Gannett on the iPhone

The largest newspaper publisher in the United States has decided on the mobile tech its reporters will carry -- and it's not good for Android. Gannett newspaper division president Bob Dickey, in an internal memo published by the independent Gannett Blog, announced that the company had purchased thousands of iPad 2s and iPhone 4Ss, which will reach newsrooms in January. 

What's that have to do with Android, you ask? When I left the employ (yes, voluntarily) of Gannett a little more than two years ago -- well, let's just say the sites I write for now were better equipped to cover news on the run back then than a honest-to-goodness "real" newsroom. In late 2010 or early 2011 (can't remember which), my former editor decided to get everyone who wanted one a Motorola Droid X. That was done at the local level though, on a pretty small scale. The purchase of thousands of iPads and iPhones on a national scale is a pretty big deal, and pretty disappointing to this newsroom survivor who makes his living off Android now.

On the other hand, just wait an hour or two and Android will have activated enough new devices to make up for Gannett's decision. OK. I feel better now.

Source: Gannett Blog

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lightyear420 says:

good...I don't want their junk if they don't want to provide me with it. I'll get my news somewhere else, and it'll be just as good. It's not like everyone doesn't report the exact same news anyway lol

cashxx says:

Being a company they probably need something stable and not lag and have viruses and stuff. Decision makes sense!

Waffles says:

Congratulations! Achievement unlocked for perpetuating bullshit.

G2 owner says:

Rofl! So true.

jrcoffey says:

What viruses? My Incredible 2 has never had a virus. Nor my crappy Eris, even though she was a whore. Now stuff, yes they both had stuff. Both useful stuff, and the crappy stuff that Verizon insisted had to be on there. And was promptly removed thanks to CM7. If you want a device with faberge egg durability that offers limited customization, good for you.

cashxx says:

Well I should say malware its probably a more correct term. But you don't hear this much, google is constantly removing malware infected apps and it doesn't get the attention it should be getting. In the last few months malware has risen roughly like 500%.

darreno1 says:

So? And? Google is doing their job and I and millions of others still enjoy our Androids malware free. And the sky is blue and water is wet.
Way to state the obvious!

"In the last few months malware has risen roughly like 500%."

What a moronic statement. It's no wonder you troll Android websites spitting your idiotic ideology. And fyi, if 1 malware out of 100,000 apps is found one month then 5 out of 100,000 apps are found the next month, that is also a 500% increase.

If your boss tells you that they're going to raise your salary from $100 per year to $1,000 per year, that's an 1,000% increase. Still feels pretty small compared to what everyone else is making doesn't it?

None of the articles reporting on malware including the ones scared up by the anti-virus companies EVER put real numbers to how many malwares are found. They know that it's an insignificant amount of them compared to the number of malware free apps out there.

"500%" is meaningless by itself. Quickly, come up with two numbers one of which is 500% more than the other.

onixblack says:

As long as your not downloading your apps from a random Chinese website somewhere and stay out of the prOn section of Android you should be fine.

mhmmdy123 says:

I disagree with you,not all Android handset are bad, neither the Iphone.. All the handset has issues,but depend on who`s use them!If the users is a game fonyboy or music or like to root the phones, in this case I`ll agree with you..
As a company I`ll look for something can do the job and save money!The Iphone it`ll never be as a camera for thenew paperr, it`ll be use as any other Android phones.
Good lucwhenne something goes wrong with their Iphones make sure the employees staying in the range where is the Apple tech is.

Kmcferrin says:

Hurr...Apple products never get viruses, everything else is unstable virus laden garbage...derp!


Dhamp2g says:

Y are u on this site?

ajaxman93 says:

Wrong. The reason Gannett bought iPhones is because they are liberally biased. Apple executives openly support the Democratic party which is exactly why they went with them. Another reason why I won't ever own an Apple and refuse to read anything that Gannett has to do with.

LangHoo says:

This large expenditure for no return will bring Gannett one step closer to bankruptcy. I say two thumbs up!

cashxx says:

Yea they could have gotten the rezounds or galaxies for $300.

