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The Contest ends at 12 Noon PT on Monday, November 19th, 2012, so HURRY UP AND ENTER!

There are 174 comments

Jaime Pavon says:

I waaaaaaant the nexus 4!

jascospeed says:

i never win

Jesslynh says:

Me either. Here's hoping again.


Domino72 says:

Would love to win this. Thank you.

mitsueks says:

I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

danielson204 says:

Please let me win the Android pack!

ItsaRaid says:

Can I win

MSCloude115 says:

I have never won, now is a good time to start

mpvgsu says:

Count me in. :-)

i Want This

sgtkwol says:

If no one else posts, I have a 1 in 9 chance. No one else post :)

Minh808 says:

Was up all night trying and never get one in the morning. Please please

joevaracalli says:

Nexus anything I want

Chilango1986 says:

This is what would make my Year !

sangsanh says:

Would be nice to win the nexus 10

vg13 says:

Count me in

nicomalacho says:

i really want the nexus 4 it would be very nice if i win it please i want it

i want them all, in this order, Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 :) I will keep one for me and two gifts for our poor children. Those without hope of never getting one :( sad but true.

Galaxyman4g says:

I would love win that would make my Christmas nexus 7 please pick me thanks

NlBO says:

Id love to win, me me!

ShinKen says:

nexus 7 or 4 would be great way to end the year!

specimenx says:

i want to win.

Ankit Lamba says:

just fall in love

iondubai says:

i will use my magnetic powers to lure it to me

I'm guessing none of the people above me actually read the text about where to post to enter..

It would appear that way

bp3dots says:

Don't think the ones below did either.

afolgueira says:

I want to win....maybe im lucky this time.

himitsuotaku says:

Please let me win! Love AC & MN

blm7000 says:

gimme gimme

swquan says:

Please count me in.

gemstar212 says:

i'm really looking forward to the Grand Prize...

dman977 says:

Yay, finally able to log in and enter the contest! Good luck all.

RJM603 says:

I buy the next round if I win!

hakimmmmm says:

this is will be my last second goal if i win :)

Zach Hoskins says:

I want the Nexus 4!

David Suarez says:

Nexus 4 is my dream phone! Give it here!!

I would love to have Nexus 4

Hand_O_Death says:

I would be happy with just the Nexus 10 for my family. But a N7 would be given to my inlaws since they could use one as well.


I'd love a nexus 4

sjm4dats says:

Great prize pack

Jordan jones says:

At the rate that google is shipping out the devices. You will not see the prices until January.

kushsam says:

It would be awesome to get this. Can give someone special a nice gift :)

JacobGert says:

Good reason to register :)

eltonkola says:

my nexus

colorend says:

Crossing my fingers...

rahilanath says:

Yes please! Would love to win.

blckjade05 says:

All of my wants...

abdulmusba says:

nice offer i would like to get one...

Here a nexus. There a nexus. Everywhere a nexus, nexus.

GorillaP7 says:

Nexus? :)

Kassius King says:

My odds are good.

skiskilo says:

Would be awesome to have these!

WestHej says:

Awesome sticks if I win!

Big Lunk says:

Go ahead punk. Make my day. Pleeeeease!! ;-)

I would love to win! I never win anything!

N'Drew says:

I want Nexus 10))

Rohit Seth says:

Thanks for a chance to win a nexus 4


dethduck says:

Anything to finally replace my GS2.


Sinzzs says:

Nexusssss Four me

panoss says:

Hello world

Taz. says:

I'd love these new shiny devices !

i want the prize please :D

acidspider says:

Pl3eeeeeeeeeeeessssseeeeee let me win. Although I don't think that would help. But it would make my year to win something

Michael Lipo says:

This would make for a very cool Christmas!

fishEboy says:

this would be the best birthday/x-mas present ever :D

hoovermac says:

Hopefully, Christmas comes early. I'm in!!!

kampferc says:

It's mine .)

wehnertb says:


Gekko says:


Winning would be nice.

bwhick7492 says:

Pick Me please.

krzy brzy says:

I try, maybe I'll get lucky but I don't think

nuclearmc says:

Winning this would be the sickest!

Bethlyn184 says:

New technology. Ooohhh!

zdn1042 says:

Remember, leaving a comment to this post won't get you entered!

alfstoria1 says:

I need that Nexus Please eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Zippy Quan says:

Sounds great. Nexus goodness.

Zippy Quan says:

Sounds great. Nexus goodness.

Slayers says:

I would just like to win 1 thing from this site and this would be the best thing to win

ErlyD says:

I could really use this!

drnggaj13 says:


JonManu says:

I like comets!

MisterEich says:

Hi. I came here to do two things: win a Nexus and chew gum, and I'm all out of gum.

Jeff Rossi says:


i must win

MetroSlamer says:

I would like to win ....... DANGIT!!!!!!

mossholderm says:

Nexus 10 for the win!

mpklein13 says:

Here goes nothing!

Hoochie mama Nexus 4!

ElderOne says:

My Xoom and Nook won't want to hear this, but sign me up!

