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We passed along the good news on Boxing Day about how Carphone Warehouse had slashed the price of the Nexus S to a few pence under £200. However they seemed to sell out of them almost immediately. 

Well, good news. If you missed out last time, it's worth trying again because as the graphic here shows, they're currently back in stock. You won't see a link to the SIM free version on the main page, but hit the source link below to be taken right to it. As ever folks, be quick. Don't expect them to hang around. Again. 

Source: Carphone Warehouse


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Discounted Nexus S back in stock at Carphone Warehouse


fyi £200 = $311 roughly

Sure $199 would be nice, but either way $300 for an unlocked retail phone is still an amazing deal.

"I'm going to get a new agent, nothing really lining up for me."

"I need a new agent as well."

"Why do you need a new agent?"

"Because I work for Carphone Warehouse!"