Cracked LG Nexus 5

OnePlus's "smash" contest has drawn to a close, with 140,000 entrants to be winnowed down to 100 winners tomorrow — but they might not have to smash their phone after all. Responding to criticism about the campaign, OnePlus has revised the contest to state that in order to qualify for the $1 OnePlus One, winners will have the choice of smashing their old phone, or donating it to the Medic Mobile charity.

It's a nice turn for OnePlus's contest, one that won't see one hundred perfectly good phones crushed for the sake of a PR stunt. The folks a medic mobile are understandably happy about the move:

You're giving the best new tech out there for $1 and recycling users' existing phones for good. And then we're turning those 100 phones into 1,000 phones for people that were left behind with the tech revolution. It brings it full circle in a really interesting way.

The 100 selected by OnePlus to smash or donate their current phone in order to get a OnePlus One of their own will be notified of their selection tomorrow. The rest of us will just keep using our current smartphones. So long as we have already smashed them.

Don't smash your phone. It's a bad idea.

Source: OnePlus

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