Waffles says:

Congratulation! Achievement unlocked for misspelling "resounds"!

GC736 says:

Congratulation! Achievement unlocked for misspelling "Rezounds"!

(Happens to be a great HTC phone, which I have in front of me right now)

demontooth says:

And he thought he was being so clever.

cashxx says:

Wow there is an Android fan!

Moo Cow says:

My experiences with Gannett (worked under them for 10 years; was an employee of a newspaper before that when Gannett bought them) is they are all about Apple products. Every thing we ever got computer-wise was Mac this and Mac that. Don't get me wrong, they worked great for what we needed them for, but it was always Mac. Therefore, this decision does not shock me in the least.

From a business perspective, if this works for them, that's great. They need to do what they have to do. However, on a personal level, I'm more of a BlackBerry guy than an iPhone guy -- and that says something, given I just gave up BlackBerry for Android (EXTREMELY happy with the decision, I might add) when I could have easily chosen iPhone.

Timelessblur says:

They will be screwed when Apple decides that they have to upgrade to iPhone 5 so their email will work.

cashxx says:

Or if they would have gone Android and needed a bug fix and wait and hope and maybe get it 12 months later. Oops nope no update get a new phone to get the latest update.

planoman says:

+1 on the pace of bug fixes and updates on android.

cj100570 says:

I'm reading your repeated comments on this and I'm left with the feeling that there's a bridge under which you should be hiding....

j510 says:

hahaha so true

dmcman73 says: every Motorola Android phone I've owned had gotten bug fixes sometimes faster than Apple pushes out a fix to their iPhone or at least in a decent amount of time.

cashxx says:

Have a two year old incredible......have a Rezound where is Android 4.0. 3 Year old iPhones have iOS 5.

Timelessblur says:

You could say it is "iOS 5" but lets break down what did Apple leave out.
Siri which is 100% BS software block.
I believe their are other features "left out".

ghost010 says:

you sir,need to correct your gramma.|

anyways. your 3G?(3 ear old iphone) isnt even supported with the new apps thats in the market.
hell you say iOS 5. but it wasnt even available at first.
just only resently.

so STFU about your update argument.

the rezound is a 0 year old phone, where is your 4.0? well its coming.. go figure on XDA.(and yes the oficial HTC android 4.0)

BTW,for the smartasses. Grammar is difrent from spelling.|
and yes i know my spelling isnt that good at all.

Skunkeye says:

"and yes i know my spelling isnt that good at all."

Your grammar is pretty awful, too.

ghost010 says:

1 word: NEXUS.

now shutup.cuz google pushes out updates 5 /10 times faster than apple.

I guess this business venture will never fall under the unstoppable force/immovable object debate because both businesses are sinking stones

polar135 says:

based on how anyone can use a iphone and understand it i am not surprised by this choice. I disagree with it, but understand it. Ease of use = less head aches for the IT dept.

user8179 says:

So an 27 different model's of overly complicated android phones who's battery dies after a half hour would have been a better business decision?

"It's a swing and miss! Well played sir, pleased come back and try again"

Robbzilla says:

They're only complicated to Grandparents and imbeciles... Can I call you gramps or chimpo the wonder slug?

File this UNDER USELESS NEWS. Nobody gets there info from them anyway

LaFlamme says:

I report at one of few thriving papers up in Maine. We provide our own smart phones. It's about half-and-half, iPhone vs. Android. Me, I'm a huuuuuuuge Android fan and just don't understand those weenies who go the other way. I had an iPod Touch and barely used the thing. Got this Optimus back in Augusta and I'd marry it if it were legal to do so.

njd915 says:

Lame...simple people love simple phones ....wack!!

user8179 says:

Businesses love phones that simply work. The iPhone works. No malware, all model's running the exact same software. That's why IOS in the workplace will always beat android

dmcman73 says:

If they all bought Razr's or Rezound's or Nexus phones and kept them all the same model, those too would all have the same OS's as well. Not to mention that Apple tries to keep all their models even the really old ones at the same version of iOS which can be good but also very very bad. The older phones either choke on the newer iOS builds or just don't have enough storage space for the new build so those get the "watered down" iOS builds so they can shoe horn it onto the older devices. So much for keeping everything exact.

infg3570 says:

And all in the name of "IOS isn't fragmented as Android"... That last update almost ground my brother's Iphone 3gs to a halt!

