We ask a lot of hypothetical questions in our nightly polls. Back when they first started, we decided that the main focus is for us to get to know each other a little better, and that leads to a lot of what-if kind of situations. Like tonight's, where I'm asking if the right phone could make you switch carriers.

Imagine the HTC One X, or the "next" Galaxy phone, or another up and comer we haven't heard about yet. One you really, really like. Now imagine that you're told it won't come to the carrier you're currently using. What would you do? Would you pass on it, hoping to have a better selection next time around, or do you pay any ETF, port your number and jump ship?

I'm a T-Mobile customer, but I could leave for Sprint or AT&T, which both have excellent coverage around here. But I wouldn't, partially because I like my cheaper monthly costs, and because I like the way T-Mobile treats customers who bring their own phones. I'll happily use whatever device suits me best until it's time to buy a new one. But I can see the draw, because I have considered it once or twice and thought about leaving for AT&T -- over a phone. In the end I didn't, and don't really regret it.

What about you guys? Would you leave or stay if you found out your carrier wasn't ever going to get the phone you just had to have? Answer in the poll., and tell us why in the comments.


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Late-night poll: Would you switch carriers for a phone?


I have and glad i did, Was on VZW, left them cause of CDMA phones suck at times, Went to T-mobile and my Galaxy Nexus hasn't been happier

I switched from Tmobile to Sprint for the EVO 3D and unlimited (truly) data.
I pay about the same with no throttling. Sprint even has better customer care since At&t and Tmobile's transaction fell through. Sprint still has real phone subsidizing and CDMA phones don't get stolen as often.

Take that thieves. Try activating a stolen CDMA phone.
Oh yeah, Sprint has Google Wallet on more than just Nexus phones on its network.

Also Sprint teamed up with Google voice as well as has unlimited talk time to any cell phone. Also has nights and weekends start at 7. just saying..

Would never leave Sprint. Switched from us cellular when the instinct came out. Got the evo on launch day. Still rocking it with cm7 and cyantidote. Never pissed that we have had our wimax towers her forever but the switch never flipped. Cs has always been top notch. Combine that with my 23% discount(19% if I was on Verizon) I'd say I'm locked in pretty good. But I say this because every carrier has great service range and realize some don't get that lucky.

I would not leave Sprint either. Hesse is as "hip" of a corporate dude you can find with the carriers nowadays, and the customer service, prices, and phone selection are all top notch. I was a verizon customer for years, then went through an enlightenment period, had an affair with T-Mobile, then settled down with Sprint. Tmo just did not have the stability(read: coverage) in my area, but I do think tmo is the best company to work with, even above sprint a notch. Hopefully Sprint and I can continue this beautiful relationship for a long time with the roll out of LTE and continued access to Nexus phones.

I switched carriers to get my Gnex (and wifey's iPhone). Of course... my old carrier didn't even have anything resembling a modern network in my area either...

I left T-a mobile when they announced the ATT news to move to sprint. After spending time with my Galaxy SII on their "unlimited" 3G network, I moved to Verizon. I never technically moved for a phone, but the Galaxy Nexus made it easier.

In my country, there's no real carrier exclusivity. Sometimes a phone will come first on a given carrier, but there's always a way to circumvent that.

I feel like "control" is almost a better word, but the TMO ATT merger wasn't approved and the govt slaps their wrists every so often.

I changed from an ATT iPhone 3gs to sprints EVO 4G a couple years ago and I've been extremely happy with no more dropped calls and the customer service since..... But 3g speeds lately have been making me wanto switch back and go with an unlocked one X

I switched from ATT to T-Mobile, originally for the BlackBerry 9900, but then traded that for a Samsung Galaxy S II. I'm happier with Tmo with more service and less bill.

I moved one of my lines from T-Mobile to Verizon to the buy the Galaxy Nexus. Based on my experience in the Houston area with Verizon's LTE (or the lack of it too often) I probably should not have done so.

That is interesting. I recently left Sprint for VZW because of bad coverage and degrading 4G Wimax coverage.

I didn't really leave to get the GNex, but better coverage. I lost unlimited data, but 4GB is plenty for my monthly usage (never hit 50%).

I still have 3 family lines on Sprint with 2 eligible for upgrades. When and IF Sprint's LTE network gets up and functioning, I could add a line or simply let my family members be testers.

I like for my phone to work and work well. My VZW Gnex has performed well and much better than my EVO ever did.

I'd just like to highlight that this issue, isn't really an issue for Canadians. Our 3 major carriers all run on GSM and the same freqs. Want a phone not on your carrier? No problem. Buy it outright, unlock it -- good to go. That said, if I was in a position where that wasn't the case it would take a really bad overall experience to switch. Not just one device would bring about the change.

