Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin recently sat down with PCMag for an in-depth Q&A session about Android and some of the hottest topics surrounding the OS. For those who don't know, Rubin is one of the founders of Android and currently is a VP at Google, overseeing the development of Android. Check out his talk with Sascha Segan at the source link, including answers on customizations ("the OEMs seem to learn pretty quickly what sells and what doesn't sell"), Gingerbread and where he stands on other platforms. [PCMag]


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Andy Rubin Q&A, talks OEMs, Android 3.0, Windows Phone 7 and more


He was a little evasive on the carrier questions. I disagree that carriers will learn better. If left unchecked bloatware and restrictions will be rampant on android phones. And since when is restricting phones to only run Bing open?

Wasn't really that interesting of a read. Kinda too a shot at microsoft with the "We don't need another mobile platform" . . . but nothing much to read there. He didn't even ask "When will we be seeing Gingerbread" . . . I mean seriously. Could have been alot more indepth

im wondering that too. But i dont think the captivate will get gingerbread, imo. Now the droid 2 prolly will though.

That was a pretty lame interview....I think the skinning from oem's will only hurt android in the long run. It will make sure that people aren't able to identify android on the street cause evry phone ui will look different even though itssuppossed to be android. I think google should make stock an option on every phone.....doesn't have to be default but at least an option. His take on windowsphone 7 was lame looks totally different from everything elseon the market and should keep webOS, iOs, and android on its toes....he should welcome it. I think everyone is a little scared of what the zune/xbox integration could do for the is barely beating out RIM for next to last place in gaming and I could see the xbox integration vaulting windows phone to the lead very quickly.....not to mention how b ig zunepass could be on the music side of things. Only movie or tv show I can buy on my epic is through the crappy samsung hub.....another place android is dropping the ball. And ca anybody else please copy webOS' multitsking?.....everyone elses attempt is lame and quite frankly not real multitasking. Having an app just to close other apps is a huge raping of the fail that was the old windows mobile needs help

I'm 50/50 on what the Xbox integration is going to do for it. Talking from a dev perspective. Microsoft always seems to have this oh so great platform for developers. Current MS devs pump it up like its the best thing to ever happen to the software community. Then when the rubber meets the road they don't produce and not many devs come to them. They also make it look like the number of folks developing for the platforms is way larger than it is. For instance the Xbox Arcade doesn't seem to have as many games as you would think it would have by now. I was even excited about it and I don't care for MS developer tools. But once it drops it just doesn't make a splash.

Just to answer a few statements. There is a task manager in android. It autokills when memory falls to a certain level or when u have more than 6 items open. Also, 2.2 (and now some 2.1) android devices have a controllable task manager built in, so you no longer need an app from the market.
-Gaming is quickly catching up. I totally agree that until this year gaming on android wasnt the greatest. 2.1 allowed it to be much better and apparently 3.0 is supposed to take it to console quality. Xbox live game integration is one of my most watched features on the WP7 platform though.
-i totally agree on a stock option. Someone had an idea while back that all phones should be stock, and the manufacturers could sell their skins on the market for those that wanted to buy it. That would be great, IMO.

- His take on windows is irrelevant. He was just taking a moment to shout up android because its so flexible. Thats his job. Im pretty sure Jobs said the same thing about android when it first came on the scene. Look how that turned out. The free market will decide what is a good platform and what isnt. Other than XBL integration, i cant see right now what WP7 is going to do better than my Vibrant to make me want to switch.