Rob White says:

Does it really matter that a dying business is willing to drop money on some tech that won't save them? For that matter, it is hastening their demise. Its like cannibalism... Only more fun to watch.

Sorry Phil. Your sensitivity to your former employment is notable, but you are better off now.

kevinniven1 says:

My brother just left the company and says the newspapers days are few!!

camilozano98 says:

Funny how many iTrolls commented....

solomonjets says:

I would much rather use an Android tablet/phone combo for my work devices but AT&T only provides me with iPad2 and iPhone 4S.

user8179 says:

What's an Android tablet? Do they make those?

demontooth says:

I have the Acer Android Tablet. Do a little research. I find it odd that someone who doesn't even know an Android tablet exists would be on this site.

cashxx says:

The HP touchpad, no that was discontinued after 7 weeks. Ummm the Dell Streak, the G-Slate, HTC Flyer. Where are they? I know the Playbook, whoops no thats the failing Blackberry stuff. I'll just go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, it looks like the iPad. Even has the same smartcovers!

Sered says:

The HP Touchpad was WebOS you moron.

The Dell Streak was not a tablet, at least the original one wasn't. The HTC Flyer was never meant to be a serious contender, especially since it wasn't even running Honeycomb from the get-go.

Where's mention of the Xoom, the Galaxy tabs, the Asus tablet line? Oh wait, you were cherry-picking like a rationalizing iCoward.

I don't see the Galaxy tab looking like the iPad at all really. One of them has an HD 16:9 form factor, the other one is stuck back in the 1980s with a 4:3.

crxssi says:

Why don't you crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

jediman says:


Congrats! ACHIEVMENT UNLOCKED FOR 'Enough Already!'

CeluGeek says:

Good for Gannett for arriving to the 21st century.

I have never heard of Gannet...should I care?

I get my news from The Young Turks, Gawker, The Daily Show, and Colbert Report. Do people still read newspapers?

cirrob says:

Newspapers and iPhones are out dated. Seems fitting.

FrasierCrane says:

Gannett papers mostly suck anyway. I bet McClatchy uses Android.

ScottColbert says:

Wait, people still read newspapers?

jjrudey says:

That's fine. I don't want them using Android anyways.

kevinniven1 says:

With the news Android selling 700k phones a day I don't think anyone at Google gives a rip about a few thousand Iphones and Ipads.

cashxx says:

If thats the true number, a few months ago Rubin said how many phones they were selling a day and the next day the official numbers came out and he was like 50k off or something. I forget now, but Andy and Eric are liars and copiers!

ScottColbert says:

Lay off the drugs, they're affecting your mind.

ghost010 says:

lol do you even know where they get this info from?

From google you smartass!
so the 50K was inacurate to the actual number that google posted later.

user8179 says:

activations does not equal sales

Insp_Gadget says:

Rubin also explained what counts as an "activation," saying:

"We count each device only once (ie, we don't count re-sold devices), and "activations" means you go into a store, buy a device, put it on the network by subscribing to a wireless service."

Sounds to me like activations = sales.

osubeavs728 says:

Sounds to me like you don't know how to read. In the first sentence it says that resold phones ARE NOT COUNTED. Which means that both a new phone and a used phone could be sold and activated the same day. Two sales transactions but only one activation is counted.

Insp_Gadget says:

Sounds to me like you don't know how to comprehend context. The iTrolls are trying to say that the 700,000 activations a day is overestimated because they contend that Google is counting resold phones, re-ROMed phones, etc. Any excuse to chop away at the number to make it less than what it is.

