Geeksphone Revolution

The Geeksphone Revolution is now available for sale on Amazon in Europe. Potential buyers of the dual-boot device — you have your choice of traditional Android or Mozilla's fledgling Firefox OS — can pick one up from Amazon stores in Spain, France, Germany, and the U.K..

The pricing £197.00 in the U.K. and €239.00 if ordering from the continent. This checks in at about $329 in U.S. currency.

What say you? Is the ability to dual-boot to Firefox worth $330? Let us know in the comments.


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Geeksphone Revolution comes to Amazon in Europe, dual-boot Android and Firefox OS for €239


Man I forgot about the HD2. Could run full Windows 8 at one point, on top of everything else you threw at it. I always wondered what HTC did to make that specific phone like that.

I use fire fox beta on my N 7 and it crashes all the time, but it's when using it for flash videos. Sucks a lot of news sites are still using flash to watch videos on their sites, even Comedy Central Daily Show for extended interviews.

Wasn't Google very adamant to let dual-boot systems become a thing? At least with Windows... I've seen a few previews of FirefoxOS and I don't know if it'll gain traction or not (certainly aiming at the lower end of the market will mean good business in up-and-coming countries) but I didn't find anything there to keep me interested or impressed.

If Firefox even begins to rise the top 3 are likely to increase competition and possibly push them out the market - or just buy them, I know Mozilla is independent but Google does like open source and Mozilla has been on the web for years competing with chrome

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Mozilla was in the browser space long before chrome was around. If I might add.

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