I agreed with that.

With multiple line plans, most people aren't in a position to switch on a whim.

Plus, the ETF is likely to be more than half the price of an unlocked phone. I've paid full price for 3 of my last 4 phones. The other members on the plan all buy on contact (and use my upgrades).

There are regional carriers you can move to with a an unlocked phone, or you can freely sell it.

There's a lot of merit in outright purchase. Its just a little bit expensive for many.

Hell no! I won't leave Sprint or T-Mobile for any phone. Cheap family plans and cheap grandfathered data plans matter more than any specific handset.

I left ATT because all they hRETroffer 25 months ago was the RETARD Motorola Backflip!!! Switched carriers for the original Droid.

I do not have. I have Tmobile most phones I like are GSM. If I like a ATT phone all I have to do is Unlock the phone and put in my sim card. I may get edge but that is price I pay for lower price service. I had a old blackberry for two years. I can life with edge on a phone.

I do not have to, I have Tmobile most phones I like are GSM. If I like a ATT phone all I have to do is Unlock the phone and put in my sim card. I may get edge but that is price I pay for lower price service. I had a old blackberry for two years. I can life with edge on a phone.

If Sprint didn't have lte coming out , I would leave then after 12 yrs. Wimax only works when I'm outside my job, once I step inside I lose 4g , and 3g is to slow to stream videos and sometimes even Pandora gets stuck

I can deal with not even having 1 meg down but I too get very frustrated when Pandora doesn't even stream correctly. Forget about even setting the stream quality.

The only things that are keeping me a Sprint customer is their rather excellent customer service, the fact they still have unlimited data, their significantly lower prices compared to AT&T and VZ, and that they will eventually soon have a good network. Recently was in Philly and despite Wimax not being perfect I was having a significantly better experience with my Epic Touch because data speeds didn't remind of a dial up modem

I left AT&T for the HTC Evo 4G on Sprint. My contract's about to be up soon, will probably stay with Sprint and get the E4GLTE.

I can't switch. I use over 20GB of data a month minimum. I have been grandfathered into an unlimited data plan with VZW so I'm not going anywhere that doesn't have unlimited data or a reliable LTE network. So right now my only option is staying with VZW. I'm in love with my GNex anyways.

Too bad people like you are the reason we all have caps now. No legitimate reason to use that much data on a phone on a regular basis.

How about if you are in IT? A network Admin etc?

My teens send and receive over 5,000 texts a month each. My wife and I go through maybe 200 each. We all have unlimited texting and MMS.

Keep in mind for every person with huge needs, there are possible 1-10 or more with unlimited who don't really need it.

Their really isn't, I have unlimited VZW 4G and I use it a lot, and I admit I'm on the edge of abusive I use 5-8 gb a month, probably averaging around 6 and that's with Rhapsody 192kbps streaming almost all of the time I'm driving, 2-3 hours of app usage and surfing a day and netflix streaming. I also have tethering, I use it on business trips since hotel wifi is normally pretty bad, internet access for my wifi ipad (when away from wifi) and I used it for my home network when fios was down for 2 days once, I figured it was their fault my fios was out :)

"I'm a T-Mobile customer, but I could leave for Sprint or AT&T, which both have excellent coverage around here. But I wouldn't, partially because I like my cheaper monthly costs, and because I like the way T-Mobile treats customers who bring their own phones. I'll happily use whatever device suits me best until it's time to buy a new one. But I can see the draw, because I have considered it once or twice and thought about leaving for AT&T -- over a phone. In the end I didn't, and don't really regret it."

I completely agree with this. I used to be a AT&T customer then I switched to T-Mobile because the cost was just WAY too high. I have yet to be pressured into buying a new phone from them let alone to sign a contract. And to top it all off the One S is coming so I just might do it allon my own! (That is if I can get over the whole non removable battery and non extendable storage thing)

I have unlimited data plan. Could careless to switch over a device.
I'll switch when they take away my plan if there is a better plan to hop on elsewhere

I did it left sprint for att and the note. Was concerned about data but i will never use all of what i have unlimited data is overrated unless ur too cheap to get home Internet.

LOL, so on my LTE iPad watching a netflix movie uses a lot more of my 2G of data a month than you would expect. Just saying an unlimited note which is as nice as a tablet in some cases with my unlimited I could watch as many netflix movies(or my kids could on a trip) as they want to.

Those that travel find it's a bit easier and often more secure than using all the nice hotspots that are provided by the hotel, local places. You can go through 2G very quickly.

