samsung level mini

Samsung's newly revealed Level Box Mini wireless speaker promises to offer high end portable sound for your Bluetooth smartphone for the price of $99.99. This is the latest entry in the Samsung Level family of premium headsets and speakers.

Samsung says the speaker packs a lot of audio in a tiny metallic case, which can fit in a purse or pocket. They don't mention the exact size and weight of the speaker but it should be smaller than the 6-inch size of the Level Box. It added:

With Level Box Mini, you'll get a seamlessly connected experience when you pair your NFC or Bluetooth-enabled device near the speaker to make the connection. From there, controlling the speaker is also simple with its built-in buttons that allow you to play or stop a song, adjust the volume, and even accept or reject calls. What's more is the battery life – enjoy up to 25 hours of playback on a single charge.

The Level Box Mini will be sold in red, white and black colors via Samsung and other retailers. If you want to wait for a blue version, that will become available via Best Buy on November 16. You can also check out our previous reviews of the Samsung Level in headsets and the Level Over headphones. Where would you take the Level Box Mini to listen to songs on your smartphone?

Source: Samsung

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