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Sony Mobile has provided another update on the progress of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates for its 2012 Xperia smartphones.

First up, the company confirmed that its high-end late 2012 devices, Xperia T, TX and V, are on target to receive Jelly Bean in February and March. Once those updates are out the door, Sony will upgrade the Xperia J, Xperia P and Xperia Go in late March. The remaining devices, Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion and Xperia acro S, will get Jelly Bean in the weeks following.

However, there's bad news for owners of the Xperia U, Xperia miro, Xperia tipo, and Xperia sola, as Sony has confirmed that it will not upgrade these devices beyond Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. That's particularly disappointing considering all these devices are less than nine months old.

So, as is often the case with Android software updates, it's a mixed bag. Sony has shipped more mid-range phones than ever in 2012, however it's been unable to provide upgrade support for these devices just a few months after release. On the other hand, at least all the more expensive devices are accounted for, although there's no official word on the fate of U.S.-specific phones like the AT&T Xperia Ion and Xperia TL.

On a more positive note, Sony says it's excited about some Xperia-specific functionality in its upcoming Jelly Bean software, so Xperia owners who do get upgraded will likely get some new stuff to play with. Sony is expected to unveil a new high-end smartphone at CES in Las Vegas next month, so it's likely that's where we'll get our first look at the company's new Jelly Bean-based firmware.

Source: Sony Mobile Blog


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First Xperia Jelly Bean updates due Feb/Mar 2013, but some 2012 phones will be left behind


"Some 2012 phones will be left behind" In other words if you want fast updates on your smartphone look elsewhere.

That's pretty much always been the case. Only Nexus devices get guaranteed updates. ASUS has been pretty good with updates too lately, but not as spotless as the Nexus line though.

"Some 2012 phones will be left behind" In other words if you want fast updates on your smartphone look elsewhere.

Stop making so MANY damn phone! OEMs need to start producing a maximun of 2 phones a year. It will at-least HELP with the update process.

+9000 I'm not sure how many phones an OEM should release every year; but they should honestly release fewer phones than they have been. I say they release a high-end phone, a mid-range phone, and a budget phone. And instead of making so many different variations, make the phone the same across continents. That way, you can release an update for the Asian market, the US market, the UK market, etc all at the same time for that phone. The only thing that seems to get in the way of this is carriers putting bloatware on the phones. The OEM usually has the update ready to work with their respective skin; but then the carrier wants bloatware baked in that confuses and lengthens the entire update process. /end rant lol

I agree with turb0.. The problem is they can't keep up with all their damn phones.. Now the ppl who were foolish(?) enough to purchase some of these devices will not get to enjoy JB.

The people that were "foolish enough to purchase some of these devices" did so because they are budget phones. Budget phones hardly ever get the latest updates; that's not really surprising. We do agree that Sony and all other OEMs need to release fewer phones, however.

Looks like yet another company is doing a 'Motorola' to their customers. How long before android fans just give up and and switch to an operating system where companies really mean it when then say they are committed to customer satisfaction. I'm ready to pick Apple for my next phone and tablet!

It is unfortunate. Add to that in the US a majority of the people are on carriers where Nexus Devices aren't really even a good option.

I would go to a Windows phone before I ever even entertained the thought of going back to Apple. Heck I would even go Blackberry before Crapple.

exactly my thoughts. i was thinking about getting a nexus but hell no, here i come microsoft, you got me once more! google better get your stuff together cuz this is the way to go down sooner or later....

Judging by the fact that you were only a member for 40 min, I'd say that you already had your mind made up to go to Windows Phone. If you truly care about Android updates, Nexus is the only way to go. Good luck with Windows Phone; I hope it works out for you.

Unless Sony specifically promised to update these phones to Jellybean, then they are not "doing a Motorola." I buy a phone for what it can do for me now, not for what it may do for me in the future. And good luck with going to iOS. iOS has downsides as does Android.

Late March for Xperia S!!!??? Jeeezus Sony. I really like Sony but this kind o Bs with their updates really gets to me.

Lol! I got an Xperia S too, which is my very first smartphone and entry into Android... I'm still not familiar with how these stuff works, and haven't yet gotten accustomed to the whole update thing. So I guess I'm not really feeling too down a bout it since Sony did promise an update. :)

I'm a bit curious though that Xperia P gets the update before Xperia S since the latter is the more high-end phone - I was considering P initially but got the S since I tend to use phones for a long time so might as well get something better.

yeah, well, eat your new features, sony. since ics the xperia s is a piece of garbage and i have to wait at least another 4 months?! seriously?! you're a joke. anyone interested in an Xperia S just let me know.