That's what I'm thinking about doing right now. I love what the Note brings to the table. And Sprint's network here in their own backyard is not very good. Plus, I have WiFi at home and even with tethering my tab to my EVO, I never go over 2GB in a month.

Left Sprint for Verizon after 7 years. Have been with Verizon now for 1.5 years. I had the EVO on Sprint. I made the decision to switch because of the 4G situation. I wanted the Thunderbolt. I had to settle with the Dinc until the Tbolt came out. I now have the GN and couldn't be happier. Love the phone, and LTE is all over Arkansas. o, I switched for phone and network.

"...and because I like the way T-Mobile treats customers who bring their own phones."

Can you elaborate a bit more on why you like this? As much as I used to like T-Mobile in how they handle activating equipment that isn't theirs, I can't say I do now. Your choices are limited to either signing a contract for a value plan without a subsidized equipment charge attached to it, or you opt for a Prepaid plan. Not a lot of flexibility from a company that used to be all about its customers.

No need for me to bundle my phone with a contract.

At least one german carrier sells unlocked/unbranded devices with a 24 month plan and fair prices - but no contract or interrests.

I was about budget but T-Mobile and Sprint coverage was horrible in my apartment. Currently on AT&T and it doesn't hurt that I got my Lumia 900 out the deal (mom has the Galaxy II and boyfriend brought his iPhone over)

I know I did and no huge regrets so for except unlimited data. The 4G from Verizon were I live was a huge selling point. That and having officesl ICS. No 4.0.5 update for my (hopeful)radio fix though :-(

No need to switch Cellphone Providers. Unlike the USA in Germany or Europe phones are Unbranded and basically available with any provider. So switching for a phone seems stupid. Freedom of non corruption on Cellphone providers. I love it.


I do not know about europe but at least in germany (yes, i know that it is part of europe) branded mobile phones are not that uncommon. Specially at T-Mobile and Vodafon.

Well they are still not locked u still can use them on any carrier in Germany even if they have branding. Hate that stupid only use on one carrier shit.

I left VZW for AT&T for the Note and haven't looked back. Of course I didn't have to pay an ETF because of very poor signal quqlity in my area. They came out did some readings and called me and told me I was free to take my ball and go. No hard feelings. Always welcomed back if I want but truthfully I am saving some cash over VZW, even though I had to give up my unlimited data plan. But around here AT&T rules the roost. WIfes happy with her Infuse and I have a Note with an upgrade promised next March. I got a sweet deal to come over to the Death Star and the Force is strong with me. Later

I always buy my phones off contract and international versions.
My first phone at full retail was
Nokia 5800 it was ok
Samsung Omnia I hated WM 6.1
Nexus One this was my first true love.
Nexus One my wife wanted one too.
Galaxy Nexus amazing phone.
Galaxy Nexus .

No way!! I have been grandfathered into a unlimited data plan and the way my daughter rolls through the data i would be in the poor house in no time.

AT treats their own customers with their own phone well. I am still on contract for a Captivate, and but last month brought in an Infuse to upgrade my sim, did it with no charge or problems. This month I brought in a skyrocket that needed an LTE sim, and once again they helped me with no charge

Yeah ATT helps but not without sucking your monthly money out of the pockets. I mean the most you pay here for unlimited everything is like 69 and u consider that expensive in Germany. Lol and yeah in that price u get like every phone for free. Even my gf only is on a 20 euro plan and got a free note or the HTC one x quad core not us dual core for free. I lived in the USA and wish they would stop being so greedy. But that's a dream that probably never comes true.

I switched to T-mobile from ATT. I wanted the T-Mobile G2. The prices on T-mobile also increased the motive for switching.

I have. I switched family from ATT to VZN to get the GNex. With the new upgrde fees now in place, I'll switch carriers again in 24 months...

I wouldn't leave Sprint for 2 reasons... Great customer service, and the best plans & truly unlimited data of any carrier! Period! Plus their LTE advanced network is gonna be boss.

I agree I had all the big 4 providers in the USA when I still lived in the USA and sprint was my favorite.

Someone would have to offer me way more than a phone for me to leave unlimited LTE on Verizon. Sprint would be the only carrier I'd go to, but they really need to improve their data network where I live. Couldn't go from 5 to 30 mbps down to 200-500 kbps.

No, I've been with STC for 10the years & they are good to me even though I don't have anykind of data plans (Wi-Fi baby) , but Im prepared to leave the carrier I deal when I leave Saudi Arabia for college, they are the total opposite of STC

Plus, I buy my own phone ...

