Skyhook relies on the last known location of nearby routers which, in theory, works great since you don't have to be connected to those routers--they just need to be visible.

However, when Joe Blow down the street moves in from Colorado and Skyhook doesn't get his new address (you can request updated info on their site), your phone's liable to tell you you're in CO.

Actually, I doubt it'd be that far off, but our routers here at work were never updated to our current location after we moved across the city, so any time my wifi is on and I fire up maps, my location's off by a whopping five miles.

Good times.

if I remember correctly, the iPhone has been using this service with google maps since day one. I don't think we have anything to worry about.

How can Engadget or AC publish articles with titles as misleading as this one? Seriously... Aren't there any editors watching for this kind of garbage?

Strictly speaking, there is no "Google location services" so there's nothing to "ditch". Most Android phones use GPS and A-GPS, neither of which belong to Google. Adding SkyHook is a good thing, but it doesn't mean Moto will ditch either of the existing location providers. (That would be foolish since SkyHook uses GPS and AGPS to improve its accuracy..)

But it will probably add 2 months for them to code 2.2 just because of this and on top of the three it will take them already. Moto needs to get a game plan together and stick with it. They did a horrible job with 2.1 for the Droid and we will see what happens next.