HTC's Drew Bamford

Pocket-lint has a nice interview with HTC director of user experience Drew Bamford -- if he looks familiar, it's because he was one of the folks up on stage way back in February when HTC unveiled the second iteration of Sense at Mobile World Congress. Some prime cuts from the interview: Why HTC doesn't roll its own OS, the Windows Phone 7 sandbox, multiple versions of Android and what's coming up in the future. Give it a read. [Pocket-Lint]


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HTC's director of user experience dishes on Android, Windows Phone 7


You're at the mercy of the manufacturers on that one. Buy a popular phone though and it's likely to be nand unlocked and have an AOSP rom cooked for it.

LOL this quote stood out to me showing how great WP7 is...

"There are ways to customisation in Windows Phone 7. You can customise your experience by downloading the apps that are interesting to you."

Cracking power button casing and light leakage were pretty big ones. Also I've had lots of weird issues with sticky volume buttons, dust under the screen, and grounding issues on my Evo. I'm on my 3rd one because of those problems. Thank God for Sprint Total Equipment Protection.

I have given up on HTC, people always think that their products are the best in quality when every device that I have used by them has a scratch or a dead pixel or maybe the 3g radio will fuck up or how about not even letting me use my ear buds to listen to music? Just fantastic. I will start caring when they start saying "sorry" because every HTC device I have used it always broken right out of the box.

I have nothing against HTC. Sense is smooth and the only other way I will take android other than vanilla. However, my droid x simply seems better quality (durable) than my evo. The evo is by far more sexy. X is quite a lot faster, but my evo is stock and x us rooted and I made blur disappear lol. To each their own that's what makes android great.

I don't get why everybody wants vanilla. Ok, so they get updates faster...sometimes. OG Droid did not. But, what about the time in between updates? You're stuck with a vanilla experience. Vanilla = plain. Blur and TouchWiz add nothing but ugly UI tweaks in the launcher. Sense adds a lot of customization options, that enhances the experience. One such example is browser zooming. Text resizes automatically. On vanilla and other UI's, you have to pinch, then double tap. If you are into widgets, htc's selection adds great value. Even if you decide to use another launcher on a Sense phone, you still get to take advantage of the system enhancements. The Hero, had pinch to zoom out of the box, running 1.5/Cupcake, while other phones had to wait for google to enable it. HTC is just a nicer experience. I tried a Droid X, and went running back to my EVO. I figured out that I have to have HTC. Everything is smoother. Moto and Vanilla are clunky, and ugly.

I find Sense clunky and annoying. Also auto text-wrapping after double tapping is available in CM6 but I don't use it because I hate that feature. Launcher Pro has all the widgets I ever wanted. And now that we're on 2.2+ the pinch to zoom is taken care of. I HATE most everything Sense. Just my personal preference though.

Touchwiz requires a simple double click in the browser to do what you ask. I'd prefer vanilla to Sense and TW because of 3rd party launchers, so you might as well have less bloat that you aren't going to use. You're point is like someone who likes a carrier installed app saying "Oh, this is great because ____". Yes, it is great for those who would use it, for the rest of us, it's not. That said, if Sense widgets could be accessed by 3rd party launchers (if they could lock it to HTC Sense devices of course) then Sense would be even more powerful to people who don't use Sense.

@ weehooherod: You do realize that LauncherPro is almost 5MB, while Sense runs at less than.3. Not to mention, LP uses a lot more CPU. It's nice, but it is more clunky than Sense. Btw, I was talking about the text auto wrapping after pinching, without having to double tap. Oh, and not everybody likes having to do custom roms, for basic functionality...not to mention bugs that kill other functions, like the camera and 4G. Just sayin.

I'm 16 and I would love a job in designing phones, the hardware not software. The outside and inside of the phone. What would I need to major in to do that?

5 mb is nothing on a top end phone. I have no problems with l.p. on my dx. Sense is good but launcher pro imo beats em all