moto droid x's shipped early can now be activated

To those of you lucky enough to get your Droid X early (all 170 of you need to play the lottery this week!) Verizon has now set up the system so you can activate that monster.  As of Friday July 9, provisions were put in place to allow activation according to Verizon internal documents leaked out to DroidLife.  You can activate over the web at your MyVerizon page, or OTA by dialing *228 and selecting option 1.  Now quit slacking and get that speed demon activated, then hit the forums to tease the rest of us for 5 more days :) [DroidLife]


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Early (lucky!) Motorola Droid X owners can now get their phones activated


i can't wait for thursday man. its killing me atleast i just got froyo on my incredible to hold me over tho :)

Hmm.. I must be double lucky cause got 2 droid x's on Tuesday in this mishap, and just *228'd them, activated right away.. Been in heaven ever since.. You'll love this phone..

how did you get yours ordered in advance? every where I looked and called I was told there were no pre-orders. Best Buy was the only one but you cannot get it without going into the store on launch day.

ive been wondering the same exact thing. ive been looking for online preorders for awhile, but obviously there arnt any.

OK so Im a bit confused... My Droid X that I received on the 6th has been activated since I got the device and called CS, they walked me through the activation process and Ive been using the phone ever since, and using the wifi hotspot as well... so whats up with "now being able to activate your phones"?