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The good news: Samsung says that Froyo is now available for all Galaxy S phones in the UK. The bad news: You still have to use that bastardized Kies software to download and install, and that's just ridiculous. Still, Froyo is better than no Froyo, but they're really making us work hard for it. Snag it all at the source link. [Samsung via @SamsungUK]

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drberezin says:

Just like in the US, but NOT!!!

GalaxyNole says:

I guess my Fascinate will be getting Froyo just about the time everyone else is enjoying their Honeycomb.

rschilleman says:

..and in other new, the G1 will be getting Gingerbread next week. Come on Verizon!

me reading that tweet.
sarcasm "great froyo on another phone yippee"
excitement "holy shit its on all samsung galaxy s phones! best xmas present ever!"
in the UK "fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

orgreeno says:

What a complete and utter failure Samsung is at updating their phones. This update better fix the GPS or I'm going to file a small claims complaint against AT&T and Samsung.

gtg465x says:

Not sure which UK carrier they're talking about here, but Froyo has been available for Galaxy S phones in most of the world for several months. US carriers and a couple others are dragging their feet like a mofo. Probably because the US versions have a lot of customizations and custom software and they had to wait for the base i9000 froyo firmware to be completed before starting the customization work. Still though, Samsung just bit off more than they can chew by releasing so many different versions of this phone worldwide.

larry313#AC says:

this is getting to reallly annoying, i had to switch to verizon from sprint and went from the Evo to the Fascinate and there isnt a day that goes by i don't miss the it to much to update the phone in a timely manner. it tells me they don't care about there customers. i wish sprint was available in my new town and i would get rid if the fascinate in a heart beat or maybe I'll just go to the droid x .....

derryj3 says:

Just two more days till my epic gets froyo!

capitaltpt says:

@ derryj3, apparently you haven't read that the update on the 26th is not happening.

bobaka says:

Captivate will be my last purchase of anything Samsung for a very very long time....

ARich91 says:

Eh, I've had Froyo on my Vibrant for the past 2 months at least, thanks to xda. Stock, Custom, Beta, you name it, I've probably done it already. I don't know why people are constantly complaining, it's not hard to do at all.

bobaka says:

people are complaining because they don't like to be lied to

hansonator says:

Oh the humanity! LOL

Ahh, I remember when these threads were full of people crying the same thing about hTc. It's your carrier holding it back fellas btw not Samsung.

I especially love the people who say they are going to file a suit against Samsung. Good luck with that. ;-)

Dark_Blu says:

WOW. My Evo came with Froyo. Wonder when Gingerbread will become available.