Android OEM

We've finally seen the top consumer device from all the major Android OEMs, and that leads us to the question on everyone's mind: Which one are you using or going to buy?

There are some great choices from everyone, even folks we haven't seen a lot from in the past like ASUS and the Padfone 2 or Sony with the Xperia Z. Make no mistake, with Android holding the huge lead in market share that it has, competition between vendors is getting more and more fierce with each passing day. They all want to get you to send a few dollars in their direction, and offering more and more unique and innovative devices is the benefit — it's a great time to be an Android fan.

Of course, more than a few of us will step outside the norm and are waiting for what we haven't seen yet. Phones like the Galaxy Note 3, HTC One MAX or whatever the next Nexus phone will be are sure to be on some people's short list.

Take a minute, check out the poll in the sidebar to the right or after the break and let us know where your money has gone or is going.