I've been with the same carrier for over 14 years. The service has been good, so I haven't seen any need to switch. Yes,some devices look intriguing,but AT&T's coverage in our area sucks (so no Note for me).

I keep looking at all the different offers,but I haven't seen a plan that would make me switch. Plans seem to be getting more expensive (or cheaper by lowering data limits, making it possible to actually cost a lot more),so why give up on a grandfathered plan?

T-Mo and I have a love affair that's very difficult to part with. I would really, really, really have to take each and every facet that I love so far and weigh it against whomever the OTHER carrier is/was. If one thing was out of sync no matter how small, no can do.

The only phone I see that I like is the HTC One X and it doesn't seem that it works on T-Mo even if I purchased it unlocked and at the price of a mortgage payment (or less). As of now, nope.

I meant to say that the HTC One X would not work to it's full potential on T-Mo. I could be very wrong and would not mind being corrected.

You are right no matter if unlocked or att. Phones that aren't t mobile branded USA won't get any data beyond edge 2g. Well unless some of the never phones you do some rooting to it.

Left VZW back to ATT for the galaxy note. In my area the coverage is the same. I was happy to see the LTE speeds turned out to be twice what I was getting on my tbolt on vzw.

Switched from Sprint to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus, mainly because I couldn't take Sprint's network anymore. Used their new billing method for applying discounts as a way to get out of my ETF. They promised they wouldn't charge me, then charged me, and I battled them for months because no one could read simple notes on my account. I'm very satisfied with my GNEX - ICS works so well, I haven't had any desire to root it yet.

I was on T-Mobile USA with my original iPhone, but switched to AT&T for the iPhone 3GS because I couldnt stand EDGE anymore. Now I am contemplating switching back to T-Mobile if they get the Galaxy S III and it rocks. I have Galaxy S II (UK unlocked) that I imported for use on AT&T, but it seems like every day that network gets worse and I am out of contract coming up in two months. I love it they offer discounted plans if you BYOD or dont screw around with the subsidized devices.

No, but I switched phones to get a new carrier. I got tired of zero 4G coverage with Sprint and shoddy 3G coverage at that. Loved my HTC EVO, running Cyanogenmod, but ditched it to sign up with the largest 4G network. Now I'm getting faster speeds than my Wifi and cable Internet so I canceled my ISP and enjoy Verizons LTE network everywhere I go.

Where I came from, you can just walk into the Phone store and buy any phone from them and pick up which carrier you want to use. And you can carry in your pocket more than one sim card, so if you don`t like the carrier you`re using just simply switch the card.
That`s how the phone deal should be, not like the USA carriers.
Shouldn`t be any contract at all.

Americans are used to buying what they cannot afford. People wouldn't be able to buy $500-$600 phones so the carriers subsidize them to be free-$200 or so. They need to make up that money somehow.

If people were more responsible and realized you are paying more than the cost of the phone by getting locked into a specific carrier for two years maybe they would buy a phone outright and use something like t-mobile or one of the other cheaper options.

switched from Sprint on a nexus s to Verizon for a galaxy nexus. The switch was not difficult since sprint was TERRIBLE in my area, and no 4G.

Verizon has fannnnnntastic coverage and speed. Win Win.

Over two years ago I left Sprint for Verizon, and the original Droid. Sprint just had the Hero and no other android phone on the horizon. Didn't help that when I called Sprint to find out if I qualified for some things the representative basically called me a liar when we reviewed my history with Sprint. (apparently when I changed from one plan to another, they dropped my history before that, so were insisting I was a customer for only 2 years, not 11. And could not understand why I wouldn't have a receipt handy to prove I had their service that far back).

Switched from verizon to sprint for the Evo when it first came out. Verizon only had the Incredible. Now, I want to go back to Verizon for their LTE but the same package on Verizon would cost me $50/month more so I think i'm just going to sit here and hope Sprint rolls out an awesome LTE network FAST. I never have issues with Sprint for phone calls but their data speeds are ridiculously slow.

I haven't but at this point I would. My contract is up with Verizon and if they don't get a flagship phone like whatever the gs3 will be or like the Onex then I'm going elsewhere.

switched from Sprint to Verizon for the Gnex. Not only is the phone great, but Verizon has much better coverage in my area (downtown Cleveland), and LTE blows WiMax speeds out of the water. Also, with an employee discount from my office, the monthly fees cost about the same.

So, on a phone why is 20 or 30Mbps any better than 10Mbps? Even streaming good quality movies wouldn't be any different. I agree Verizon's LTE is better but not because of the speed. It is because of the building penetration and depending on your area the coverage.

you're right. I should have wrote that my signal strength is better with Verizon, which gives me a false sense of better speeds.

