Droid 2 dummy phones

Sick of hearing and seeing leaked information and photos of the Motorola Droid 2? Well, here are some very exciting new pictures of the Verizon phone that everybody and their mother knows (knows!) is coming in a week.

Oh, those are just dummy phones? Oh, bother. [Engadget]

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Worst kept secret in the whole Android Kingdom. But, the more Droids the better.

weehooherod says:

That is one girly looking Droid.

mrchnd says:

How is that girly looking?

KQCrackberry says:

+1 , purple background is quite manly, much like velour slippers and thong bikinis

alexnaoumi says:

this DROID has philblur on it too!

mrchnd says:

I fear we may never see another android phone with a proper vanilla UI. Sucks.