Google Play Edition

Is a Google Play Edition device the right choice for you? Let us know in this week's poll

Today is the big day when Samsung, HTC and Google finally make the Google Play Edition HTC One and Galaxy S4 available for ordering. Plenty of folks have been excited and waiting for this day, and we're happy that they can finally get what they have been asking about for years  -- Stock Android on the hardware they want without rooting and digging around on them. It's pretty cool that the companies involved got together and did it. Hooray choice!

But these devices aren't for everybody. Features are missing, and while others are added in their place the jury is still out on whether or not they are going to compare well to their original versions. Hackers will delight in unlocked and easy to flash devices, and we expect plenty of action to center around the HTC One and Galaxy S4 because of these releases. The thing is, not everybody is a phone hacker.

For the normal consumer, these might not be the best choice. They are pretty bare-boned when compared to the phones running Sense and Touchwiz, and for every person who hates either there are people who love them. It's a decision that everyone will have to make for themselves. And we're curious what yours will be.

There's a poll in the sidebar to the right. You can also find it after the break. Take a moment and let us all know what your decision will be, and we can hash out all the good and bad points in the comments below.