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Following today's Moto G launch event, specific availability is starting to emerge and here in the UK Phones 4U is straight out of the gate offering the new device. Both 8GB and 16GB versions of the Moto G can now be ordered online for delivery showing as November 22, but it will hit brick-and-mortar stores this coming Friday, November 15. If that's not enough, Phones 4U is also claiming exclusivity to the white colored back. 

The 8GB Moto G will cost just £119.95 plus a £10 top-up voucher on pay-as-you-go, and the 16GB will run for £149.95 plus the same £10 top-up voucher. At this time there's doesn't appear to be a SIM free option available to purchase, though Phones 4U has confirmed it will cost £134.95 for the 8GB model, in line with todays pricing information from Motorola. 

There's also a range of contracts to pick up the Moto G on, but honestly, at this price the best option all round is to try and pick one up off contract. For more on the Moto G be sure to check out our first hands on, or jump into the Android Central forums where we're hosting a Q&A on the Moto G

Source: Phones4U