Nextbit, a San Francisco-based startup that previously announced plans to launch a software service called Baton, is making a surprise move into hardware. The company plans to launch an Android-based smartphone sometime in the future.

So far, details about Nextbit's phone plans are scarce, but the company does have Scott Croyle, the former design head at HTC, among its 20 employees. Speaking to Re/code, Croyle hinted strongly that the look of their smartphone will be "something different" and added, "We don't have to be for everybody."

The story adds that the smartphone will use some of the software and technology that Nextbit developed for Baton, which allowed applications and data to be shared across multiple devices. Re/code reports that while a small number of phone makers have used Baton, Nextbit has now decided to no longer offer its software and services on other devices in favor of its own hardware. It quotes its CEO Tom Moss as saying, "We're really shifting the focus to a controlled experience. We don't want to do piecemeal services anymore."

Nextbit plans to slowly reveal its hardware plans over the next several weeks. It has already relaunched its website and hints about its Android phone will also be revealed on its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Source: Recode