I did. Although I didn't really need to. My old carrier (Sasktel) usually sucks when it came to getting new phones fast. Less then I month after I left them for Bell Canada, they got the Galaxy Nexus. I miss my old number but I love the Customer Service Bell has.

I wouldn't switch. Family plan for me is cheapest with Sprint. I also get a huge discount with them through my employer. There will always be a "better new shiny" phone in the making regardless of the carrier, so leaving a carrier just for a single phone is pointless imo.

Sprint's customer service for me has always been good (past 10 years of using them), and they have good signal strengths in all the cities I have lived in (Austin, Dallas, Houston).

I am certainly looking for a carrier to replace Sprint (the cost for my family plan is way too much). The phones available at the time that my Sprint contract is fulfilled this Fall will certainly be a factor in my decision but not the deciding factor. For example, I really like the Samsung Note; but I don't like AT&T, so would not switch to them to get it. Now, I'm interested in the newest Samsung or HTC phones that may be slightly smaller than the Note.


Sprint actually has some of the better pricing on family plans.

They are the only carrier with Data and texting included. Yes, they want an added $10 per month for "advanced devices" (and mnost fit this category), but that is still cheaper than paying $30 a month or even $20 per phone to get some level of data!

Plus, with employee discounts the pricing is pretty good. That is if you live in an area with good coverage.

At one point I may have, however, now that my grandfathered unlimited data is a practically extinct species, said phone would have to pretty much cook me breakfast in the morning, do my laundry and detail my car to have me switch.

Switched to Altel to get a windows smart phone years ago from Verizon. Also got a better data plan etc from it. Altel was then merged back into Verizon about 7 months later and to this day, I still get the better Altel data plan on Big Red's network.

I like some of the others here got into VZW on unlimited data, got it when the Thunderbolt came out, can't imagine giving that up for a specific phone!

After spending one year with Verizon (HTC Thunderbolt) coming from an unlocked HD2, I realized that there is no reason to stick with non-standard carrier specific branded devices.

It is better to use a carrier that enables BYOD and then simply buy the unlocked, international version. I am used to go down the carrier free, unlocked route since my earlier experience with branding is bad (slow updates, bloatware, locked and restricted).

The whole question about switching carriers because of devices is a sign of the improper market in the US. In a normal, working market, devices are simply standardized - if I want an HTC One X or Galaxy Note, I pick it and then pick whatever carrier. The same has to be applied to this country.

From now on I am using Straight Talk BYOD with the Galaxy Note and I will never again buy a carrier branded device.

I would if I thought I could deal with losing my unlimited data. I have considered it switching to AT&T from Verizon to get the Galaxy Note. The plan would be around the same price for me and I can't complain about how much I pay anyway. Also that PSworld report about AT&T's LTE network is the best in the US would help my decision.

I switched from AT&T to VZW two years ago because AT&T didn't have any decent Android phones at the time.

I just used 2GB last week alone, i have great coverage with sprint and leave 4G running on my touch all day. I stream way too much music everyday while driving and walking to switch to anybody else. Love sprint for the service as well.

Lol nobody posted about switching to Verizon. It is the only carrier carrier in New York that doesn't drop calls. I've been on sprint, att, and my dad has t-mobile. They are all not as reliable as Verizon. Fuck the extra money, you get what what you pay for.

Right when Verizon started bending people over even more than they already were at the time, I wanted the Pre really, really bad. So I paid the ETF (for two lines) and came over to Sprint. Sprint made a lot of points in my book, letting me bargain with them over the cost of the new phones and even throwing in an Airave for free (waived monthly cost also).

We all know now how Palm went, and shortly after I came to Sprint I was looking for Android. I bought a used Hero to bide my time until I could pick up an EVO 4G. Still have the EVO and I love it.

I wouldn't necessarily switch for a particular phone, but I do plan on switching for the upcoming insult fees, like a $30 fee just to get a new phone (VZW). Voicing my concerns about such a fee have fallen on deaf ears so it's time to look at other carriers.

I don't know about T-Mobile, but I know AT&T and Sprint both charge this fee. Sprint is wonky in that dependent on the type of plan you have or how long you have been with them or the special hidden special they are running, you don't always pay it. I am about to get my fourth phone on Sprint (Evo 4G LTE) and have yet to pay the "new phone" fee.

