Hulu Plus for AndroidAfter its announcement back at CES, we have heard next to nothing about Hulu Plus coming to Android. Well, Hulu has now gone and thrown up an image of a Nexus S along with a "coming soon" for "Android OS 2.2 phones" on their list of Hulu Plus compatible devices. As the Nexus S is an Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" phone, we can presume that Froyo is the minimum OS requirement. Tablets are not specifically mentioned so it may well be that only phones will be supported at launch. Either way, hopefully this means that the app really is "coming soon" and we will have our questions answered (as well as satisfying our need to watch Fringe on the go) shortly. [Hulu] Thanks to everyone that sent this in!


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Hulu Plus coming to some Froyo phones 'soon'


If hulu can get an app that seems to include older phones why can't netflix. They need special hardware but hulu does not. That makes me wonder.

i was gonna post the same.... one of my favorite shows, i love hulu plus on my roku, but sheesh! i have to watch that on the free web version? i dont get why the people that pay for service from hulu dont get ALL the content they get for free in the browser, "PLUS" more content worth paying for! ??? sup wit dat hulu??

Neflix: coming on specific phones
Hulu: coming on specific phones that are probably not the same as the netflix phones.

WTF!!!Google/Someone needs to step in an stop this madness. This needs to be taken care of at the software level.

The DX better get Hulu Plus!

P.S. AC fellas you need to curb your spam filter, I'd comment way more often if I didn't get slammed with spam alerts.

At this point, who really cares? I have PlayOn with a lifetime subscription and I get Hulu, Netflix, and do much more already. And Fringe is on there.

Actually Fringe isn't on there, when referencing Hulu Plus. The last 5 episodes of the current season of Fringe are on regular Hulu, which is what you access through PlayOn, but Fringe is not available to watch on Hulu Plus. In fact, if you go to the Hulu website and look at Fringe on there, you find this little blurb on the main page for Fringe "We currently don't have the rights to make this show available on TV or mobile devices"

With Playon , doesn't your computer have to be constantly on, running as a server? Not a great solution if you are strictly trying to go mobile.

LoL @ another blog posting this. That has been on their site for months. There's also a message that pops up that says hulu is coming to your device soon.

Does anyone know if Hulu has any intention of bringing the regular, non-paid Hulu service to Android? I mean, Hulu Plus coming to Android is good, but for what I watch, I don't need the paid membership. I'd still like to have the option of watching Hulu on my phone if I really wanted to though, and it doesn't seem like that's possible right now. Will Hulu make it possible eventually?

I watch Fringe on Hulu Plus every week. Not sure what the problem is for some of you. Stoked for this app to officially come out. I've had it on my rooted Evo but it didn't work very smoothly.