Verizon iPhone

So there's a Verizon iPhone eh? Well isn't that special? We've been following all of the Verizon iPhone coverage at our sister site,, where they're just shy of asploding over the prospect of actually using an iPhone to make calls. Everything's changed. Again.

Only it hasn't, really. Same ol' iPhone, hardware-wise (yeah, the GSM radio's been swapped for CDMA). That's it. You get wireless hotspot, though. And that's nice, though Android and Palm have had that for a while now.

None of that newfangled (and pretty awesome) LTE data that we're getting on Android. None of that dual-core processor goodness that we're getting on Android. Customizable home screens? Nope. Anything-goes market? Nope. (OK, that's a plus and a minus.)

Point is, Android's not going anywhere anytime soon, Verizon iPhone or no Verizon iPhone. If anything, Verizon's going to do its damndest to make sure its already strong network remains so with the arrival of the iPhone -- and that's good news for the rest of us.

In the meantime, if you're curious about this Verizon iPhone thing, be sure to check out TiPb for the latest. And then head back here so we can get some real work done.