Big phones

Earlier in the week we posed a question to everyone out there — did a big-screened Android phone replace your small tablet? As the screens on our phones get bigger, and technology advances so that designers can fit them into a smaller chassis, Android (and others) phones is slowly creeping up towards the small tablet form-factor. Some of us think this is a great thing. Some of us think it's not so great. Some of us think back to the HTC EVO 4G and the controversy surrounding the giant 4.3-inch screen, and just chuckle at it all.

Poll results

Anyhoo, as far as the question in the poll goes, people are pretty evenly split. The folks who said that a big phone has replaced their tablet, or will be soon, have the slight edge, though. To me, this says that someone out there has the right idea. I think we'll soon see smartphones with the Xperia Z Ultra sized screen (6.4-inches) without the big bezels, and they will become mainstream. As someone with a Sony Z Ultra, trust me when I say you don't need a 7-inch tablet any longer when you have one. Imagine a Galaxy Note device with the screen size of a Galaxy Mega, but without the extra materials at the top and bottom bezels.

Now to get more companies to make phones sized like the Xperia Z3 Compact, with the same top-end internals as its bigger counterpart, and everyone will be happy.