I left Sprint (and my Evo) to get a GSM Galaxy Nexus. I put it on T-Mobile. I love my phone and my cheaper service, as well as the fact that I can take my phone anywhere in the world

I would leave sprint in a heartbeat and go to AT&T to get the HTE One X. I like the new evo thats coming out but i dont get good coverage where i live with sprint. So if at&t offered unlimited data I'd jump ship faster than sprint could say "hold on, let me transfer you to customer retention."

I left Sprint for the iPhone 3g and I might be leaving At&t for the next Lte iPhone for Verizon since they have Lte service in Detroit.

I left Sprint for the iPhone 3g and I might be leaving At&t for the next Lte iPhone for Verizon since they have Lte service in Detroit.

I ported my old AT&T number to Google Voice and went to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus. Very pleased with the phone itself and call/network quality. Coverage seems to be about the same as on AT&T.
Because my number is now with GV I would not hesitate to switch carriers again. Carrier exclusivity and the whole subsidized phone system bothers me, and with GV I get at least a little freedom back.
Was seriously considering AT&T's prepaid plans and buy a phone full price, but they only allow certain phones... lame.

Left AT&T a few years ago because they had no Android devices. I had been with AT&T for 14 years. I went to Verizon for Android. Haven't looked back. In the first place, Verizon's 3G coverage kicked AT&Ts ass in the areas I go to. I spend a lot of time on a rural farm where AT&T had NO bars and Verizon gives me 4 bars of 3G. On the drive from Houston to the farm, AT&T only had 3G for part of the trip. Now with Verizon, I have 4G for most of the same time that AT&T only provided 3G. I don't like the CDMA aspect of Verizon, but I can deal with it for the improved coverage.

I almost did. I'm on AT&T and loved the Galaxy S2 but got impatient when Sprint released it in September and AT&T had no set date yet for release. I'm glad I didn't. Now, with my "unlimited" plan being capped at 3GB I'm open to suggestions to switch to Verizon down the road if something big came up. Either way, I'm okay with AT&T for the time being.

I have been very pleased with Sprint, no issues. Their customer service has been good and they have decent flagship Android devices. Depends on the area you live though. Out here in Massachusetts, it is great.

I'd been open to possibly switching companies anyway due to poor customer service issues (read: nightmare) at AT&T. I switched from the Captivate on AT&T to HTC Rezound on Verizon partially for the LTE (which rocks btw!) but mostly because my captivate was probably the worst phone I've ever owned. ever. It was literally the phone that made me want to go back to the phones from the late 1990's due to better reliability. The HTC Rezound had everything I wanted -- RELIABLE GPS, fairly fast boot-up time, LTE.

Verizon also had the reputation of being behind their Android devices so I felt it'd be a safe move to try them. AT&T really felt like "well we have the iPhone...or you can pick from something over there...but we have the iPhone"

I switched from T-mobile to AT&T to get the original iPhone. Before that, smartphone integration with Unix boxes pretty much sucked. Vendor support ranged from non-existent to minimal. The best case I found was using PalmOS based phones, where you could use unsupported open source tools on the Unix boxes.

Later, I switched from AT&T back to T-mobile in part to get an Android phone. That was as much to get away from AT&T's sucky tech support (a major disappointment after T-mobile) as to get away from Apples closed ecosystem.

If companies cared more about keeping current customers then you wouldn't see any switching going on. For example, although I have been a VZW customer over 20 years, when the GNex came out, the price was $299. A coworker of mine, who was on AT&T, got that same BRAND NEW ON RELEASE DATE phone for $99. How? VZW gave him $100 to trade in is AT&T iPhone, and another $100 off for switching to VZW from AT&T. But me, a loyal customer longer than my wife and I have been married, could only get the phone for $299. Oh yeah, that's fair. And I understand the argument about getting new customers. But 24 months from now when their contract is up and AT&T has a better deal, they'll switch back because that latest and greatest phone is cheaper.

i switched from sprint to verzion after suffering with sprints weak network post iphone release plus verizon LTE lighting up in my city and a sweet deal on the droid bionic i couldnt pass it up just wish the galaxy nexus was in stock when i jumped ship

I left Sprint for AT&T to get the iPhone 4. I then became very interested in Android but didn't want to switch as I have an unlimited data plan. I now regret that decisions I chose to go with the Galaxy Note and now see a phone. Like the HTC One X coming out running ICS but I'm stuck on gingerbread. I wish Google had more influence on their platform.

No I wouldn't switch. What good is a phone without a fast solid network to use it on? Verizon is the only carrier where I live that has LTE and the best coverage. Add in grandfathered unlimited data and I’d have to be crazy to switch!

I switched from AT&T to Verizon when the Droid came out (no ETF) because AT&T was dragging their feet getting on the Android bandwagon...

