Verizon's mobile strategy for the next few months has surfaced and if true, we will be seeing a large LTE tablet and many more high quality Android devices in the near future. 

Here are some of the devices Verizon has up their sleeve:

  • The Samsung Continuum (perhaps you've seen our hands-on of that funky phone with two screens) is on schedule for a late October release. 
  • The Motorola Venus is supposedly coming out in October. Verizon has billed the Venus as being very similar to BlackBerry's form factor and will sport a 1GHz processor, Froyo, as well as GSM in addition to CDMA.
  • Motorola's Droid Pro world phone has a late October/early November goal for release. This is that 1.3 GHz world phone that is rumored to be replacing the Droid 2
  • The HTC Lexicon (or Merge) seems to have a similar release schedule as the Droid Pro, coming either late October or early November
  • LG supposedly has a high-end phone coming to big red with a device labeled en V Pro. This phone is rumored to have a 1GHz processor along with a global radio. If true, it would be one of LG's best Android phones to date, which would hopefully signal their commitment to the OS
  • The Motorola Stingray tablet in Q1 of 2011. According to the source, the Stingray will sport Android 3.0 (Gingerbread), a 10-inch screen, 16GB onboard storage, and Tegra 2.  These specs sound awesome already, but the juiciest part is that it is upgradeable to LTE, which would be quite appealing.

All of this info comes from Engadget's sources, so take the info for what you will. If this is Verizon's plan though, we're very excited for the nest few months. [Engadget]