Motorola update list

Motorola just added a slew of new non-U.S. phones to its Android 2.1 update list (see the previous update), including a bunch of Backflips and Quenches. Doesn't really give us a better idea of when the new software will actually be available, but it's good to see Moto at least trying to be transparent about it. That said, it'd be great if we'd see some Android 2.2 update schedules popping up, m'kay? [Motorola] Thanks, Jake!


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Motorola adds a bunch of phones to its Android 2.1 update list


At some point you have to think it becomes financially more beneficial to move directly to Froyo for the older phones or just outright abandon them and sell a new phone instead.

Most users only keep a phone two years anyway and encouraging them to hang onto it longer is probably not financially sound.

You know maybe Moto will announce next week that the Droid is getting 2.2

THEN they can announce the Droid X without making all the regular ol Droid users angry