About 1.5 years later, I moved to a different city & state. I paid an ETF and switched to AT&T for an Atrix 4G. I didn't switch just for the phone though. I switched primarily because AT&T gets better signal at my job. The phone definitely made the decision easier though...

I made the mistake of switching carriers for a phone once, when I wanted a iphone 3GS (my first smartphone) and of course my experience with AT&T wasn't great (tons of dropped calls and slow data) and then they went to tiered data. I do have a galaxy s2 on AT&T from work though, they've improved a little.

Still, I switched back to Verizon for LTE,unlimited data and their superior network, not giving up any of that for any phone, their is always something similar, Verizon always has a fairly good selection of Androids.

For me, it really is the network that counts.

Interesting poll as I am currently considering breaking my contract with Verizon and jumping to Sprint to get the EVO 4G LTE. I have the GNex but the radios in this thing are horrible and I constantly drop calls/data connections. It would be a hefty price to pay to break the contract but I could sell the phone and recoup the ETF. I was a Sprint customer for 10 years before jumping ship to Verizon to get the BB Storm.

If your in one of the sprint LTE initial or soon to be deployed areas it's a decent idea, if your not buy another vzw lte phone, the gnex has very bad reception, the bad reception kept me from buying one, I owned the HTC thunderbolt and now the HTC rezound and the signal and speed are so much better than my friends with a GNex, both HTC and Moto make phones with good reception.

Trust me if you have a Gnex you can buy a used VZW 4G phone on ebay and sell the Gnex and probably even make money on the deal the GNex is still one of the most expensive used VZW phones because it's aosp, but Samsung phones tend to have more problems with reception than other manufacturers.

I buy and sell phones on ebay all of the time in order to get a cheap upgrade when I'm mid contract, simply buy a used phone on ebay, when it comes swap the sim cards and test the new phone and then put the old phone on ebay.
I upgraded my thunderbolt to the rezound this way and when all was said and done it only cost me $100, like I said before with the GNex it's a different story, you'd likely make money on it.

Yes, i do it all the time. I live in Norway and it's not allowed by law to sell contracts that extends longer than 12 month, so when i choose to buy a new device i check every carrier and go with one of them. 1 year later it's on again.

If i don't like the phone or i want to buy another one and i'm still on contract, i pay the rest of the amount that i owe to the carrier, and voila. Done.

Easy peasy.

Well I've round about and then some. Go back to Bell Atlantic and my Bag Phone days. Have and Att, VZ, Cellular One, Voice Stream AKA Tmo and Sprint. Was most happy with Tmo, good coverage and the service was fine. Had an OG iphone on it and jumped to Sprint for the Pre (i know i know WHAT?). Then I got the Evo after a year. After getting hit with 80+ dollar bills with discount. I'm back on Tmo on a gsm Gnex with that 30.00/m prepaid and am quite happy with it. Will I stay? for now sure. Have to see though what comes later this year Either a new OneX or a new iPhone5 I might have to jump but would rather make it work on this.

I did for the Gnex. I left USCC after 18 years. I just couldn't wait for a cutting edge phone with USCC.

Ive been with tmobile for as long as I can remember. Im not really into unlimited data, I have wifi in most places that I go or just wait until I get home. Despite what some people may say, they do keep their customers happy. GSM phones are the way to go in my opinion. As long as tmobile continues to get those pure google phones ill keep rocking with them. Nothing like pure google.

If I wasn't grandfathered in on unlimited data and getting a discount for a family plan (parents and brother) combined with business discount...then I would consider the switch from Verizon. I'm a little disappointed with the phones they have sometimes and their service can be lacking at time. That said it's under $50/mo with a texting and data plan...I know that if I switch carriers I'll probably be paying close to double that and possibly not get unlimited data.

I don't doubt that others get similar deals but for me it's the cost/quality of the network that matters most. I think the only time anyone had a legitimate excuse to switch carriers for a phone rather than wait for something similar/better come to their carrier is when the iPhone was exclusive to AT&T.

I've had NUMEROUS phones over the past 18 years...
My first was one of the Motorola Brick phones...
That said, I've been on Alltel(bought by Verizon a couple of years ago), Cingular, AT&T, and Sprint.
I switched to Cingular to get the cool tiny Nokia 8100.
Switched back to Alltel to save money after about 2 1/2 years.
Switched to AT&T when I was doing some contract work for them and had kind of been lured in by the coolness of SIM cards and owning more than one phone, buying off contract having a little phone for going out, and a smart phone for work. Which ended when I got my first iPhone.
Finally, I switched to Sprint for the original Palm Pre. Sprint is great, I can't see leaving them any time soon. Especially knowing that Verizon will be significantly more expensive for data. I get a 27% discount on my bill with Sprint because of my employer, too!
I can't see ever going back to AT&T, ever. Their signal doesn't get inside my building. FAIL. Verizon would be an option IF they were the same price as Sprint for the same services. (which they pretty much never will be)
I'm looking forward to the Evo4GLTE!

