The latest leak from Evan Blass should get fans of Motorola phones excited.

In a leaked slide we get to see Motorola's 2017 lineup, including the introduction of a new Moto C line. According to the photo, there are nine phones expected this year to cover everything from value shoppers to enthusiasts.

While seeing a return most of these phones isn't unexpected, the new addition of the Moto C is intriguing. According to the leak, it will offer "Unlimited Essentials" which could mean anything. We expect it will be a budget-friendly model that can offer a no-frills experience for folks who aren't looking for things like Moto Mods or other bells and whistles. It all depends on the meaning of essential to Motorola's marketing team.

We're also looking forward to some features from the existing lines, like 3D Glass for the Moto X (which promises "Unlimited Perfection") and a dual-camera setup in the 2017 Moto GS+ which appears to replace the Moto G5 and G5+. No word on exactly when Motorola will make any of these phones official, but considering the source of the leak we're betting that this is exactly what we'll see from Moto throughout the year.