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The latest data from the Android Market is in, and according to what has been collected Android version 2.0 or higher is on 83 percent of all phones.  In even better news, Android 2.2 (Froyo) is now on over 43 percent of all phones, up 10 percent since October.  Legacy versions (Android 1.5 and 1.6) are still on a steady decline, and we hope to see them disappear soon for all but the hardcore users and developers. 

Of course, we're looking forward to seeing Gingerbread added to the big green pie chart soon, and hope the trends continue.  [Android Developer]


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Android 2.x on 83% of all phones


I'd like to thank Samsung personally for keeping numbers so strong for 2.1. More than half of those 2.1 numbers must be Galaxy S phones.

That's just what happens when you go with Samsung and the main reason my A LOT of people stayed away from all the Galaxy S phones. They didn't stand by the Behold II and update it past 1.6 after promising they would. I truly hope you do get 2.2 & beyond, but with Samsung's track record, don't be surprised if you don't go past 2.1

This is why skins hurt android. Im all for skins, so long as they are timely updated. But they arent, and because of this I am morally opposed to any android device that does not run stock. Im all for openness, but they need to have an option so that you can use the skin or not, for say reasons like this. Also, Gingerbread will be out soon and Samsung wont release that for a while either, so basically Galaxy S phones will always be one OS version away. I really wanted to forgive Samsung for the Behold 2 thing but now they are going it AGAIN! Im not saying they will totally stop updating the Galaxy phones (they wont), but they are doing it SO SLOW that it might as well stop being supported.

Nexus all the way for me

Thats nice and all but what's gonna happen when 2.3 cones out. In sorry but ut shouldn't take this long for updates to get to 2.2.

You can thank the dang overlays that handset manufacturers put on top of stock Android for the delays. Do you know why Nexis is alway the first to get the latest updates? Its not...just...because its Google's phone. Its because they aren't running any funky overlay on the OS. Slap it on the phone...good to go.

2.2 is no big deal for me. It only add flash and makes the device slightly faster, if even slightly. I switched from evo 2.2 to epic and I really don't see a difference. I avoid flash at all costs because it just sucks. It really really sucks. I hope it dies and is replaced by html5 as soon as yesterday.

Umm that's because the Epic has a faster CPU and GPU making up for the speed difference between OS's. Its been well documented that 2.2 slaps around 2.1 when it comes to app launching and general speediness.

But god is the browser sluggish on Hummingbird processors with 2.2. Apparently Google optimized the Froyo browser for Snapdragon only and whatever they did made it slower on Hummingbird. Not sure about OMAPs on 2.2.

That's pretty much were its going to stay is my guess since I'm betting that remaining 15% are systems that handset manufacturers have abandoned.

Tried looking up the previous ones to see a historical trend but couldn't find it, not even using the tags...

Sadly, the majority of the growth is probably the fact that new phones are being released with 2.1/2.2 on board. There have been some updates to phones, but its a little less than 7 months since 2.2 has been out and its still on less than half of the Android phones. The number of phones that are on 1.5/1.6 probably aren't really decreasing but being dwarfed by the number of phones on 2.1/2.2 that are out now.

upgrades don't come any slower for phones with skins on them...
Take the old MyTouch3G that I'm using... Google skin...NO UPDATE.
Still at 1.6...

I love hearing your complaints that your Galaxy S phones haven't gotten pushed to 2.2 yet.... Dude your phone isn't even a year old.

Sure I'd love to see updates faster...
Remember last June, T-mo made a statement "No phones left behind".
Where did that promise go? I can't seem to find anyone at T-mo that can give me a time frame on when us MyTouch3G users are going to see an update to anything with a 2 in it.

So sit back and calm down...


Let us not forget that the Evo got Froyo a few days before the OG Droid. OG Droid is vanilla as it gets. Skins are not the issue. It's the manufacturer, plain, pure, and simple. The Nexus gets updated first because it's a Google phone, and had no carrier to go through.

I for one wish I hadnt updated, sure I have a relatively out of date phone, HTC Hero (Sprint) but it was quick with the stock 1.5, but when all the apps updated to 2.x I decided to update the OS on my phone, wish I could take it back very much slowed the phone waaay down. When I answer a call it still rings after I answer, and I type four or so words in a message and only three words will pop up then about two or three seconds later the rest of the words show up with missing letters I know I hit.