HTC First

Hidden away in today's HTC First and Facebook Home announcements was the news that the Facebook-centric HTC First is powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 400 processor -- a mid-range chip announced back in February. The Facebook Home-running handset is the first to incorporate this new chip.

The Snapdragon 400 in the HTC First includes a dual Krait aSMP CPU running at 1.4GHz. That's paired with an Adreno 305 CPU, native Miracast wireless display technology, and 4G LTE connectivity options.

The HTC First will launch on Apr. 12 on AT&T, priced at $99.99.

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Reader comments

HTC First the first Snapdragon 400-powered phone


A phone like this will be my next phone. Good CPU, perfect size. HTC of course will screw it up with a small amount of RAM and onboard storage, but CPU/Screen/size wise this thing is perfect and I hope it's a trend with other manufacturers.

I think 4.3" is too small. I had a Droid X and thought it was perfect, than I got a Maxx HD. I love having a 4.7" screen and the Maxx HD is thinner than the Droid X - probably a tad longer but thinner even with a larger display and more than double the battery capacity!!!
Facebook is ignorant about these things because they only got serious about Android recently and they're used to iPhones. HTC should have known better and insisted on at least 4.5" or something. For the target market 4.3" isn't a bad idea but I hope the phone is no bigger than the Razr M and has at least a 2000mAh battery.

So let me get this straight... This phone was announced 2 weeks after the HTC One, but will arrive in stores a week before the HTC One? HTC One fail. All phone launches should go more like this. Now put up the damn HTC One pre-order page AT&T.

I'm sure this will sell very well to a certain demographic. Just not for me... I'm just tired of Facebook altogether and have deactivated my account since they tried forcing beta updates outside of Play Store.