Have you ever wondered what an extremely high-end and rather revolutionary Android device would look like? Well, pretty much everything you could dream it to be was done by Mobiado when they constructed the CPT002 in conjunction with Aston Martin. The device, while still only a concept, has a sapphire crystal capacitive touchscreen that sits between two platinum bars. These platinum bars hold the processor, battery, SIM card slot and all the other goodies. The device will also act as a proximity fob, and will allow you to lock and unlock your car when you are close to the vehicle with the device. Pretty interesting to see what can be done when the limit is the sky, and people get creative. [Mobiado via AutoBlog]


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Mobiado & Aston Martin partner to show what a high-end phone looks like


Im pretty sure if you want to use the phone to its fullest, youd have to have an Aston Martin. If you do have one, then you wouldnt be complaining about a phone a couple of thousand $. Kind of like those ugly gold phones that came out a while back

I hate to dive into a nerd debate, but Tony Stark is way cooler than Bruce Wayne. Bruce just has a crap ton of daddy's money to go with his psychological issues.

Nope, they both are sitting on dad's money. The real difference is that Tony would have created the phone.

now just run stock android and an unlock able bootloader and this thing will turn into a roaring wildfire of greatness

A wha whatt? Here, take these $1,000 nerd and bring it back when you're done. Take my car to. Tell you what... Wash it for me while you're add it and I'll give you another $100.

K bay!

Nice phone but how is it to live with? Does it wake you up every morning and tickle you bum? But mostly how fast is it to use? To find out we need to hand it off to our tame cellphone user. Some say his face will sometimes crash to blue screen and that every time he hears the rustling of a sun chip bag he is mildly aroused. He's not the stig but his tech savy son!
IMO its to much into its self like most Aston martins. I don't think car designer's should design phones.

The Sapphire crystal screen is the only cool "feature" this has going for it, since it would be nearly impossible to scratch, I long for the day when synthetic sapphire (or even better synthetic diamond) screens can be made.

yes just like most high end cars, you may find a few nice to look at ones but their looks are as far as it goes. Your paying more for less, they horrible to use, and people will look at you and it with with disgust. To be honest you'll get better comments owning a dumb phone rather then a over price smart like phone. rich, so im most likely going to buy this! CHING CHING!

..........................NOT! :(

If this or say the ThunderBolt were sitting next to each other, with no mention of monetary value, I'm pretty certain everyone would choose the TBolt. These concepts are always so hideous. Forget sapphire crystal, give us gorilla glass and were happy campers.

Must have horrid battery life compared to other phones but I guess that's the price of high-tech.

For those of you that don't know, that "concept" is actually a Creative travel sound for the ipod nano 3rd gen. I know because I have one.

Here is the link

Fail shop is fail.