Ever wished you could turn your smartphone into a baby monitor so you didn't have to carry a second monitor around all the time? Well, now you can. The Owlet Cam smart baby monitor does exactly that, and today it is down to just $119.20 as part of Amazon's Gold Box deals of the day. The smart camera normally sells for around $149, and it was going for as high as $200 at the beginning of the year. It has never dropped this low directly, so now is your chance to save in a big way.

This isn't the only Owlet device on sale today, either. You could also grab the Owlet Sock 3, which is down to $239.20 from a street price of $300. The Sock 3 can fit on the feet of babies up to 18 months old and is used for tracking their oxygen and heart rate. You can use it to see real-time stats through the Owlet app.

Deal of the Day

Owlet Cam smart baby monitor

Can stream secure, HD video straight to your phone. Includes HD night vision, 4x pinch-to-zoom, and a room temperature sensor. Get instant notifications when sound or motion is detected. Includes two-way audio to talk to baby.

$119.20 $149.00 $30 off

The smart baby camera streams secure, HD video to your phone wherever you happen to be. If you're already carrying your phone around with you, this means you don't have to carry a second monitor. The video is secure so only you, and the people you choose, can see your baby. It uses AES 128-bit encryption and a TLS connection to the Wi-Fi so everything is protected and reliable. You'll also get a mounting kit for the camera to keep it away from your curious child.

You'll get all the same features you'd get with any other baby monitor, too. For example, it has HD night vision so you can keep an eye on baby at night. It has a wide-angle view and a 4x pinch-to-zoom so you don't miss a detail. There's also a room temperature sensor so you can keep an eye on how hot or cold it's getting in baby's room.

You can keep the background audio active, too, even while you're doing other things with your phone or moving around the house. The camera has a motion and sound sensor so it can send you instant notifications whenever it detects something. Then, with the two-way audio feature you can talk to your baby.

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