The results are in on TouchType and Smartphone Experts' survey from earlier this year, and with over 30,000 responses, we now have some pretty solid data to share with you. The survey asked readers to share how they use their smartphones, and which features they find most important. Of those surveyed, 86 percent indicated that they use their phone for texting at least once a day, while only 80 percent reporting making a call at least once a day. An overwhelming majority (94 percent) reporting emailing daily. Hit the break for the rest of the results.


When asked about what is the most important factor in deciding on a new device, over 60 percent said that a healthy app ecosystem was key, while ease of typing and battery life were the second and third most important factors respectively. Recommendations from fellow users came in last. Among manufacturers, HTC scored the highest in customer retention, with 50 percent of users saying they'd buy another device from the company. Customers with other Android devices reported being more likely to buy from another manufacturer.


While 82 percent of Android users reported their overall experiences with their devices as "very good" or "excellent", only 33 percent said that typing on their device was equally as pleasant. RIM's Blackberry scored highest in ease-of-typing. 

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And on the topic of keyboards, Swiftkey is the clear favorite among Android users, with Swype coming in second and the native Android keyboard coming in last.

The full breakdown, with some other miscellaneous findings, can be found at the source link. A huge thanks to everyone who voted!

Source: Swiftkey/Touchtype