I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon due to getting the GNexus with reliable speeds and reliable network. I had been having nothing but issues with T-Mobile and always seem to be getting second rate devices. I'm tired of it and I really wanted the GNexus, so I switched. One of the biggest parts of the problem was also that my speeds were so bad even on my HSPA Device that I was not able to do many things on it.

I wouldn't switch to Verizon again because they are too expensive even with my corporate discount. I'd also have to think a lonnnnnng time before using Sprint again. I would have to be dang sure they had really really fixed their absolutely hideous customer service. But any other company I would switch to.

I wouldn't switch for a particular phone, but I would switch if my current carrier had no phones I was interested in. I'm on Sprint, and the new Evo looks good, but I was getting antsy.

If I was on T-Mobile, I'd be looking around.

I switched from Verizon to Sprint for the Palm Pre a few years ago. It was the best decision I ever made. The service I get from Sprint has been excellent.

Although, with Sprint cancelling the annual upgrades for Sprint Premier customers I ALMOST switched back to Verizon and bought a Galaxy Nexus. The only thing that stopped me was that Verizon wouldn't give me unlimited data.

Sprint needs to keep unlimited data. Looking for that HTC Evo 4G LTE in June.

I switched to VZW a few years ago, not for a certain phone, but because US Cellular didn't have any good phones at the time. Now, I'm grandfathered in with unlimited data so Verizon probably has me for life.

I've been thinking really hard about getting the unmolested HTC One X. I don't like how AT&T is gimping the storage space, and I don't like the design of the Sprint version *at all.*

I'd have to move to AT&T to get the original One X, right? Or are other carriers compatible with it?

Left Sprint for VZW many years ago - Sprint coverage was terrible and I couldn't stand how poor their voice mail was. I would get voice mails 2-3 days after they were left. Dropped calls. Talked to a friend recently on Sprint and they still have the same network problem with voice mail delivery - totally unacceptable. VZW customer service has been great every time I talk to them and their plans are not much more expensive. Would NEVER leave a carrier (or go to a carrier) for a phone. NETWORK is the most important - you can always find something that works for you (even if it's not latest and greatest).

I won't for a phone, I moved my kids from VZW to Tmobile and they have no issues on their 4G phones in the Phoenix area. Trips to Cali, northern AZ they barely get 2G. They tether off my phone or my wifes to stay entertained. I travel for work, not as much as I did but DATA coverage on VZW is top notch in the US.

I've always felt like if you're happy with the rate plan and coverage that you have with your current carrier, it's pretty short-sighted to go to another carrier just for a specific phone. To me, it's like being in a relationship with a woman that makes you perfectly happy, but leaving her for another woman just because she has bigger boobs.


I've done it before (went from T-Mobile to Cellular South/C-Spire for a better Android phone), and I see myself doing it again (probably from C-Spire to AT&T for a better Android phone).

I left VZW for Sprint because of increase money and reduce unlimited data plan. I love sprint coverage in my area specially in my work place nder ground the only carrier works. I proud it. Don't feel bad if you know SF general hospital LOL

webOS' continued development was questionable, even with homebrew so when Matias Duarte got hired on at Google to work on Android, I figured it would be an easy transition, once the Nexus Prime was released and I was able to bask in the glory that should have essentially been webOS 4.0. Needless to say, the Galaxy Nexus turned out to be highly disappointing and I found that Android is still, even with the father of webOS behind the wheel at Google, not nearly as usable, functional, fun or polished as webOS was. I'd take webOS 1.0 over Android 4.anything. Just look at how much Android has changed since 1.0. Now compare that with the change webOS has undergone from 1.0 to 3.0. Palm simply got it right and didn't need to fix much with updates. Android has changed so much since it's birth and it still can't hold a candle to even webOS 1.0. Can't wait till my contract is up and I can go back the Pre3.

Left Verizon with a Droid Charge, was with them for over 5 years. Had overall poor experience with them. Phones weren't the greatest quality (speaking mainly on dumbphones) signals were spotty and would drop (yes it's true) customer service frequently left A LOT to be desired...

I am with AT&T now, and I bought a Galaxy Note, and haven't looked back once... great service, great phone, great experience...