My point in posting the link was to show that Google is only counting first sales as activations. In other words, I'm agreeing with what you say, not arguing against it. Perhaps you would like it better if I said activations are less than or equal to sales. Either way, the point is that the 700,000 activations a day means that there are at least that many Android sales a day. Is that better?

dtblair24 says:

Not surprised at all. And iPhones are pretty simple to grasp and manage compared to android for most people out there is seems like. But good for them

darreno1 says:

Well all this says is Gannett thinks their reporters aren't smart or savvy enough to use Android devices so they wen't the PlaySkool route. Who cares really? It's a drop in the bucket.

infg3570 says:

The argument "Iphone is so easy to use... Android, you need a tech degree" is lame already. I have a 4 year old who has known how to use my android to get to his games when he was 3 years old already. My wife, not tech savy at all, uses her samsung fascinate with no issues. At Thanksgiving, I just gave a quick tutorial to a set of grandparents who just picked up a shiny new Atrix2. As simple as ppl claim iphone to be, there is always going to be a learning curve for technophobes for both OS'.

focr6 says:

so true... i always tell this to people who make that comment: my 3y/o cuzin knows how to use her dads EVO for a few months now, she can get on youtube, play videos, and knows how to get to angry birds, early bird, and some other stuff. youre telling me she is smarter than you? i only get a smile out of them... people do love to B$... dont talk if u dont know the reality and stop being such fanboy. Dude, youre a barista!!! Were creative!!! my GS2 doesnt like any other android phone from the skin on the outside, down to my notification bar colors and fonts. oh, and dont forget, ive got 4G! and a 2MP front facing camera that take GREAT PICS, ur 4S is so mediocre...

alexandr01d says:

With your anecdotes, you are forgetting the genetic factor. These kids learn how to use their parents' Androids not because the system is simple, but because children of Android-owning parents are brighter than average, due to the "smarter" genes passed on to them by their parents. If your parents are dumb and can only master an iPhone, then you have slim chance figuring out the intricacies of an Android!

gdbjr says:

Maybe the just want a phone that won't be outdated in 3-4 months. Lets face it, manufactures pump out 'new' models way to quick and leave previous models running on older software. Sure depending who made it they might get updates eventually, but they don't have the consistency of iPhone and Apple updates. And if you need to manage or support hundred or thousands of devices, it is easier if they are all the same.

Plus android really doesn't have the enterprise level management of a BB or even an iPhone. We are struggling with ways to do that currently and Android just isn't there yet.

wraith404 says:

The iPhone 4S was outdated a day after it was released, wrong answer.

gdbjr says:

Um... No but thanks for playing.

The 4s had the latest OS on it when it was released. How many android phones have the latest OS on them the day they are released?

How many android phones have the latest OS on them 6-8 months after they are released?

wraith404 says:

It's a drop in the bucket anyway. Apple's market share and influence is plummeting toward irrelevance.

They probably just didn't want to support smart phones, but wanted their employees to think they had them. Without an accessible file system they don't even have to worry about employees carrying files in and out of the building on them.

dalvik says:

never heard of gannett, not that i read newspapers anyway. google reader works just fine for me with all the news i need. but i think since a lot of elderly people have iphones/ipads it prolly was a wise decison

technomom says:

I am all too familiar with Gannett and the poor excuse for news reporting that they provide, living in one of the places where they run the local daily. Their daily has gotten so thin that it can literally blow off your porch if you subscribe. Their commenting service requires a Facebook login and then you find that if you give in and provide your login that it doesn't work anyway.

They and Apple deserve each other.

tlane01 says:

Yeah i saw that email earlier this week. I sure as hell won't be switching to an iphone if they try to give me one. i'm EXTREMELY happy with my galaxy nexus. I just hope they keep the cell phone stipends for us who don't want an iphone.

lfurlong says:

Wow!! This is a tough crowd. I used to enjoy this site but now every article is full comments bashing apple. Grow up people. Everyone is entitled to their own choice. Is there really a need to be so negative?