Updated Project Ara modular phone to get new processor

Google has announced that its updated Project Ara is getting a new processor that will be even better. The processor from Rockchip is described in a Google+ post as being a "trailblazer" for the modular smartphone, which allows users to upgrade individual components rather than having to upgrade their entire phones as technology changes and progresses.

Google says that a prototype with the Rockchip CPU will be available in early 2015.

In other Ara news, we just kicked off an effort with Rockchip (http://www.rock-chips.com/a/en/index.html) to create a mobile SoC with a native, general-purpose UniPro interface, so that it can function as an application processor in an Ara module without the need for a bridge chip. We view this Rockchip processor as a trailblazer for our vision of a modular architecture where the processor is a node on a network with a single, universal interface--free from also serving as the network hub for all of the mobile device's peripherals.

"You can expect to see a major new MDK release and new developer hardware, followed by our second Developers Conference later this year," Google said.

Current Project Ara phones that are supposed to be shipped to contest winners are being delayed in another bit of Ara news. According to Google, they were coated with an incorrect material, and Google hopes to ready and ship the corrected version in about two weeks.

Are you excited about the progress that Google is making with Ara?

Source: Google+