Huawei kicked off CES right this morning by introducing its Ascend P1 S, the world's new king of thin. It's officially the world's thinnest smartphone, though the P1 model is slightly thicker due to its LTE connectivity. Richard Hu, Chairman of Huawei devices, was on hand to make his company's intentions quite clear: Huawei is a major player in the smartphone market, and with its Ascend P1, it can compete with the big names here in the States. Hit the break for more photos from the event.

And about that P1: it's got a gorgeous 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display at 960x540 resolution (coated with Gorilla Glass), which Huawei's Chief Design Director for smartphones Hagen Fendler called a "never-ending screen" due to its lack of a significant bezel. It's something that Fendler calls a design revolution, a product of his German design approach of "pure physical beauty" with "simple and powerful elements."

What's underneath the hood is perhaps what's most compelling about the P1: the device has a dual-core 1.5 GHz TI OMAP 4460 A9 processor, which Huawei claims is the fastest dual-core processor on any mobile device. Paired with SGX 540 graphics processor, the P1 should have plenty of juice to move Android 4.0 (which comes preinstalled) along quite smoothly. Around back the P1 has an 8MP camera packed with goodies including facial recognition, macro mode, continuous shooting "group shot" mode, and in-camera editing.

Huawei also focused on the P1's battery life, which they say has 40% more efficient power consumption than its competitors. The P1 also packs a global radio that boasts faster signal recognition than other smartphones.

As for pricing and release dates, it's true that all good things come with a wait. The Ascend P1/P1S will hit the European market by late March 2012, with Asian and and Middle Eastern markets following thereafter. As for the US, Huawei is shooting for a summer release, though no carriers have been named yet.



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Huawei introduces its flagship Ascend P1/P1S smartphone


Be interesting what UI route they go. If they at least leave it pretty vanilla-ish with specs like that, they could really carve out a nice market share very quickly since its so rare for the other major players to do that.

Cool. It will be out about the same time my contract expires. Hopefully it is not vaporware here in the states.

Not a word about radios?

The one liner: " though the P1S model is slightly thicker due to its LTE connectivity."
suggests a Verizon version due to the dual radio stack in Verizon LTE devices forcing phone thickness.

Also, I'm not all that fond of micro-narrow side bezels which tends to cause your fingers to touch the screen when holding normally.

This company still faces an uphill battle getting its devices picked up by carriers in the US and the UK, due to past bad acts, and to date have only managed a few low end handsets.

looks like a nice phone but why do they have to lie about the 40% extra battery life compared to other competitors. im not buying that

Its not that hard for that to be true.

First you find the poorest battery life phone you can find running LTE.
Then you compare it to your phone running 3g.
Then you conveniently fail to mention anything about ACTUAL battery sizes.

Abrakadabra! 40%.

Its a like cars advertising how far you can get on a single tank of gas because mentioning their MPG rating is too embarrassing.

You mean they compare it to my phone, the thunderbolt lol.
It's got a decent life now, that I've undervolted and installed AOSP etc etc, but it took all that work to get up to a decent battery life lol.

The real shocker is that this phone is actually a copy of the iPhone that hasn't been released yet. Yes you heard me, Huawei, who is somewhat notorious for piggybacking design processes from other companies (and even piggybacking the engineers themselves) has pre-reinvented the smartphone with this new design based on the smartphone that is about to reinvent the smartphone (the iPhone 5, on sale in June.)

Yeah you're pretty much right, it's got a rectangular chassis and a touch screen right? Oh maybe it's because of the dual-core CPU.
Is Huawei notorious? Look at the Vision, Honour...those designs are pretty original and even inspiring.
As you speak of that, I'm now looking forward to seeing how Apple reinvents the smartphone, again. Wow, it'll probably even be the best iPhone yet.