Still waiting for your phone to receive Google Assistant? Perhaps you've considered downloading Microsoft's own personal assistant, Cortana to your phone. With its latest update, Microsoft has added some interesting features including the ability to interact with Cortana without having to unlock your device.

In a previous update, Microsoft added lock screen functionality that let you see your daily schedule via Cortana on your lock screen. This latest update now gives you the option to ask Cortana questions, add reminders, and more without needing to unlock your phone. Microsoft has improved other aspects of the app, adding dedicated buttons for creating reminders and lists as well as improving reminders in general as well as location-based triggers.

Cortana is a compelling option for a mobile personal assistant, especially if you regularly use a Windows 10 PC. Its cross-platform functionality means you can quickly set a reminder to pick something up at the store while working on your PC, then Cortana will remind you on your phone when you arrive at the store.

Previously only available in the U.S. and UK, Microsoft has also extended Cortana for Android and iOS to Australia. Microsoft says they plan to continually improve the Cortana experience on Android, so if you plan on using it be sure to send any feedback you have in a Google Play Store review.