Aranen_Zen says:

I've been using a captivate for 2 years now and with Christmas coming up can't afford to upgrade yet. Thank cyanogen mod for making it a good phone but I would love to have a family of nexi.....:-)

cpanos says:

gimme some nexus loveee!!!

hjkyu says:

It would be cool to win a Nexus

ap3net says:

I would love a Nexus hook-up... :-)

m1armor says:

I want the nexus 7, never had a tablet.

xnio333x says:

Me please

jsteuart says:

All the Nexus are just FINE... :)

I was planning on buying two of these devices anyway so this would be perfect!!!


Patsfan123 says:

All I'm rocking is a Nexus one these days. Would like something newer!

brendonsled says:

Win win win

Sager-Naji says:

I have to win this time lo0ol

I wanna win!

What?? Nexus 4? :)

artman5x5 says:

I will take anyone of them as long as its!

LSMestres says:

I would be happy to play with any of these cool devices! :-)

terpsicore says:

oops. please delete.

mrbanks says:

Pick me

HC2.2 says:

Nexus for the world!

chrisfl1963 says:

Nice only Android Central can pull this off, Thanks!

Lega-c says:

My Xoom is no longer supported. Gimmmme that Nexus 10!

FichtHeit says:

Please enjoy my comment.

Icefire93 says:

Please pick me! that is all! :D

umbrae says:

I could have sworn I already commented, but I cannot find my comment. Please don't penalize me if I show up twice! :)

huichan says:

Please be my Santa !!

WordTipping says:

Could use a Nexus 10!

jkovacs says:

I really, REALLY need this!

mellojoe says:

Commented. Now I can has Nexus?

preemoney126 says:

i want nexus please . please the nexus 10.

Im In...

MunMaRu says:

Thank you anyway for this great contest :)

To paraphrase a Patton Oswalt line: "I want all the Nexus....."


achavess says:

Last chance, please pick me!

Mofus says:

I'll take one of each. I would love to try the Nexi. Ooh, that rhymed.

I would use this to contact friends and family while in school.. I can keep in touch with them daily.

fodderp says:

I want a nexus 4 more than my two front teeth!

fightfan says:

This is the best giveaway ever!

Homo Erectus says:

android i cant live without you please come back home

love mcsemcp

scooby0110 says:

Thanks for all the giveaways Android Central! Pick me!

ady2k2000 says:

I want a LG Nexus 4. :-)

SpringCTIL says:

Here's my chance to win it for a friend.

brutallica says:

Dear Androidclous I want a tablet please i been good all year please :'(

pipotobe says:

Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 are tempting.

DaBooty says:

I want this!!

zcostilla says:

I'm in. Prefer the Nexus 4 or the 7, but hey,I'll take any of them for free.

naihochow says:

I want nexus 4!

nfkraemer says:

I NEED a new phone. I need a replacement for my Nexus One!
And I would LOVE to have a Nexus 7 and a tablet to share with my wife and daughters. I never get anything for myself.
Please Please Plase

I love Pensacola, if that helps :)

shekki says:

I'd take any of them for free!

mirad77 says:

Oh do I want a Nexus 4 so bad. I'm currently using a phone with no data capabilities which is so sad sad as I have data in my services. Help me out guys please.

jakedark8 says:

Please pick me!

JDMendiola says:

Nexus package, perfect for the android geek...i want

ksjmh13 says:

Here we go, I'm all in.

Josh Hensley says:

Definitely put my name on the list! Thanks for the opportunity to win goodies!

speedtrap63 says:

Count me in!

nulldog#AC says:

Sign me up for this freebee...
I hope I am not too late.

nasnen says:

i want every one of these devices!

DRAZY says:

Hoping I'm a winner. Feeling a little lucky today. :-)

I'd like to win please!

dealguru says:

Please pick me for one of these...getting all 3 is also welcomed :)...!!!

graham2024 says:


downs176 says:

I can't remember if I already entered or not...

zuilai says:

Nexus 4 would be awesome!!!

chrjohns says:

Fingers crossed

buckeyerob says:

Would love to win this! Just became an Android convert and would be thrilled to win any of these - much less all of them!


lakath says:

As a fan of these devices, it would be awesome to own them!

Dylan255 says:

I so want to win this awesome package.

thp007 says:

I am in.Thanks!

jordo_99 says:

last minute entry. Would be utterly delighted to win such fine devices.

Verso says:

Pick me! Nexus the best!

ezcats says:

Come on random number generator.... :)

(I already entered in the real post)

Jocacor says:

I want in.

Rippinfish says:

Like my odds

calenw says:

I'm in it to win it

pittom says:

Fantastic prize pack. I would love it!

Send LG Nexus 4 to Russia.

Noah Snell says:

I dont know if I already entered or not...

hmendez787 says:

I want the new nexus!!!!!

Egypt1337 says:

I want the GN2 in Ruby Wine!!!!

sinisterc says:

Less than 2 hours to go before the contest ends.

I done had every nexus cell even when I was a tmobile customer I left for verizon to
get the galaxy nexus prime cell so I think I should win it. I am a true nexus fan team nexus lets go.

jimsnyder54 says:

I'm driving a Nexus 7 right now but damn would I like a 10