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As our friends across the pond settle in for the night, Samsung UK has announced that the Froyo update for the Galaxy S has started to be pushed to devices.  As you can see above, they hope to have everyone in the UK with a Galaxy S running Froyo by the end of the month.

What exactly does this mean to those of us in North America?  It means that things are pretty much on schedule (Froyo was to be pushed in the UK in September), so keep Kies up to date and be on the lookout.  [@samsungukmobile]


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Froyo pushing out to Galaxy S phones in the UK right about ... now!


T-Mobile store manager showed me yesterday, as I picked up a LG Optimus T, a screen that said major Vibrant update on the 15th of Nov. He showed it to me because I had mentioned that the Vibrant, a 3 month old top of the line phone, had not received 2.2 yet but the low end device I was buying for my kid shipped with 2.2. He showed me his Vibrant and said yep, I'm waiting on it to and then showed me that screen. But it just said major update and not Froyo. But he did say that he felt confident that the update is Froyo and that the screen will probably update next week. He wouldn't let me take a screenshot of it though because his login was on the screen.

This great and all, but doesn't forecast anything for us in the states. Best result of this are ports to gsm models here in north america.

What the F is Kies? The Galaxy S on Verizon uses Innopath, not Kies. In the UK, do the carriers not approve of the firmware and administrate the rollout?

Oh yeah, and in whose world is "September" the same thing as "November"?

"It means that things are pretty much on schedule (Froyo was to be pushed in the UK in September)"

Plz give my vibrant some froyo..I got this phone thinkin it would get updated didn't..I jus want 2.2 asap

Kies is software for your PC supplied by Samsung that allows you to a number of things while connected to the phone via USB; syncing, video conversion, firmware updates, etc.

I just updated to Froyo too, using the last version of Kies (that actually works quite well to my surprise, the old versions didn't).
It went perfectly, no more than 10 minutes.
All apps, settings and data were still there.

Build number: FROYO.XWJPA
Baseband version: I90000XXJPP

I'm from The Netherlands, so it might be news worthy to note that the update started rolling all over Europe, and not only in the UK.


Great news for you guys! Let's see some Quadrant scores so we can tell if they fixed the I/O bug and if Froyo makes a substantial increase in speed. Can't wait until they start rolling out CDMA updates. =)

I cant connect OTA for the last update. Of course I have AT&T and I think they hate their customers. Is there any fix for that? And I can't get Kies to work either. I'm a little concerned I'm going to miss out on Froyo. I have the Captivate and live in US.

To get your ota working again, you have to delete your device manager data. Mine didn't work after the last update also, but after I did that, I can check for updates now. Look under your ruining apps.

WHAT ABOUT HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES? Im using the galaxy 5 (i5503) Will i be getting froyo too?i am using the android 2.1 now.