Google may be planning Google Fit APIs for connected wearables

Google is rumored to be working on a Google Fit project that could become the hub for collecting data tracked through health and fitness wearable technologies. Google Fit could debut as early as by the end of the month at the Google I/O conference.

Though details aren't clear, at its core Google Fit could be introduced as a set of APIs for developers to tap into. Along with Android Wear for smartwatches, Google Fit could create a centralized hub for health and fitness data to be stored and tracked by users, an effort that's not unlike what Samsung had introduced with SAMI and Apple with HealthKit.

The idea of a centralized hub is an attractive one for adopters of wearable and connected devices as it creates one app or hub to track and monitor all data rather than having to visit multiple apps. This would create an ecosystem so that a heart rate monitor, a weight scale, and a pedometer could all link their information together in one portal.

We'll have to wait until Google I/O, which kicks off on June 25th, to find out what Google's exact plans are.

Are you excited about Google Fit? How would you like Google to handle the connected devices market to make it easier for consumers?

Source: Forbes