To start the second week of the Smartphone Round Robin, we're taking a look at Palm's new webOS by way of the Pre and the Pixi. If you're unfamiliar with the story of Palm here's my quick summary: they were once dying, the Pre & webOS saved them, and they now have a good chance of surviving and maybe even thriving.

And that's pretty much all I know. Of course, I know that webOS is very big on multitasking and that the OS is quite beautiful (have you seen the fonts!) but I'm definitely going to need some help. I've started a 'get to know webOS' thread over at the Forums and am sure the Pre and Pixi users there will help me out. On another note, Matthew Miller of Nokia Experts has Android this week, so if you'll be so kind to help him out in our Forums, it'd be much appreciated. You might even win an Android smartphone of your choice!

So be sure to check out my hands-on video of webOS after the jump. The Pre and Pixi are both such great devices and I'm sure I'll love my time with them! Stay tuned!